Who is the Manchester United goalkeeper?Who are the Manchester United goalkeepers?

The main goalkeeper of Manchester United goalkeeper is De Gea,The second isArgentina teamRomero, the former hero,Sanmen is a veteran goalkeeper Grant,There is also the newly introduced young goalkeeper Kovazh,I have to say the glorious history of De Gea and Romero,De Gea was once the world’s first goalkeeper,His save and reaction speed are quite fast,But his performance is somewhat unstable,In many cases he is very serious,But sometimes he often made some low-level mistakes,such as“Butter hand”,Or the reaction after a misjudgment,All are important reasons for pulling him off the altar.

Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea

  Who is the Manchester United goalkeeper

Manchester United’s current goalkeeper is still De Gea.Manchester United fans and coach Suo Shuai are still willing to give him a chance.After all, Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea kept a wonderful save most of the time.The only two men who can make him make mistakes,Is the former Melo,In the 2018 World Cup group stage,Portugal vs. Spain,At that time De Gea also actedSpain teamGoalkeeper,Faced with Ronaldo’s shot, a butter hand appeared.Finally 3 to 3,His mistake ruined a victory,And Messi,18/19 Champions League knockout,Manchester United and Barcelona met,Messi’s shot made him misjudge.The appearance of the save was extremely embarrassing,Probably the only two men who made De Gea’s major mistake.

De Gea’s mistakes are often fatal

  About Manchester United goalkeeper Romero

I have to say that the Manchester United goalkeeper is really a gathering of heroes.Romero is a very capable goalkeeper,But there has been no performance opportunity,As can be seen from the 2014 World Cup,MessiHis wonderful goal helped Argentina win points,Romero’s defense prevented Argentina from losing points,And the most exciting is the penalty shootout between Argentina and the Netherlands in the semifinals.Romero once played super strong and blocked 2 penalty kicks.Let Argentina successfully advance to the World Cup finals.

Romero’s full highlight performance at the 2014 World Cup

  Who are the Manchester United goalkeepers

In addition to the current Manchester United’s one De Gea and two Romero,Manchester United’s goalkeepers include Lindegaard, Foster, Van der Sar, Howard, Ricardo, Carroll, and Gram.

Deulofeu: 2-8 makes me feel bad,It feels like Bayern players are like airplanes

News on August 20 In an interview with Radio Zero,Former Barcelona winger Deulofeu said:“2-8 I feel very uncomfortable,It feels like Bayern players are like airplanes.”

How are you,How long is it from the injury?Was it injured on March 3?

“Was injured on February 29th,I feel good now,To be honest, I am dealing with injuries in a very positive way,Also because I am focusing on healing,So the recovery is progressing well,Now I have gone to the field to train several times in a week.All I want is to return to the stadium,But will be treated with caution,Because I don’t have to worry.”

After you watch Barcelona 2-8 Bayern,What are your thoughts after the game?

“I feel like those Bayern players are just like airplanes.It’s a very bad feeling,I rarely see things like this happen in a game like the Champions League.This impressed me,No one expected this situation before the game,But the European football is like this,If you don’t perform well in the game,That opponent will surpass you.”

Have you ever seen such a depressed state of Barcelona?Have you ever seen a Barcelona that needs such changes?

“I think especially in this game,Barcelona is very depressed and very vulnerable.I didn’t feel that bad throughout the season.But in this game against Bayern I do feel that Barcelona is very vulnerable.But I had an interview not long ago,My answer at the time was to give these players time,Be patient with them,I’m talking about youth players,I said they could not show the performance of the stars,Everyone needs to be patient to let them walk the long path,Then you can enjoy them.As for the changes you said,After such a game,I think it is indeed necessary to change.But I feel that this change has been delayed for many years.”

Bartomeu recently proposed the names of some players who are not for sale.But Alba, Pique, Busquets, Suarez and others are on the list of possible departures.But of course,If you want to change,Then someone must leave,No one can stay in the club forever

“This matter is very serious for me,Because we are talking about some players who have contributed to a wonderful era.Although this will be a problem the club will deal with,But what I want to say is that we should be more patient with the youth players.Before this happened to the club now,You can spend time teaching the philosophy and style of the youth club,So that they can enjoy their games in the future,Why do you have to experience this kind of thing you are experiencing now to understand this situation?But well,Those of us who have been in the club or who know how the club works have known how things will develop a few years ago.”

Can you understand Messi’s patience may have been exhausted and want to leave?

“I do not know,Because I don’t know what he thinks,But we really don’t want to see such a thing,For example, I don’t want it.What I want is to see the Messi who has been playing in Barcelona before,Seeing him surrounded by excellent players he trained,I personally hope that he can retire in Barcelona,Let us see what happens.”

Did Koeman stick to his coaching style at Everton?I mean it’s also kicking the ball?

“Not,Totally different.This is because Everton and Barcelona are completely different teams.You can’t compare Everton with Barcelona,If you compare the Dutch national team or Bayern,It can be compared a little bit,But Everton and Barcelona are incomparable.Compared with the kind of football Barcelona wants to play,Everton is a completely different world,I believe you understand what I mean.”

I understand,I mean to understand what kind of coach Coman is,Is he someone who listens to players

“He will listen,He is a very professional coach,The problem is that there will be players with more playing time and less playing time.It’s not so happy to play less time,And I’m in the column with less playing time,This is what happened before.”

How long will you stay in the UK,I don’t know how long your contract is

“The problem is that this season is a disastrous season,The most likely scenario is that I leave,See if I can reach an agreement with the club,To see if it can be done this summer,Because this season is bad,We will try our best to go to other places.”

In other words, you are recuperating now and trying to leave the team this summer,Where do you want to go?Want to go to a new country and a new league?Or do you want to go back to Spain?

“I haven’t figured it out yet,Now the first task for me is to heal my injuries,But of course,We will look at the situation,Now there are different options,There are options for La Liga, Serie A and Premier League,Take a look at our exchanges with Watford,Then I will make the best choice with Watford and my agent.”

Your previous experience in Milan was very good,I know you are happy to return to Milan,You had a great time there

“Yes,My first daughter was born there,It was a wonderful six months,This is a choice,I will not deny,But like other options,We will look at the situation again,I will communicate with Watford,Then see which option is the most interesting.”

Urzi: I am very happy to get the attention of Atletico Madrid,Being selected for the Argentine national team is still awaiting

News on August 25 Recently, the new star Uerqi (Agustín Urzi) accepted an interview with Aspen newspaper,The Argentine U23 international talked about his transfer rumors with Atletico Madrid.And answered some questions about the fans’ concerns.

Would you like to put on the red and white shirt?

“Being able to play for Atletico Madrid under Simeone is one of my dreams.At the moment I learned that Atletico Madrid was interested in me,It’s really exciting.The Sheet Corps is the cradle of cultivating stars,The legendary Torres is an example.”

As an Argentine,What does Atletico coach Diego Simeone represent?

“Simeone’s body is full of pure Argentine blood,This also gave him the motivation to face everything.In every game he is like the 12th man on the team,This is incredible.I am a passionate person,So at this point I think I am exactly the same as Cholo (Simeone’s nickname).”

Talk about your own characteristics on the court

“I paid a lot,Through bit by bit effort,I hope I can do my best to improve,And I also know that I have the ability to score many goals.I prefer to cut from the side to the middle,The goal is to face the goal.of course,Still need to continue to train hard.”

Do you think Banfield’s football style is similar to Atletico Madrid?

“Each club has its own brand,But indeed,When watching Atletico Madrid,I feel that the tactical concept that they have worked hard to accomplish and the content of the full retreat are the same as Banfield’s requirements.This is precisely because Simeone expects to achieve the effect of all players participating in the defense.it’s great.”

Are you ready to take the bigger stage?

“Of course,I must always be prepared,Meet new challenges,And I also understand that my family and friends will support me from beginning to end.Football is a beautiful sport,At the same time, everyone is required to abide by disciplinary regulations,I will always follow.”

What do you think of the shining stars of Felix, Anzu Fati, and Vinicius?

“When they touch the ball,It will give people a very dangerous feeling,I have also put in a lot of effort in this regard.It’s important to inflict damage on the opponent,I am trying to improve.”

I hope you will be selected for the Argentine national team soon,Fight side by side with Messi

“With your auspicious words,I hope so (laughs),But the coaches of the Argentine National Youth Team told me that I still need to work harder.I scored a wonderful goal in February,But I am not satisfied with this,Looking forward to getting more goals.Messi is the idol of all of us,It is also the glory of Argentina.Whenever he touched the ball,It will have an extraordinary feeling.”

Real Madrid star Hames Rodriguez became famous in Banfield when he was 18…

“The big guy still has a fresh memory of James (who was born),At that time he was just a fledgling teenager,But the team gave him plenty of playing time,Then he also seized the opportunity.Because of this,He can join the giants to open a new chapter in his career.”

Former Argentine international Hector Enrique (his son Ramiro Enrique also plays for Banfield) loves you very much,Often give you valuable suggestions

“Yes,Enrique is my role model.He was a role model for all of Argentina,It is an honor to be able to listen to his teachings.He always warned me that I need to believe in myself,Because I have an outstanding talent,Can make a difference in the future.”

So farUlzi, 20, has played 32 games for Banfield in various competitions in the past two seasons.Scored 2 goals and provided 2 assists.In addition, he is also the main winger of the Argentine Olympic team.Helped the team through the Tokyo Olympics South American qualifiers all the way,Won the championship,Successfully got Olympic tickets.

According to previous mainstream media reports,Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, Roma, Sampdoria, Fiorentina and many other European football players have all paid attention to this rising star.

Pettit: Messi cannot adapt to the intensity of the Premier League,Can’t figure out why Manchester City should buy him

News on August 27 French star Pettit, who has played for Arsenal, Barcelona and other clubs, was interviewed by Paddy Power News before.In an interview, he talked about the issue that Messi might join Manchester City.Pettit said,Messi could not adapt to the intensity of the Premier League,Messi is protected in La Liga.Pettit also said,He couldn’t figure out why Manchester City wanted to introduce the 33-year-old Messi.If Manchester City want to buy,It should be shot a few years ago.

Pettit mentioned:“to be frank,I don’t think Messi can adapt to the intensity of the Premier League.in Spain,Messi is protected.”

“Of course,British fans would definitely want to see Messi play in the Premier League.But Messi is 33 years old,I can’t figure out why a club like Manchester City wants to introduce the 33-year-old Messi.”

“in my opinion,If Manchester City want to introduce Messi,They should have started this transaction a few years ago.”

“Messi is not Ronaldo,I think from a physical point of view,Messi is still not as good as Ronaldo,Ronaldo is a beast.”

“From my perspective,Messi can still play in the highest level league in the next 1-2 years.But after that,Messi may be at the end of his player career.”

“Judging from the current situation of Abidal and Messi,I think the future of Barcelona will be decided during the next transfer window.”

“last summer,There have been transfer rumors about Barcelona and many players.But in the end many players did not join,Neymar is a good example.”

“Barcelona had transfer rumors with Neymar all summer last year.But they still failed to bring Neymar back from Paris.”

“at the same time,Abidal also encountered some problems due to medical investigations.That also caused his image in Barcelona to be slightly affected.”

“Earlier there was news that Harvey might return to coach in Barcelona.to be frank,Abidal was also in crisis at the time,Barcelona is now struggling,Many things are not clear.”

“Harvey also made a clarification later,That means the lack of communication within the Barcelona team,And someone is still lying,Messi has the same problem now,He was struggling.”

“Earlier there was news that Messi was determined to leave Barcelona.We don’t seem to be comfortable with Messi’s expression of attitude in this way.”

“usually,Messi is very quiet,So Messi must have encountered some problems now,He must be sad now.”

Moratti: When I saw Suning’s poster,I think Inter is true to Messi

News on August 25 Inter Milan’s honorary chairman Moratti accepted an exclusive interview with Aspen newspaper yesterday.

After a season,Inter Milan finally fell in the Europa League final:

Inter Milan performed well in the decisive game.Playing more and more steadily,And defeated many tough opponents,But Sevilla still has a very long tradition in the Europa League.This factor is still very important in football,Lopetegui’s team is a very good team.For me they are the favorites in the finals.

Do you thinkWhat is the value of winning the Europa League at this time?

I think it is still very valuable,Not only the joy and passion brought by the championship,There is also to make players believe that they have the ability to win the championship,I believe this club can win the championship,It is also a good incentive for the next season.

Conte’s coaching this season is not bad,But now there are a lot of controversies about his stay:

I think this question depends on his relationship with Mr. Chairman.But Mr. Conte’s abilities need not be questioned,His achievements this season are outstanding,Good results have been achieved.

Lukaku scored 34 goals this season,And Ronaldo:

I think to be honest,I didn’t expect Lukaku to have such an outstanding performance.This is a very clever young man,Quickly adapted to Italian football,And exceeded everyone’s expectations,I like this guy very much.

Why is Eriksson not so ideal?

Eriksson’s ability is very good,But it takes time to adapt to Serie A,I think he has been getting better in the past few months,But we need to be patient.

How do you evaluate Lautaro’s performance?

I think Lautaro’s ability and potential are very high,Full of talent,Now he is proving that he has this ability,But I think we can do better.

Barcelona wants to buy Lautaro,Then you think Lautaro should stay at all costs,Or can people be released?What do you think?What do you think of the deal between Eto’o and Ibrahimovic,Was it successful?

I’m not good to say,I think the transaction at that time was a very successful operation for us from all angles.We sent away a very good player,But in the end we got very good results.I think it depends on how to replace Lautaro.We bought Eto’o back then.

For example,Suarez?What do you think?

how to say,Eto’o was not 33 years old back then,of course,Suarez is great,He is a very skilled player.

Speaking of Barcelona,The unavoidable topic is Messi,You once wanted to sign Messi,What now?Do you think Inter Milan has a chance?

I think Inter Milan must have tried it.I saw the famous poster of Suning at that time,Messi’s reflection is reflected on the Milan Cathedral,This makes me think maybe they have started to shoot.of course,If it doesn’t mean it,I also think they will make a move soon.

This poster is indeed imaginative:

I think this is definitely not a financially easy transfer.But the bigger problem is Messi’s wishes.I think what I need to understand is,Does Messi want to leave Barcelona?I am at least not sure now.