Who are the Manchester United stars?Who is the most legendary Manchester United star?

In recent years, the most known players of Manchester United are undoubtedly the characters of Ronaldo and Rooney.It was also because of the strength of this lineup,Let Manchester United conquer Europe in the 08/09 season,Won the Champions League,This also makes Manchester United have countless stars,For example, Ronaldo started the legendary road from here.

Ronaldo playing for Manchester United

  Who are the Manchester United stars

Manchester United stars are numerous,Take a look at the currentManchester UnitedPlaying stars,Rashford went to Manchester United’s main team in 2016,Since then began a runaway career,Maybe he is still young,But the future is limitless,Martial has always been a symbol of Manchester United’s offensive end.He has long been known as the core player of Manchester United’s offensive end.Pogba has always been Manchester United’s most famous star.No one can replace the role in the midfield,De Gea,Once the world’s number one goalkeeper,It is still a wonderful save for Manchester United.

Rooney at Manchester City

  Top ten players in Manchester United history

1.Cantona,Cantona is like a king at Manchester United,No one can shake his position at Manchester United 2.Schmeichel,He is the greatest goalkeeper in Manchester United history 3.Roy,Roy explained how to play the position of the back midfielder,He is the absolute core and spiritual leader of Manchester United 4.Giggs,He is the core player in Manchester United’s 9 league championships5.Irwin,Irvine is stable for Manchester United 6.Van Niss,Van Niss is a scoring machine,Scored 150 goals in 217 games,7.Rooney,Rooney has made unlimited contributions to Manchester United’s league championship and the Champions League 8.Ronaldo,Cristiano Ronaldo is not his peak at Manchester United.But the contribution to Manchester United cannot be underestimated9.Stam,Great contribution for Manchester United to win the Triple Crown 10.Cole,Cole, who was not reused, scored 130 goals in 275 games.

Cantona, the most legendary of Manchester United stars

  Who is the most legendary Manchester United star?

The most legendary among Manchester United stars is Cantona.Cantona is the man who made the greatest contribution to Manchester United in modern times.For Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United won the long-lost league championship.In five seasons playing for Manchester United,A total of four Premier League titles won for the team,Two double crowns,However, he also accelerated the growth of a new generation of stars such as Giggs, Beckham, Scholes,Promote them to grow into the backbone of the new generation of Manchester United,He has become an indelible legend for Manchester United.

UEFA: Cristiano Ronaldo double ring + achieve the national team’s 100 goals achievement,Portugal 2-0 Sweden

September 9th At 02:45 on September 9th, Beijing time,Europa League group stage,Sweden vs. Portugal,Bernardo Silva retired from injury in the first half.Swenson turned two yellows and one red and was sent off.Ronaldo scored a direct free kick to complete the national team’s hundred goals achievement.Fernandez hits the frame in the second half,Ronaldo blasted into the world wave and scored twice.In the end, the whole game ended,Sweden lost to Portugal 0-2.

In the second minute of the game,Berry’s header from a later point missed the goalkeeper.

At the 19th minute,Guerrero accidentally stops the ball in front of the penalty area,Then Guerrero kept up with a volley to miss the ball.

On the 22nd minute,Bernardo Silva was unable to continue the game due to injury,Guedes went into battle.

26 minutes,Fernandez took a right corner kick to the penalty area.C Lot’s volley after the ball was blocked.

37 minutes,After Olson stopped the ball in the frontcourt, his right foot outside the instep shot was too positive.The ball was held firmly by A-Lopez.

40 minutes,Cancelo midfielder sent a long pass to transfer,Ronaldo’s low shot after inserting the ball on the right side of the penalty area was saved.

44 minutes,Swenson kicked Moutinho with the ball with a shovel.The referee showed him a yellow card.Since I have received a yellow card before,So Svensson, who turned two yellows and one red, was sent off.

45 minutes,Portugal’s frontcourt got a good set piece opportunity,Ronaldo’s free kick crossed the wall and went straight to the dead corner of the goal to score!0-1!Portugal is the first to score!

Koman: We Dutch like offensive football,Must play an enjoyable game

News on August 24 In an interview with Barcelona TV,New coach Koeman said:“We Dutch like offensive football,Barcelona must play a great game,Must be enjoyed by Barcelona fans,Must also win,This is the most important thing.“

Return to Barcelona

“I feel Barcelona is my home,When I visited this city many times before, I felt something was missing.Because I didn’t come back to work in Barcelona before.I am a coach now,I’m very happy.”

“Whether you are a coach, player or employee of Barcelona,The most important thing is to know that you are in the best club in the world.There is no better place than here.We are very lucky to be part of this club.”

Cruyff’s influence

“Cruyff is one of the coaches I learned the most from him.Especially in that period of the Dream Team.And it’s not just players learning,Also learn as a coach.”

“We had the best combination at the time: offensive football and won the championship.This is the football philosophy we will try to make Barcelona have.We have to play wonderful football,Must be enjoyed by Barcelona fans.And obviously you have to win,Because this is the most important thing.”

Koeman as a coach

“I am a coach who likes to have discipline and organization,I like to rule the game,We Dutch all like offensive football.”

“I like to do things directly,Like to communicate well with players.The meetings I have are brief,But I will make it clear what I want to say.”

“I think as a coach,You need to enjoy football,We started playing football because we love the sport,So if you go all out with a smile,That’s better.”

De Jong

“He is a very young player,His performance so far has proved that he is an extremely good player.And for a young player,Joining Barcelona is not easy.He is the future player of Barcelona.”


“It is my honor to have players like Messi in the team.Rely on his ability,He was able to find his place in the evolution of the team.”

“We can’t compare me and Messi’s free kicks,Because Messi has scored a lot of free kicks.But I only played in Barcelona for 6 seasons (laughs).It is always important to be able to have a good free kick and kick shooter.”

Brought Barcelona’s first free kick in the Champions League

“In the final against Sampdoria,I already had the trajectory of the ball in my mind before the free kick,And I also feel that the ball will be scored.”

Marca: Compared to returning to Barcelona,Coutinho prefers to return to the Premier League

News on August 25 According to the “Marca” report,Compared to returning to Barcelona,Brazilian midfielder Coutinho prefers to return to the Premier League.

Coutinho was rented out to Bayern by Barcelona this season,The Brazilian won the Champions League with the team,Bayern did not activate 1.A 200 million euro buyout clause.Currently, Coutinho will return to Barcelona first.

Before making the final decision,Barcelona’s new coach Koeman hopes to communicate with Coutinho first,butThe media said that Coutinho will inform Koeman that he is not sure that he is willing to stay at Barcelona next season.Coutinho’s wish should be to return to the Premier League.The Barcelona midfielder was his best performance when he played for Liverpool.It was the performance of that period that attracted the attention of Barcelona.

“Marca” said Coutinho missed the Premier League years,Missing my wonderful experience in the Premier League,So he wants to go back now.There are already many Premier League teams interested in him,Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal have all asked about the situation.But Coutinho’s problem is his salary.Brazilians’ salary is around 15 million euros after tax,Under the influence of the current epidemic,Not many clubs can afford such a salary.

Barcelona will also face problems if they keep Coutinho.The management wants to try to reduce the pressure caused by the salary of the first team,If Coutinho returns, it will mean additional problems.So Barcelona have been trying to sell Coutinho a few months ago.But no club is willing to meet Barcelona’s asking price of 80 million euros.

and so“Marca” stated that everything indicates that Coutinho will be rented out again.In this transfer market affected by the epidemic,Renting is the only remaining possibility,At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that the rented club cannot bear all the salary of Coutinho.

Although Koman wanted to keep Coutinho,But “Marca” said the player’s attitude and his high salary have reduced the possibility of staying on the team.

Bartomeu now has to resign and bear huge losses?true,But exaggerated

News on August 27 Since yesterday,Some domestic media and football bloggers began to mention a point on Weibo:The reason why Bartomeu refused to resign now,It’s because there is a huge deficit in club management.If they resign, they will bear the operating deficits,So Bartomeu has to consume it,And strive to sell Messi at sky-high prices to make up for the shortfall.

Actually,There is a basis for this statement,But it is not entirely reasonable.

According to the supplementary bill of the seventh edition of the third provisional amendment to the Spanish Royal Sports Law:Spanish owned“Non-sports limited liability company”Board of directors,Need to guarantee the club spending during the ruling period,The guarantee amount is at least 15%.

in other words.If the term of the current board of directors ends,It is necessary to calculate the revenue during its administration,If there is a loss,The board of directors will fill in the accounts——Fill in at least part,The accounting standard is determined by the Spanish Football Professional League,That is, Laliga decided,Because Laliga is also the institution that determines the admission system of league teams.

And in Spain,After the restructuring of the football club in the 1990s,There are only 4 clubs that are neither shareholding,Nor is it a limited liability system,That is Real Madrid,Barcelona,Athletic Bilbao and Osasuna.

So in July this year,Athletic Club Bilbao once connected with three other clubs to apply to the Spanish government.To be able to exempt the loss of club operations this year,Because taking Athletic Bilbao as an example,Their losses in the 19-20 fiscal year reached more than 30-40 million euros.

but,Why is it untenable to use this reason to prove Bartomeu’s refusal to resign?

According to the estimates of the National Daily, Aspen and other media,Barcelona will inevitably lose money this year.The loss reached 1.500-200 million euros(Barca’s budget this season is 1 billion euros,The estimated revenue is only 800 million euros).But after the current board of directors took office,Accumulated profits over the years can reach more than 200 million euros,So Bartomeu and his board are not in danger.

And Barcelona’s financial report can also support this: According to the 18-19 fiscal year financial report released by Barcelona last year,From 2011 to July 2019,Barcelona has been profitable for 9 consecutive years,The total profit reached 2.1.3 billion euros.This is indeed higher than or basically the same as Barcelona’s losses this year.

and so,Bartomeu’s board of directors has not resigned.It is not directly related to the club’s losses this year.

Atletico is interested in the Spanish midfielder Roca,May complete the transaction with 15 million+ players

News on August 25 According to the Aspen newspaper,Atletico Madrid intends to introduce Spaniard midfielder Roca,This transfer may be completed in the form of 15 million+ players.

Atletico Madrid coach Simeone has asked the club to introduce a midfielder.The media said their choice was Roca,This transfer may be completed in the form of 15 million euros + players.

Roca is a very popular player in the transfer market.Bayern was close to taking him last season.In addition to Atletico,Seville, who is looking for a replacement for Banega, is also very interested.

In other locations,”Aspen” stated that Atletico Madrid’s signing funds are limited.If someone else leaves the team,Then signings from other locations may join in the form of loan.Now there may be a right back in the Atletico Madrid team (any one of the three right backs is possible,It may be sold if a good offer is obtained), a central defender (due to lack of playing time,Hermoso wants to leave the team) and a left back (Kaioben will stay in the team,But Monaco is interested in him,The club may be sold,Manu Sanchez has been rented out to Osasuna) to leave the team.

Selling Lemar is the top priority of Atletico Madrid.But in the end Atletico did not find a buyer who was willing to bear at least Lemar’s remaining transfer fee (40 million,Atletico Madrid spent 70 million on the introduction of Lemar in 2018.The contract expires in 2023).

If any team is willing to bear Costa’s salary,Then he will leave the team,Otherwise, Costa will fulfill his contract.”Aspen” statedAt the transfer window this summer Atletico won’t make big moves in terms of buyers and sellers.But after signing substitute goalkeeper Gerbic,The Sheet Legion can continue to introduce Roca.