Klopp: Lampard and I are not Wenger and Ferguson.You should read less newspapers

September 18th The second round of the Premier League will be a focus game,The red-blue matchup in the new season must also be very exciting for fans.Klopp also attended the press conference before the game,It mentioned Thiago and some of his problems with Lampard.

About Thiago

“There is nothing to say now,Because what I know is that he has no official announcement yet,I’m not a press spokesperson so I don’t know what to say,But looking at it now,The deal is stable.”

“Frick is a successful man,He is also a very good man.But like I said,There is no official announcement yet,(Laughs) Everything is basically finalized,It’s useful for fans to stare at certain Liverpool channels every day.Let us see what happens next.”

Rumors about leaving the team

“Will Thiago’s joining affect the team to let some people leave?Do not,will not,There will be no such impact.”

About facing Chelsea

“We often played against Chelsea last season,The duel with the 上海休闲会所服务 Blues has always been very difficult.The last game against Brighton,You need to make the right choice at the critical moment,This is the story of (Chelsea) winning.”

“We currently don’t know Chelsea very well,The season has just begun,We have experienced a very intense and intense competition week,And want to solve some important problems.In the game against Leeds United, there are good things and things that need to be improved.But this is only the first game,We will not magnify small problems.”

About why the Bundesliga became the treasure trove of the Premier League

“The Bundesliga is a very difficult league,Germany can be said to be a football country.Years ago,Germany has made some important decisions about youth players, scouts and the youth training 上海休闲会所 system.These decisions are undoubtedly outstanding.I was also a facilitator and participant in these decisions,They really helped the Bundesliga develop,but,Rome was not built in a day.”

About why you want five substitution rules

“If we want to fight in all leagues and cups,Then this season will be very difficult.My first concern is the health of the players.So I am not very happy that they cancelled the 20-man roster and the five-person substitution system.This makes this season more difficult,We need to better prepare for the entire season.”

About injuries

“One or two small questions,But it doesn’t seem to be a big deal.No one returns but everyone looks good,Shaqiri and Zimikas both returned to training.”

About away games

“I didn’t expect the away record last season (so good),The reason for the difference is that the atmosphere at Anfield is very different.But we also have different strategies to play.We scored two wonderful goals in the game against Chelsea last season,But now this is a very fair duel,Let us beat them.”

“Last season we implemented a consistent and competitive football style,This is what we should do again this season.We will meet different opponents,But we will all strive to win.Last season we won 14 of 19 away games,Excellent,There were only two draws and three losses.”

About Lampard

“There is no problem,You should stop reading newspapers!I do not understand,If you ask me,I answered,And each of you got the answer you wanted,Then began to make up stories.You said I told a story about Chelsea’s transfer policy,You are creating opposition between me and Lampard,why?”

“He should be a very good person,Although we don’t know each other too much,But as coaches, we are always in a competitive relationship.I feel that some people hope to see the story between Ferguson and Wenger happen again,But this world does not need such a story,You just need these to appear in the newspaper.

About the transfer

“Sometimes you buy people,Sometimes you sell people,The money we are making is spent on signings,This is an introduction about the club.We are always looking for reinforcement,The summer transfer window will not close until October 5.So I can’t guarantee anything,Everything is up in the air.”

Who won Arsenal vs Brighton?What humiliation did Arsenal set a Premier League record at home?

  Lost to Brighton 1-2 at home,Arsenal have lost 9 consecutive games,Emery finishes class,After Ljungberg took office,The situation has not improved much.Ozil, who was reused by the coach, assisted Lacazette and scored in this game.The performance is pretty good.Ozil was in a bad mood after the game.He left the game after suspected quarrel with his teammates.

Ozil and Aubameyang

  A competition in the 15th round of the Premier League began,Arsenal vs. Brighton at home,In the end, Arsenal lost 1-2 to Brighton.After the new coach Ljungberg took 上海休闲会所服务office,Also only achieved 1 draw and 1 loss.In the latest Premier League table,Arsenal ranked 10th,I always used Arsenal fourth as a joke before,Now I can’t even take the fourth,Arsenal really became a joke.

  Arsenal lost the game at home,The World War I set two shame records,This is the first time in the history of the underdog Brighton to beat the BIG6 team away.And Arsenal have not won 9 consecutive games in recent games.Set a new high for the team without winning games in a row in 42 years.A 1-2 made 50,000 fans at the Emirates Stadium into grief.Emery is also over,?zil also started,But why did the team still lose to the relegation team at home?

Ljungberg’s coaching effect is average

  After the game,Ozil’s expression is ugly.Obviously,He was disappointed,Dissatisfied with the team’s performance.When you get near the sideline,He spoke loudly with team assistant Mertesacker“communication”,While waving his arms,Very emotional.The British media said that the reason for ?zil’s soaring has not yet been determined.But everyone can see his unhappiness.When he went crazy,Gondozi comforted him from the side and hugged him from behind.This game,Gondozi failed to play.

Ozil angrily leaves

  As the oldest and highest paid player in the Arsenal team,?zil assumes the responsibility of the leader.Before Emery was not important,Ozil was already suffocating.Now it’s hard to usher in consecutive starting opportunities,The team played like this,Everyone is angry.Arsenal’s future,Where is it?

What is the use of a long massage spa?I didn’t expect to know that these things are useful now

Nowadays, much attention is paid to feeling and health care,Massage spas are quite popular nowadays,It is very useful for individuals.Next, let yourself be familiar with the usefulness of a long massage spa!Colleagues who are interested should not pass by!

What is the use of a 上海休闲会所服务 long massage spa

1. Relieve all stress

The natural balance of one’s body is easier to obtain the coercion of various external pressure levels,Many women now suffer from physical suffering,Excessive stress can also interfere with body organs!therefore,I must pay attention to alleviating pressure.How does my own massage spa work?The individual clubhouse is in a state of immediate relief,Think that desire is pleasant.therefore,Long-term massage spa can relieve all kinds of stress.

Two promote energy metabolism

Compared with the body, people with faster energy metabolismHowever, the shape is relatively slim.Fat people usually have a slower energy metabolism.Therefore, more women are worried about slow energy metabolism.So how can I improve the body’s energy metabolism quickly?Long-term massage spa can promote 上海休闲会所 energy metabolism!If you need to promote fat metabolism,Can determine the great health care of low temperature environment,These big health cares kill two birds with one stone,It can not only promote energy metabolism but also promote fat metabolism!

Three drive sweat after exercise

Some people’s eye glands are too small,Not so easy to sweat after exercise,As a result, individual garbage elements are not so easily discharged,It will cause physical suffering.Desire to drive individuals to sweat after exercise,You can do massage spa for a long time,Under the heat principle,The production of eye glands will stimulate,Sweat will be excreted in large quantities.but,How the massage spa works should focus on my sweating after exercise.Because sweating too much after exercise is not a good thing,It will make individuals feel cowardly.If your eye glands are very developed every day,Then you can’t do massage spas too often!

Four beauty and skin care

Girls want to lose belly fat,I even want to train vest line and abdominal muscles,The main thing is to start with fat reduction and “quality improvement”.Learn to control diet reasonably,Prevent the intake of excess fat,This is a prerequisite for a good figure.Secondly,Just need us,Know how to choose the exercise that suits your body,Increase the dimensionality of body muscles,Highlight muscle lines,Yoga exercise is very good at this point.In accordance with the high-speed fat burning exercise of aerobic exercise,Speed up the body’s sweat output,Do the whole posture,Not only can reduce fat efficiently,It can also improve muscle firmness,The figure feels more and more textured,It looks more beautiful too!

I am eager to ensure a good skin condition and shape,In addition to controlling diet and exercise and skin care,You can do more massage spas!Long-term massage spa can stimulate blood plasma circulation and lymphatic circulation,There is still a lot of truth to the relative beauty and skin care orientation.How does the massage spa work? I sweat after a lot of exercise.It is naturally good to discharge individual garbage elements to the skin.however,Perspiration and dampness after exercise are not bad and lose weight!
The sufferings that must be emphasized when doing massage spas: The most important thing for the sisters in massage spas is,No meals are allowed within a quarter of an hour on both sides of the massage spa.But drink water effectively.Before doing massage spa,You can take a hot bath first to soothe yourself.How does the massage spa work?Be sure to ease the desire to get out of evil thoughts.

How much is Van Persie worth?What is the peak value of Van Persie?

Van Persie has great strength,Has a very strong performance in these years in football,In general, Van Persie is infinitely powerful.Has a powerful performance in many times,Van Persie currently has the world’s top combat power,At the time, Van Persie’s performance shocked countless fans.In the 12/13 season, Manchester United relied on Van Persie’s excellent performance to win the Premier League championship.And Van Persie won the glory of the Premier League’s top scorer in both the 11/12 and 12/13 seasons.

Van Persie is a top scorer in the Premier League

  How much is Van Persie worth

Van Persie has now retired,But Van Persie’s highest transfer fee was when Arsenal went to Manchester United.At that timeVan PersieThe transfer value is 30.7 million euros,In fact, in general, Van Persie still hasn’t encountered giant teams like Real Madrid, Paris, Manchester City.Otherwise, the peak Van Persie transfer fee is at least about 80 million euros.Even hundreds of millions of euros,After all, Van Persie won the Premier League’s top scorer for multiple seasons.

Van Persie’s strength is now worth less than 80 million euros

  What is the peak value of Van Persie?

There is no doubt that Van Persie was worth a higher level among players at the time.But after all, the age is here,And although the target of the transfer is a wealthy club, but the wealthy like Real Madrid, for example, in 2009 Real Madrid spent 94 million euros in the transfer fee to take away the 24-year-old Ronaldo.I have to say how bold this is,Compared to Van Persie, it is not considered the top level of football.

Van Persie has won the Premier League’s top scorer many times

  About Van Persie’s worth

In fact, overall, Van Persie is still very strong in football.Van Persie has a strong performance,The performance of the league and even the national team is surprising.I have to say that Van Persie has top combat power,The overall performance is even more surprising,Especially in the 2010 World Cup,Van Persie’s highlight performance all the way will eventuallyDutch teamSent to the finals,Although the final matchup with Spain did not win the championship,But it also fully demonstrated his strength.

Artur: The Juventus plan touched me; being teammates with Ronaldo is like a dream come true

September 2 News Brazilian midfielder Atul, who moved from Barcelona to Juventus this summer, held a press conference today.He interviewed the media for the first time,And announced that he will wear the No. 5 jersey in the new season.

At three in the afternoon local time,Atul came to the press office of the Allianz Arena,Facing the Italian media for the first time:

You played for Barcelona,Now I came to Juventus again,How are you feeling now?

Hello everyone,First of all thank you all for coming,Today is a very important day for me,I want to thank my family,Team manager,Fabio (Palatic),And all the people who came to welcome me.I am very honored to play with so many great players,Especially being able to compete with Ronaldo,As a dream come true.

What made you choose Juventus?

I saw Juventus’ blueprint for the future,The team’s welcome to me also made me very happy,I like the way the problem is handled here,You know this is Juventus,Is a club with such a long history,It also has a very good basic framework,All these factors make Juventus unique.

Did you talk to Coach Pirlo about where you want to play?What position do you prefer?

I haven’t talked to the coach in detail,Few people can play football like him,His style of playing on the court is unique,It is an honor to be able to play under his coach.However, we have not communicated specifically about my position and role.

What made you decide to leave Barcelona?

I can only thank Barcelona,Barcelona and Barcelona fans have invested in me,Now I get the same treatment at Juventus.I joined Juventus because the ambitious plans here attracted me,I want to start from the beginning,I think this will be a new motivation for my career.

What do you think of the transfer amount Juventus has spent for you?

This is just a number to me,I don’t think too much,Juventus decided to invest this expense in me,Then all I have to do is to make them feel value for money.

Have you followed Pirlo’s player era?

of course,Everyone who likes football has seen Pirlo play.His greatness need not be repeated,I must learn to cooperate with him,This makes me very honored.

Do your personal goals also include the Champions League?

This is also one of the main reasons why I joined Juventus.Can compete with the top players in the Champions League,I hope to work together with my teammates to win in the Champions League and other games.

Tell me about your location?

My position in the national team is different from that in Barcelona.I don’t know what role I will play at Juventus,But I can do all the positions in the midfield,I can play double midfielders or three midfielders,Although the style of play will be different, I can do it,More specifically, I will know later,But I think location will not be a problem.

Do you have a favorite player?Have you heard of Suarez’s rumors?

My idol has always been Iniesta,Everyone knows this.About Suarez,I have never communicated with him,I don’t know the current situation,I think this should be asked to the managers.Of course Suarez is a great player,If he has the opportunity to come here, he can definitely help the team a lot.

What are your expectations for Serie A?

I think there will be more physical contact in Serie A,This is a very good league.The new season will not be easy,But Juventus is a strong team,I can’t wait to start meeting the challenge.

Your performance in Barcelona was different in the two seasons,What do you think of this difference?

I disagree with this,I suffered some injuries last season, so the number of games I played was limited.But now I am very good physically and mentally,I can’t wait to start the game.

We have a lot of Brazilian players here

I already know each other with my teammates from Brazil,They also warmly welcomed me.In fact, apart from Brazilians,All teammates, management,The staff are very welcoming to me.And the fans,I also felt their support on social media.With this passion,I can’t just say it’s like home nowBut I also feel very close.

Llorente made a goal with Oolong Costa,Atletico Madrid 1-0 Levante


News on June 24 01:30 AM on June 24, Beijing time,The 31st round of La Liga in the 2019-2020 season continues,Atletico Madrid challenged Levante away.In the first half,Llorente made his opponent Oolong,Costa scored with a header; in the second half,Felix and Cork missed the opportunity to break,Neither team made any achievements.finally,Atletico Madrid beat Levante 1-0 away.

In the 6th minute of the opening,Carrasco shot from outside the penalty area,The ball was saved by Fernandez.

Tonio performed well and won a game-high 8.2 points; Atletico Madrid,Diego Costa narrowly scored a team-high 7.6 points,Thomas and Arias also won 7.6 points.

Technical Statistics:

Levante has a slight advantage in possession of the ball.The ball possession rate is 56.7%,Atletico Madrid ball possession rate is 43.3%,Levante scored 12 times in the game and got an excellent chance to score.Atletico Madrid scored 12 shots and 7 feet shots to get a great opportunity to score a goal.


Levante (442): 13-Fernandez; 3-Tonio, 14-Bezo, 18-Gonzalez, 23-Cork (60′,20-Miramon); 10-Balzi (82′,8-Ernani), 5-Radoha, 17-Vukcevic (60′,24-Campania), 16-Rocina; 9-Rochar (60′,11-Morales), 7-Leon (69′,21-Mayoral);

Atletico Madrid (442): 13-Oblak; 12-Lodi, 22-Hermoso (59′,2-Jiménez), 15-Savage, 4-Arias; 21-Carrasco (59′,7-Felix), 8-Saul, 5-Thomas (83′,9-Morata), 6-Cork; 19-Diego-Costa (80′,16-Herrera), 14-Llorente (59′,10-Correa);

China’s football team ‘more united’ under coronavirus

China national team goalkeeper Yan Junling

The novel coronavirus has indefinitely postponed the Chinese Super League season but it has given the national team time to bond under coach Li Tie, the side’s goalkeeper Yan Junling said on Monday.

China is approaching the end of a two-week training camp in Shanghai and on Tuesday will face CSL side Shanghai Greenland Shenhua behind closed doors, having defeated former champion Shanghai SIPG 4-1 in another warm-up match.

The CSL is on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic but the national side has been together on and off for several weeks this year, both at home and abroad.

“I think actually for our team, because of the epidemic, we’ve had a longer time to train together and become more familiar with each other,” said Shanghai SIPG stopper Yan.

“We can also get to fully understand what the coach wants and in fact the team has become more united.”

China’s World Cup hopes hang in the balance.

It is second in its qualifying group, with only the top team guaranteed to reach the next stage on the road to Qatar 2022.

China’s next qualifier, against the Maldives, has been postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic but could now take place this autumn.

The players emerged from their team bus wearing face masks on Monday before former Everton midfielder Li put them through their paces in humid conditions — minus masks.

Yan said that Li, who took over from Marcello Lippi when the Italian World Cup-winning coach quit following defeat to Syria in November, has made clear that the friendlies against SIPG and Shenhua are essential to the team’s preparations.

“One of the requirements that the head coach has been saying is that we have to take this training and these two games as getting in rhythm for the World Cup qualifiers,” said the 29-year-old Yan.

“There is no way out for us — we must win these two games.”

Li has named three naturalized players in his squad, the first time that has happened in Chinese football history.

They are London-born midfielder Nico Yennaris and Brazil-born strikers Elkeson and Aloisio.

China hopes they can boost a team that has reached the World Cup only once, in 2002, and sits 76th in the FIFA rankings, sandwiched between Bolivia and Uganda.


Shrewsbury Town confirm signing of Irish League winger Josh Daniels on two year deal

Shrewsbury Town boss Sam Rickets believes he has signed a player of “huge ability and potential” in flying Irish League winger Josh Daniels.

The Glenavon midfielder had been linked with summer transfer moves to Glentoran and Larne following a number of impressive seasons at Mourneview Park.

It is understood the 24-year-old was close to joining the Glens and he also spoke to Larne, before Shrewsbury made a late swoop for his signature on Friday.

A two-year deal, with the option of a further year, was confirmed by the League One club this afternoon.

Salop boss Ricketts said: “Josh is stepping up from part-time football, but he has a brilliant desire and attitude to want to succeed.

“He has done everything he can to get this opportunity and will now do all he can to make it work.

“He is a fantastic athlete who’s very skilful and he can go past people with his left and right foot.

“He’s got a huge amount of potential and ability, so I’m really looking forward to working with him and easing him into full-time football.”

Daniels, one of the most dangerous wingers in the Irish League, was one game shy of hitting a century of appearances for Glenavon, scoring 16 goals in 99 appearances.

Lurgan Blues boss Gary Hamilton revealed the player’s ambition was always to play in full-time football.

He told the Glenavon website: “Josh’s ambition has always been to go across the water, so much so that when we were negotiating his last contract he wouldn’t sign it unless he had a buy-out clause.

“He’s had a drive in him to get there and to be fair, when we spoke to him in the summer, Josh told me that no matter what he was leaving next season.

“That was due to the fact that he wanted to be a full-time footballer.

“We sat down with the chairman and we said that if something came up we would be better to do something because he’s going to leave next year anyway.

“It was better for us to have players who are going to be here long-term and we can’t provide the full-time facility for him because we don’t have the budget.


China-EU Summit to offer certainty in uncertain time

Amid the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, the upcoming 22nd China-EU leaders’ meeting on Monday is expected to boost much-needed confidence in the global fight against the virus and offer more certainty in a time of unprecedented instability.

This year marks the 45th anniversary of China-EU diplomatic relations, and with cooperation and consensus always greater than competition and difference, China and EU have proven themselves to be long-term, comprehensive strategic partners.

Since the outset of the COVID-19 outbreak, leaders from both sides have maintained close communication and coordination via phone calls, video-conferences and other means.

The frequent exchanges are proof of deep political mutual trust and close strategic coordination between the two sides, which have laid the groundwork for concrete cooperation to tide over the health crisis confronting the world.

The mutual support between China and Europe has set an example for the global epidemic battle.

When the epidemic broke out in China, the EU and several European countries expressed support for China and sent over urgently needed supplies. When the COVID-19 outbreak began in Europe in March, China promptly sent protective supplies and medical teams to Europe.

Following this momentum, Monday’s meeting is expected to promote cooperation in the battle against the novel coronavirus in such fields as expertise sharing, as well as vaccine and medicine development.

As the COVID-19 pandemic takes a heavy toll on the world, closer cooperation between China and the EU will inject more confidence into reviving the global economy.

The past few years have witnessed the rise of protectionism and its threat to derail the world economy even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The epidemic has unfortunately generated some talk about “decoupling.”

As both China and the EU remain firm supporters of an open world economy, a joint declaration by China and the EU to revive their economies will serve as an example for others to follow.

The upcoming China-EU summit also comes at a time when the leadership of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the global fight against COVID-19 has been undermined by U.S. withdrawal from the UN agency.

No country is immune to the epidemic, and global cooperation is the only solution to the current health crisis facing humanity.

In the fight against COVID-19, China and the EU have clearly expressed support for the WHO’s leading role. The two are staunch advocates of improving the global health system and remain a force against unilateralism.

For forty-five years, a healthy China-EU partnership has been an essential anchor for world stability and development. At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has posed tremendous uncertainty, it is more important than ever to keep the China-EU relationship solid. The world depends on it.

Sanflw coach chase – Sean ribbon in the center


Expect a fierce Central District outfit to resume the Statewide Super Women’s League season on June 27 with a focus on tackling.

After starting the season with a win against Norwood in Round 1, the Bulldogs drifted away from their defensive-minded stance to lose their next two outings against North and Glenelg in convincing fashion.

And while there was some improvement in the loss to Sturt in Round 4, Central is well aware it has next to no margin for error given it will restart the season on the foot of the premiership table.

Speaking on SANFL Radio, Bulldogs Women’s coach Shaun Ribbons said the group had reviewed their losses to understand a lift in defensive pressure was required for the remainder of 2020.

First-year star Shelby Smith, the daughter of former Bulldogs captain Greg Smith, has continued to impress during the enforced break, particularly with her fitness.

Smith posted a strong result in the club’s 1km time-trial challenge while Ribbons is also looking forward to the continued development of speedy midfielder Latiah Huynh.

Match-winning forward Katelyn Rosenzweig will be aiming to continue her early-season form which resulted in her kicking eight of her team’s nine goals for the season.

In another positive for the Bulldogs, Kimberley Fry, last year’s centre half-back of The Advertiser SANFLW Team of the Year, has returned in ”ripping condition”, according to Ribbons.