What happens when Premier League fans support an invalid season?What do Liverpool fans think that Premier League fans support the season is invalid?

  What happens when Premier League fans support an invalid season?After the Premier League was suspended,There is no clear conclusion about when the Premier League will resume.At this time, the British media Sky Sports launched a poll,I want to discuss with British fans how to deal with the current Premier League suspension dilemma,Among them, more than 210,000 fans voted.As a resultLiverpoolThe heartbreak of the fans is that more than half of the fans support the invalidation of this season.

Liverpool fans look forward to the championship

  What happens when Premier League fans support an invalid season

  In Serie A,La Liga, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1 after the suspension,The Premier League initially returned“Stiff mouth”Said that it will not stop,At most there will be empty games,As the outbreak became more serious,Even the Arsenal coach has been diagnosed,The Premier League also had to announce the suspension,This suspension,The problems that followed followed,The first issue is the league schedule.Before the European Cup has not announced the postponement, I have to worry about the league and the European Cup crash.Although the European Cup was postponed afterwards.

Liverpool coach Klopp

  What to do after the rest of the season?Is it to shorten the schedule, cancel the rest of the season, or wait for the end of the epidemic to resume the game completely?These problems are enough to make the FA big,So Sky Sports also conducted a survey,The content is: what to do if the Premier League this season cannot be completed,There are three options for fans to choose from,One is invalid this season,No champion,two isLiverpool Champion,No team relegated,The third is based on the existing 上海休闲会所服务 standings,As a result, 210,000 fans participated in the vote.Among them, 51% of fans chose the option that was invalid this season.

Sky Sports launches investigation

  What do Liverpool fans think about Premier League fans’ support for the season is invalid

  More than 51% of the 210,000 fans support this season to be invalid.No champion,In other words, more than 100,000 fans believe that this season should be invalid.This number will definitely increase,It is conceivable that after Liverpool have demonstrated unique strength this season,Last seasonManchester CityThe Liverpool duo’s battle for hegemony has evolved into Liverpool’s outlier.In other words, fans other than Liverpool 上海休闲会所 certainly do not want Liverpool to win the championship.This is also understandable,But Liverpool fans will certainly not accept such a result.How to deal with it needs to wait for the official announcement of the FA.

Liverpool won 7 rounds ahead of schedule!Liverpool won the Premier League championship for the first time!

  Less than 10 days have passed since the Premier League rematch,The league is in full swing,LiverpoolThe Premier League champion of the 2019-2020 season has been locked seven rounds in advance.This is the first time Liverpool have won the Premier League title in history.And it has been 30 years since Liverpool won the top league championship.30 years is enough for a team to change a lot,What has not changed for 30 years is Liverpool’s desire for the championship.Congratulations again to Liverpool for securing the Premier League title 7 rounds ahead of schedule.

Liverpool team celebrates winning

  Chelsea is Liverpool’s benefactor of winning

  Liverpool can lock the Premier League title 7 rounds ahead of schedule mainly due to the tacit cooperation and hard work of their own team.Be the first in the standings.But to 上海休闲会所 help Liverpool lock the Premier League title so early, there is still Chelsea’s help.In the 31st round of the Premier League,Manchester City vs. Chelsea,The strong dialogue between the two strong teams has attracted the attention of a large number of fans.In the end, Chelsea beat Manchester City 2-1.The Chelsea team that won the game was naturally very happy.But it is the Liverpool fans who are more pleased,Liverpool won the Premier League title because of being at the top of the standings.So Chelsea is Liverpool’s benefactor.

Liverpool fans celebrate winning

  The origin of Liverpool and Chelsea

  Chelsea is naturally happy to have won the game 上海休闲会所服务 against Manchester City.But even more happy is the Liverpool team in other cities.Liverpool won the Premier League championship for the first time,This is a historic moment.The fans of Liverpool and Chelsea will never forget that moment 6 years ago.In the 2013-2014 season, Liverpool was expected to win the Premier League championship.The key to Liverpool’s victory is to beat Chelsea.But Liverpool played a bit recklessly in that winning game.Failed to grasp the rhythm of the game,In the end, Chelsea lost 0-2.The mistakes in this game also put Liverpool’s dream of champions into waiting again.

Liverpool players celebrate winning

  All parties reacted after Liverpool locked the championship early

  Since the results of the Chelsea and Manchester City match came out,After the news that Liverpool had locked up the Premier League title in advance,Liverpool are very happy with the Liverpool fans,Began a large-scale celebration,belong“Red Army”Waited too long for this moment.Liverpool winsafter,Head coach Klopp was in tears,In the interview, it was said that winning the Premier League comparative championship is much harder than expected.But Liverpool finally did it.The coach thanked many former Liverpool players,It means that the spirit of Liverpool has been passing on.Congratulations again to Liverpool for winning the championship early!

Who is the Manchester United King?Why is Cantona the King of Manchester United?

  Manchester United King,Generally refers to Eric Cantona.He joined Manchester United in 1992,Retired in 1997.In 5 years,Cantona led Manchester United to five Premier League championship trophies,It laid the hegemony of Manchester United in the early stage of the Premier League.Cantona’s skills as a player are exquisite,Especially good at pass organization,The season before retirementPremier LeagueAssist king.At the same time Cantona has a hot temper,Perverse personality,There have been such amazing things as kicking fans.As the Manchester United 20 best player in the world voted by fans,Cantona represents an era for Manchester United.

Cantona and Ferguson

  Manchester United King

  everybody knowsLiverpool King Dalglish,As Liverpool’s old opponent,Manchester United also has its own king,That is Cantona.Cantona was born in Marseille, France in 1966.Joined Manchester United in 1992,Retired in 1997.During the Red Devils,Cantona has won the Premier League championship 5 times with the team.2 FA Cup champions,Was rated as the best player of the 20th century Manchester United club by fans,And was elected to the England Football Hall of Fame.Cantona mainly plays the role of midfielder or shadow forward.With 上海休闲会所 strong ball control ability,Well-known organizational skills.

Cantona plays for Manchester United

  Why Cantona is the King of Manchester United

  Cantona only played for Manchester United for just 5 seasons.Won the title of Manchester United King,It looks incredible,Cantona is hailed as the Manchester United king for the following reasons.The first is excellent technical quality,Footballer of England PFA,Golden Globe AwardsThe first three are the best proof.Secondly, the psychological quality is excellent,Known as“Never behave abnormally in two consecutive games”,Although flying kick fans are disgraceful,But it also 上海休闲会所服务 shows Cantona’s hard air.Finally, the unique champion physique,In just six months after joining, he led Manchester United to regain the English top league championship after a 26-year absence.In the 5 years of the Red Devils, champions have continued.

Cantona attended the event after retiring

  Cantona retires

  1997,Cantona, who was only 31 years old, chose to retire.Later moved to the film and advertising industry.One season before retirement,Cantona also scored 15 goals.Become with 12 assistsPremier LeagueLeague assists king.A popular superstar chose to retire at the age of 31.It is undoubtedly very strange.Cantona’s own explanation for this is,Because he lost his enthusiasm,He made up his mind when he was young,Retired when he lost his passion for football.After retiring, Cantona concentrated on filming and advertising.In an interview,Cantona confessed that he regretted retiring prematurely.

What are the businesses of noble people’s health care massage,What are the benefits

Nowadays, almost 上海休闲会所服务 all the massage services in health clubs are for men and women.For each team,Introduce various services that better meet the needs of the masses.At the moment we are talking about all the services that noble people have in massage health care.

Juniper Essential Oil for Noble People Massage Open Back

The business is based on traditional health care treatment methods,Use juniper essential oil to assist massage,Therefore, the production of unhealthy things in the body is still healing the function of the disease.Speed up its own immunity performance.Compared with men with stiff shoulders and necks, backaches and backaches, irritable thoughts, high job search pressure, frequent sitting in the office, kidney disease, abnormal stomach and digestive function, alopecia areata, and poor lip color, men have good effects.

上海休闲会所Foot massage has many benefits,Now you can see foot massage shops everywhere in the streets.We must find a professional foot massage for foot massage,Irregular massage not only has other benefits for our body.On the contrary, it will cause some damage to the body

Noble people massage juniper essential oil open back

Kidney protection by massage for noble people

The kidney is a very important organ of the body.Kidney governs reproduction,That is: the element of life,Innate foundation.The kidney protection business uses the twelve meridian health care principles,Using pure tree species, juniper essential oil, massage method,Penetrate from the skin to the subcutaneous tissue capillary system,Sometimes it is definitely supplemented by hot stones directly attached to the skin.Make every twelve meridians happy,Affect the secretion of androgen levels,Makes the secretion and healing of male hormones.Increase resilience,Achieve the effects of invigorating the kidney and strengthening the yang and strengthening the kidney,It also has the functions of comprehensively moisturizing the twelve meridians, promoting qi and blood, dispelling dampness, and warming vitality.

Years of health, liver and kidney protection

Head massage for noble people

Head massage is the most direct way to relieve the pressure of work.According to the special massage method, juniper essential oil is still used,Try to make us comfortable.Juniper essential oil is volatile and easy to receive,Massage into the use of juniper essential oil,To regulate mental and physical functions,And juniper essential oil can also balance head oil,It also has great benefits for hydrotherapy.

Some students will feel a strong pain when doing massage foot massage,In fact, this is a slight reaction of our body function,If you really can’t stand it, you can let the masseur use lighter strength,Because everyone’s pain is different

Noble Head Massage

Do not get drunk during massage,Ethanol beverages are not allowed.

After the massage, I drink more water,Make up for facial moisture.

Before the massage, bathe in hot water.Let your body feel comfortable underneath.It is important not to get cold water~

Bellerin cooperates with charitable organizations Arsenal wins one remaining Premier League game to plant 3000 trees!

The Premier League is finally going to rematch more than 100 days after the suspension of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.This has also become the most concerned thing for countless fans.NowadaysArsenalThe team reported with team reporter Charles,Arsenal’s deputy captain Bellerin will cooperate with One Tree Planted, a world-renowned charity organization.The main cooperation content is that in every Arsenal match after the Premier League semi-final,As long as Arsenal wins the game,Bellerin will plant 3,000 trees in cooperation with charity organizations.Such behavior is very worthy of recognition,Use practical actions to protect the environment,Contribute to the global ecology.

Bellerin collaborates with charities

  Why Bellerin planted trees when he won the Premier League

According to current reports,Bellerin has reached a partnership with the charity organization One Tree Planted,And chose to announce the news before the Premier League semifinals,This is also a manifestation of the attitude of Arsenal and Bellerin himself.Bellerin said that when he lived in Barcelona as a child,I have seen the great work done by One Tree Planted,He wanted to participate in this meaningful activity at that time.Now I have the ability to do this,So I chose this way to conduct charitable acts,I hope that in this way, more people will be encouraged to contribute to the world.

Bellerin training

  What is the significance of such charitable acts like Bellerin

Bellerin said in the interview that he saw the behavior of the charity organization One Tree Planted when he was a child.At that time, I felt that such behavior was meaningful,So now I want to use my influence to do it and also to bring more people to join.The area of forests around the world is gradually decreasing,This has a great impact on the living environment of animals and the natural climate.Bellerin hopes to lead more people to contribute to the world and the environment in which we live through his example behavior.All mankind works together to protect the earth’s forest ecological environment.

Bellerin game screen

  How do all parties comment on behavior like Bellerin

Bellerin has always been known for its stance and attitude on environmental issues.This is not the first time that Bellerin has spoken out and acted on environmental issues.The charity director of One Tree Planted spoke highly of Bellerin’s behavior.Praising Bellerin as a role model in sports,Such behavior is truly meaningful to the earth,It will also plant trees when vegetation is needed.At the same time, in order to expand the scope of influence, Arsenal will also invite fans to participate in tree planting activities.Like Arsenal and Bellerin!Expect the Gunners to achieve good results after the Premier League rematch!

TA: Raya hopes to go to Arsenal,Vera prepares a second offer for Martinez

September 8 News According to The Athletic reporter Gregg Evans,Adam Crafton,David Ornstein,Telegraph reporter Sam Dean and football before.London reporter James Benge and other sources of news,The transfer of Brentford goalkeeper David Raya to Arsenal and Arsenal goalkeeper Martinez’s transfer is related.Arsenal need to sign a replacement before they are willing to release Martinez.

The Athletic source said,They learned that Martinez wanted to play as the team’s number one goalkeeper.but,Arsenal have decided to let Leno, who has recovered from a serious injury, play the first Premier League game against Fulham in the new season as the starting goalkeeper.

Aston Villa has previously submitted an offer for Martinez.And now they are ready to offer Martinez twice,And the second offer will be infinitely close to Arsenal’s asking price,20 million pounds.Unless Arsenal has found a replacement and completed the signing,Otherwise they won’t let Martinez go.So this is the most difficult part of this transfer.

Arteta’s favorite is David Raya of Brentford,And it seems that Brentford is unwilling to let their main goalkeeper leave,And since they might sell Watkins, the top scorer this summer,therefore,They are not short of money.

Sam Dean added the news about Raya,He said that although Brentford did not want to sell Raya,But the player himself has explained to the team his wishes and goals to go to Arsenal,Now it’s up to the two sides’ clubs and players to negotiate and compromise.

On September 8th, the Premier League Everton Club announced on its official website,Signed Real Madrid midfielder James Rodriguez,The two parties signed a two-year contract,The contract also includes the option to extend to the third year.Then Real Madrid announced that they had reached an agreement with Everton on the transfer of Hames.The BBC reported that the transfer fee was 20 million pounds.

Ancelotti, then Real Madrid coach in 2014, signed Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez.In the 2014-15 season, he played 29 times under Ancelotti,Scored 13 goals and provided 13 assists,Elected the best midfielder in La Liga.During Ancelotti’s coaching Bayern Munich in 2017,J Luo joined Bayern on loan,The two sides worked together again.


The 29-year-old James said:“I’m really very happy to be in this great club,This is a club with a long history,There is a coach who knows me very well,I look forward to achieving success here,Win victory,This is also the goal of everyone.”

“I believe that with the help of Carlo and the coaching staff,We can achieve a lot,Ancelotti is one of the important reasons why I joined the team.I used to have a good time with him in two different clubs.”


In 2014, Ronaldo transferred from Monaco to Real Madrid for £63 million.The two parties signed a contract for 6 years,He represented Real Madrid in 125 appearances in all competitions,Scored 37 goals.Ronaldo joined Bayern Munich on loan in 2017,Represented Bayern in 67 appearances in two seasons,Scored 15 goals,Returned to Real Madrid in 2019.

A new wave of players to be ushered at Express Football Club

Some of Express’ expected new players include; Chrispus Kusiima and Denis Otim (goalkeepers), Michael Abel Eturude, Faisal Ssekyanzi, Yaya Mahad Kakooza, Charles Musiige, John Byamukama, Isaac Nsengiyunva, Isa Lumu, Baker Sakali, Arthur Kiggundu, Richard Bbosa, Dennis Mubuya, Godfrey Lwesibawa, Enoch Walusimbi and Uganda Cranes experienced defender Murushid Jjuuko

The pre-season epoch is that period that every football club optimally utilizes to rebuild ahead of the forthcoming grueling period.

Prior to the 2020-21 Uganda Premier League, six-time Uganda Premier League champions Express Football Club are also back to the famous drawing board.

The Red Eagles first secured head coach Richard Wasswa Bbosa who was accorded a three-year contract,a new CEO Isaac Mwesigwa and a communications manager Peter Tabu.

Bbosa and the management confirmed the release of several players, totaling to 18.

Now, the club has looked around the market and poached very well to beef up all the departments with crucial additions of players who are technically gifted.

The players in the box are; goalkeepers Chrispus Kusiima and Denis Otim, Michael Abel Eturude, Faisal Ssekyanzi, Yaya Mahad Kakooza, Charles Musiige, John Byamukama, Isaac Nsengiyunva, Isa Lumu, Baker Sakali, Arthur Kiggundu, Richard Bbosa, Dennis Mubuya, Godfrey Lwesibawa, Enoch Walusimbi and Uganda Cranes experienced defender Murushid Jjuuko.

Although Lwesibawa had reportedly handed over his passport to BUL and signed a pre-contract, Express is willing to fight over for the player.

The nitty gritty of Jjuuko’s transfer remain scanty since the player already had a valid and running contract with Moroccoan side Wydad Casablanca.

Perhaps, all the aforementioned players are subject to further scrutiny with medical examination before the final contracts will be handed and officially unveiled to the public.

Good enough, all these players are ambitious and focused, ready to fight for the treasured Express badge at all times with diligence under all working conditions.

The Express faithful now believes that this is the right squad assembled to compete favourably with the big boys KCCA, Vipers, SC Villa and URA for silverware.

Last season, the Red Eagles finished in 9th position with 31 points from 25 matches as the league was prematurely ended because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The new football season will tentatively kick off on 19th October.

2019/20 Broadcast Agreement

作为EFL和Sky Sports之间新的创新安排的一部分,广播公司将现场直播45场比赛,所有Sky Bet EFL Championship俱乐部的季票持有者将获得前所未有的观看2019/20赛季结束的机会线上。

冠军赛季将于6月20日在Sky Sports直播现场闭门进行,并且已经进行了工作,以确保季票持有者有机会不错过任何比赛,无论比赛是在家中还是客场进行。



通过联赛与Pitch International的合作伙伴关系,EFL的海外广播公司也可以观看30场Sky直播比赛。其他游戏将在英国以外为EFL俱乐部的支持者提供,既可以作为已购买的季票的一部分(针对各自俱乐部),也可以逐场购买。




  • 星期五–下午6点和晚上8点
  • 星期六–下午12.30、3pm和5.30pm
  • 周日– 12pm


  • 星期二–下午5点,6点和8点
  • 星期三–下午5点,6点和8点

在本赛季停赛之前所做的广播选择现在将不适用,Sky Sports将“从头开始”开始此过程,预计第一批选择将在下周初推出。

EFL主席里克·帕里(Rick Parry)表示:“首先,我要感谢天空体育的团队的耐心和支持,同时我们也解决了由于现场体育无法开展而围绕协议达成的一些复杂问题由于当前的危机。


“我们很高兴达成这样一个令人愉快和明智的安排,以确保对俱乐部的财务影响降到最低,Sky Sports能够凭借多年来最令人期待的冠军争夺战之一来恢复其足球业务,而且重要的是, ,那么在指南阻止他们亲自参加游戏的这段时间内,粉丝可以使用游戏。”

Sky Sports Managing Director Rob Webster said: “The partnership between Sky Sports and the EFL supports clubs and their communities across the country. We are pleased to have reached a solution which works for them; and appreciate the positive and collaborative spirit of the negotiations.

“The availability for existing season ticket holders to stream matches from their club platform will compliment Sky Sports in telling the complete story of the climax to season.”

Quest will also provide extended highlights on both Saturday evenings and midweek, whilst talkSPORT will provide exclusive national radio commentary on some Championship matches.

Championship Season End Date




EFL Statement: Latest COVID-19 Test Results





Following the first round of COVID-19 testing in League One, the EFL can confirm that 135 players and club staff were tested from four League One clubs over the course of Wednesday 3 June, Thursday 4 June, Friday 5 June and Saturday 6 June with zero individuals testing positive.


Following the latest round of COVID-19 testing, the EFL can confirm that 132 players and club staff were tested from four League Two clubs over the course of Wednesday 3 June, Thursday 4 June, Friday 5 June and Saturday 6 June with one individual testing positive.





Rath: Steele to cast off the shackles, Battle’s ‘merit’ to play both ends

At a glance:
St Kilda’s Head of Football David Rath says Jack Steele is poised to break free as an inside midfielder in 2020.
Steele has primarily been deployed as a tagger during his time at the Saints.
Rath also credited Josh Battle’s “merit” to play up both ends of the ground.
St Kilda’s Head of Football Program David Rath believes Jack Steele is ready to let loose as a fully-fledged midfielder ahead of the season restart.

The fierce combatant was deployed predominantly as a tagger in 2019 and helped nullify some of the league’s biggest game-breakers week-on-week.

But in line with Brett Ratten’s philosophy of developing a gameplan that plays to players’ strengths, Rath believes the 24-year-old can reach new heights when set free.

READ: Rath on Ratten’s coaching philosophy

“What we’ve seen with Jack over the pre-season and towards the end of last year, is that he established himself as a quality midfielder,” Rath told SEN.

“I think Ratts’ approach we’ve seen so far in the pre-season and Round 1 was to let him off the leash a little bit.