Reina scored from a small angle, Harland scored twice,Dortmund 3-0 Borussia

September 20th At 0:30 AM on September 20, Beijing time,Bundesliga round 1,Dortmund vs. Monchengladbach at home.In the first half, Reina scored from a small angle in the penalty area.Harland scored twice in the second half.In the end, the whole game ended,Dortmund 3-0 Monchengladbach.

In the 22nd minute of the game,Harland receives a pass from his teammate,A volley from the left side of the penalty area was blocked by a defender.

On the 32nd minute,Munxing picks up the restricted area,Hoffman hit the door and was saved by Bilji.

In the 35th minute,Reina received a pass from his teammate in the penalty area.Hit the door at a small angle on the right,1-0!Dortmund opened the scoring.

40 minutes,Dortmund crosses from the right side of the front court,Sancho in the penalty area had a header above the bar.

42 minutes,Reiner hit the top of the penalty area on the right side of the front court and was saved by Bilji.

Easy side to fight again,52 minutes,Reina was fouled in the penalty area,Dortmund won a penalty.

54 minutes,Sancho gave the penalty to Harland,The latter faced the penalty kick in one go,2-0!Dortmund has another city.

77 minutes,Dortmund counterattacked from the backcourt,Sancho divided the ball to Harland, who jumped in,The latter calmly scored against the goalkeeper,3-0!Dortmund is the icing on the cake.

In the end, the whole game ended,Dortmund 3-0 Monchengladbach.

Player rating:

Haaland, who scored twice, got the highest score in the game.For Borsching, Hoffman got the highest score in the team.


Dortmund (3-4-1-2): 1-Birgi, 23-Can, 15-Hummels, 16-Akanji, 24-Meunier, 28-Wittsel, 22-BellingeHm (67’Delaney), 10-Hazard (19’Paslak), 7-Sancho (78’Brandt), 9-Haaland, 32-G-Reina (78’Royce)

Munchen (3-4-3): 1-Zomer, 25-Ben Sebeni, 30-Elvedi, 28-Gentle, 17-Went (69’Hermann), 6-Kramer, 32-Neuhaus, 18-Reiner, 23-Hoffman, 13-Stinder (57’Praia), 11-H-Wolf (57’Tulam)

Crouch: The Blues can easily enter the top four,I will buy a ticket to watch their game

September 11th The new season of the Premier League is about to start,Before the start of the new season,Crouch, now a football commentator, wrote an article in the “Daily Mail” column about his expectations for the new season of the Premier League teams.Crouch said,After introducing so many outstanding players,Chelsea can easily enter the top four of the Premier League in the new season.Crouch also said that he still has deep feelings for Liverpool.He thinks the Red Army has a good chance to defend the Premier League.

Arsenal (ranked eighth in the Premier League last season)

“Arsenal performed very well in the Community Shield game against Liverpool last month.They left a deep impression on me.”

“I am very happy that Arsenal has recovered the feeling of winning,They have won the FA Cup and the Community Shield before.I think after winning these two championship trophies,Arsenal also regained their confidence.”

“You can see Arteta did a great job at Arsenal,I think he was influenced by Guardiola when he was at Manchester City.In terms of tactical arrangement,Arteta did a great job.”

“Arsenal had previously introduced William and Gabriel,I think this Arsenal team can beat any opponent now,And they have a chance to enter the top four of the Premier League in the new season.”

“William will be a key player for Arsenal in the new season.He had almost won all the honors he could win at Chelsea before.”

“William is now 32 years old,If he can continue his outstanding performance at Chelsea at Arsenal,Then the Gunners’ signing is very worthwhile.”

Chelsea (ranked fourth in the Premier League last season)

“Chelsea had previously introduced a number of outstanding players,They spent a lot of money,So Lampard is now under more pressure,is it?I do not think so.”

“But sometimes this is true,Some clubs have spent a sum of money to introduce 6-7 new players,The outside world will wonder if these new players can improve the club’s strength.”

“But Chelsea will not encounter the situation I said,Chelsea can easily enter the top four in the new season,I believe Werner can show excellent performance,And Thiago Silva will use his experience to help the team.”

“I look forward to Chelsea’s performance in the new season,I said before,I will buy a Chelsea ticket,Then watch their game.”

“Chelsea may not be able to win the Premier League this season,But that is their goal,Everything they did before was to win the Premier League championship.”

“The key player for Chelsea in the new season is Thiago Silva.I think he can stabilize the team’s defense,Help Lampard.”

“Chelsea performed better than other teams in the first half of last season.And their line of defense is the biggest problem,With the arrival of Silva,Chelsea’s defensive problems can be improved to a certain extent.”

Leeds United (won the British Championship last season)

“When I was in Stoke in 2018,We met Leeds United in August of that year,I went to Elland Road with Stoke City.”

“Bielsa led Leeds United over Stoke at the time,I said before,Bielsa is a very good head coach.His team performed very vigorously in the game.”

“of course,Bielsa is a very famous head coach,The whole world knows his name.”

“Bielsa led Leeds United back to the Premier League,And that’s what all Leeds United fans have been eager to do for the past 16 years.I believe that Leeds United fans will watch every game of the club in the new season.”

“Calvin Phillips will be a key player for Leeds United in the new season.He was the best player in the British crown last season.prior to,Southgate also called Phillips into the England national team.”

Leicester City (ranked fifth in the Premier League last season)

“Leicester City performed very well last season,I feel sorry for them,If there is no suspension,I believe they can qualify for the Champions League.”

“Leicester City lost a good chance to qualify for the Champions League.This season,It is difficult for them to enter the top four in the league,Because the top-ranked clubs in the Premier League have strengthened.”

“I think Leicester City’s final ranking may be seventh and sixth.Vardy will still be a key player for the team,What worries me most is,The depth of Leicester City’s lineup may not be able to support their Premier League and Europa League two-line combat.”

“Vardy is Peter Pan of the Premier League.He is 33 years old now,But he showed no signs of decline,in contrast,Vardy is always improving,He also won the Premier League Golden Boot before.”

Liverpool (won the Premier League title last season)

“I played for Liverpool,I also have many friends in Liverpool,My family also lives there,So I might prefer Liverpool.”

“I think Liverpool has a good chance to defend the Premier League title,But if other teams perform well,Then Liverpool will definitely encounter some problems.”

“After the rematch of last season,Some people say that Liverpool’s condition has declined,Especially after they secured the Premier League,But what I want to say is,Liverpool just relaxed a little after securing the title.”

“They achieved a huge achievement last season,So they have the right to relax.”

“Arnold will be a key player for Liverpool in the new season.Now everyone thinks that Arnold is the best right back in the Premier League.And Arnold will definitely encounter more trouble in the game.”

“This is what Arnold must overcome,But I trust him,In the star-studded Liverpool lineup,The 21-year-old Liverpool local guy is still able to stand out.”

Manchester City (ranked second in the Premier League last season)

“Manchester City is the club I regret most this summer.If they signed Messi before,I will definitely go to watch every game of Manchester City in the new season.”

“If Messi does go to Manchester City,Then the suspense of this season’s Premier League championship may also be ended,And I do hope that Messi will come to the Premier League.”

“Manchester City will definitely try their best to win the Premier League title in the new season.They want to take back the honor they lost last season.”

“I think Ake is a great signing for Manchester City.The combination of Aker and Laporte would be great,To some extent,Manchester City is as good as Liverpool.”

“De Bruyne will be a key player for Manchester City in the new season.Although Liverpool won the Premier League title last season,But De Bruyne won the Premier League player of the season award.”

“De Bruyne is currently 29 years old,He is entering his prime,I think he can perform better in the new season.”

Manchester United (ranked third in the Premier League last season)

“I like what Manchester United is doing now,They performed very well at the end of last season,They qualified for the Champions League.”

“I think Bruno Fernandez is a great catalyst for Manchester United.Manchester United will only become stronger,What I think now is,How does Solskjaer arrange the midfield lineup,Because Pogba, Bruno and Van der Beek are all excellent.”

“Of course,We also know that Rashford and Greenwood are excellent,I think Manchester United can still enter the top four in the league in the new season.”

“Manchester United signed Bruno for £67 million in the last winter window.I think since he came to Manchester United,Their atmosphere was completely changed.”

“Whether in terms of goals or assists,Bruno did a great job.He may be one of Manchester United’s best signings in recent years.”

Tottenham (ranked sixth in the Premier League last season)

“Spurs previously announced their official documentary,That was one of the biggest highlights of this summer,I really like Tottenham’s documentary,It’s great to be able to understand Mourinho’s work in depth.”

“People are saying that Mourinho did not do well at Tottenham,But we need to be patient,Mourinho needs time.”

“You can look at his first season at Chelsea and Inter Milan,At that time, his team performance was not very good.I believe Mourinho can lead Tottenham to success.”

“I think Tottenham will not be able to enter the top four in the new season.But they have a chance to win a championship trophy,Mourinho is a winner,He will definitely try his best to lead the team for a championship.”

“Kane will be a key player for Tottenham in the new season,Kane is an excellent forward,He can score many goals every season,But he had the idea of leaving Tottenham before.”

“Mourinho made a promise to Kane,He said that after Tottenham could win the championship,Kane also chose to stay on the team,I think his future is in Tottenham.”

Abangraho: Van Dyke is great,But it has not yet reached the height of Kompany Ferdinand

September 14 News The former England star Abang Raho, who played for Aston Villa, was interviewed by talkSPORT before.He talked about Van Dyke in an interview.Abangraho said,Van Dijk is indeed a very good central defender.But he has not yet reached the heights of Ferdinand and Kompany.Abangraho also said,Leeds United’s outstanding performance against Liverpool also sounded a wake-up call to other Premier League teams.

Abangraho mentioned:“Everyone knows that Van Dyke is a very good defender,He can send wonderful long passes,And 上海休闲会所 on the defensive end,He also did a great job,No one wants to face Van Dyke.”

“But I think Van Dijk was too arrogant in the previous game against Leeds.He made a low-level error.”

“I think what Van Dijk thought was:‘The game against Leeds United was easy,I can lower my standards,We can win even in this situation.’”

“And Van Dijk did not show what he should have done in the game against Leeds United.Arnold was not good enough on the defensive end either.Liverpool’s right defense was defeated by Leeds United.”

Van Dijk is really good,But he has not reached the heights of Kompany, Ferdinand and Terry.

“Van Dijk is one of the best defenders in history.He has performed very well in recent years,But people were saying that 上海休闲会所服务 Van Dijk had reached the heights of Kompany and Ferdinand,I don’t think so.”

“From my perspective,Over time,People seem to have forgotten how good Kompany and Ferdinand were.”

“to be frank,When Ferdinand and Kompany were at their peak,The opponent doesn’t even want to stand on the same court with them.”

“Terry is also a great defender,Opponents will encounter many difficulties when facing Terry’s defense.Van Dijk is indeed a very good defender.But he has not yet reached the heights of Kompany and Ferdinand.”

The outstanding performance of Leeds United also sounded the alarm for other teams in the Premier League

“In general,Liverpool played too lax in the game against Leeds United,That also sounded the alarm for other teams in the Premier League.Because Leeds United has proven their own strength,They are a good team.”

Halftime: Richard Leeson Kane missed opportunities one after another,Tottenham 0-0 Everton

September 14 News At 23:30, September 13, Beijing time,The first round of the Premier League continues,Tottenham vs. Everton.In the first half,Richard Leeson missed a single pass,Kane grabbed a spot and missed the opportunity.After halftime,The two teams drew 0-0.

In the 16th minute of the opening,Spurs made a mistake in returning,Richard Leeson passed the goalkeeper after stealing,Face the empty goal with a small angle shot to fly the ball,Missed a great opportunity to score.

24 minutes,Sun Xingyu started from the left and crossed to the restricted area.Kane fell to the ground in front of goal, but unfortunately failed to touch the ball.


At the 33rd minute,Tottenham get the chance to strike back,Sun Xingmin took the ball on the left and threw it straight into Ali,Ali kicked the ball and was saved by the goalkeeper.

37 minutes,J Luo shot with his left foot outside and missed.

41 minutes,Kane picked the ball to the penalty area,Dougherty kept up the shot and was saved by the goalkeeper.


After halftime,Tottenham 0-0 Everton.


Everton (4-3-3): 1-Pickford, 23-Coleman, 13-Mina, 5-Kean, 12-Digne, 6-Allan, 21-Andre-GMax, 16-Ducure, 19-J Luo, 7-Richardson, 9-Lewin

Tottenham (4-2-3-1): 1- Lowry, 2- Dougherty, 4- Aldweirelder, 33- Ben Davis, 5- Heibel, 8- WinX, 15-Dell, 20-Ali, 7-Sun Xingmin, 10-Kane, 27-Lucas Jr.

Aubameyang: The love that Arteta and the fans and clubs gave me,Let me choose to stay

September 25th A few days ago,Arsenal player Aubameyang talked about why he chose to stay with the team in an interview.Make an 上海休闲会所 appointment with the gun.

Aubameyang said:“Two things made me choose to stay.One is because of Arteta,Because since he came to Arsenal,Brought a lot of positive things to the team,Infused with a new philosophy.

“I think this is important,Because this is in line with my game philosophy,I think I can make progress with him.I think this is also the key factor,The love of the fans and the whole club for me is also very important.”

“Everyone treats us very well,So we feel like home here,This is why we can stay.We had a conversation during the quarantine,We should have talked about the game,Arteta said:’Ok,Forget about it,We want to talk about the future.‘He asked me what I thought.”

“I said,Since you came,I feel great,I am also improving.The football concept here is very 上海休闲会所服务 good,So I want to stay.He says:’I am sure if you stay,Then you will leave your mark,But it all depends on you,And what you want.Of course,You can also leave Arsenal,Go to big clubs to win trophies,But I think you can create your own mark in this club.’”

“These words are very important to me,After that conversation,I just thought:‘Ok,I figured it out clearly,I just want to stay,That’s it.’”

“I want to tell you what you really want,In fact, I also have other good opportunities.But the feeling of coming to Arsenal——That kind of love from fans and clubs——I’m not sure if I can get the same love after leaving,So that’s why I stayed.”

“I’m really proud to be the captain of Arsenal,But this is not the biggest factor that prompted me to stay.Of course,Being the captain is a great mission.But this is not what prompted me to stay on the team.”

Fei: There are many penalty kick players in Manchester United.Other teammates want to take the penalty as well

September 25th A few days ago,Manchester 上海休闲会所服务 United player B Fei talked about the subject of penalty kicks in an interview.He said that he didn’t mind letting his teammates take a penalty kick.

B fee means:“Is it my responsibility to take the penalty kick,It does not matter.Like I said before,We also have a lot of penalty kickers in our team,I have talked with some of these players.

“When Rashford went to take a penalty kick,I will go over and tell him:‘When you feel confident,If you want to take a penalty kick,For me this is not a problem,I won’t fight with you.’”

“I am very confident about the penalty point,Want to take a penalty kick,But if a teammate comes over and tells me that he wants to take a penalty kick,I won’t fight with them every time,He can also punish.”

“At that moment,Maybe I will feel tired,Maybe not ready to take a penalty kick,But I will also easily say to them:‘You can punish it.’The most important thing is to score for Manchester United,It doesn’t matter whether the goal is B Fee or any other player.

“You know,Penalties are part of the game,You need to score goals,The penalty kick is a chance to score,But you must be fined.”

“I know everyone is talking about penalties,It seems it’s easy,But you could lose a final because you missed a penalty.Manchester United relied on a penalty kick in 2008,Won the Champions 上海休闲会所 League in Moscow.”

“For most people,When you sit in front of the TV,You will think that penalty kicks are simple and easy:‘As long as you see the goalkeeper pounce to the left,Why don’t you shoot to the right?’”

“Yes,I can shoot to the right,But in my opinion, some people just shoot to the left,Then the goalkeeper will save a penalty!This thing can happen,But for me,The most important thing is to keep scoring goals.”

Lampard: Pulisic performed well in the first year,He deserves number 10

September 14 News Chelsea coach Frank Lampard talked about the reason why he let Pulisic wear the number 10 jersey.

Lampard said:“I want him to wear size 10.Because I think he deserves 上海休闲会所服务 this jersey,He also wants this number.Pulisic joined the team last year,And William had been waiting for this number 10 jersey before,I think he made the right decision to wear size 10.”

“When the opportunity comes,I think Pulisic’s performance in the first year is far more competent in this jersey.I know it means a lot to him,And there are people in the team who are willing to try to wear the number 10 jersey,But I very much hope that Pulisic can get him,So I called him.”

“I called him at home,I can feel that he is very happy,I feel that now it is giving him a small impetus.We believe he is responsible for wearing this jersey,I have no worries about his ability.”

“Like i said,He is eager to get the number 10.All we have to do is protect him,Because 上海休闲会所 he is fast,We need to manage the way he plays,And worked hard to get him out of the serious injury last year.This is what we are working on,We all know what a healthy Pulisic can do.”

“He has been training with us in the past few days,Against Brighton,I may need to be careful.I want to see if Pulisic can play in this game,Because he had been seriously injured before,But he recovered quickly.”

“I felt Pulisic would become an important player last year.I know his talent is outstanding.But I didn’t let him start at the beginning of the season.I really feel that I need to give him time to adapt to this league,So I tried to protect him.”

The only thing he wants to do is to play for the club and achieve great results.He will make more progress this season,He is back now,Hungry for victory.As the team introduced forward players,He will make greater progress.

Klopp: Lampard and I are not Wenger and Ferguson.You should read less newspapers

September 18th The second round of the Premier League will be a focus game,The red-blue matchup in the new season must also be very exciting for fans.Klopp also attended the press conference before the game,It mentioned Thiago and some of his problems with Lampard.

About Thiago

“There is nothing to say now,Because what I know is that he has no official announcement yet,I’m not a press spokesperson so I don’t know what to say,But looking at it now,The deal is stable.”

“Frick is a successful man,He is also a very good man.But like I said,There is no official announcement yet,(Laughs) Everything is basically finalized,It’s useful for fans to stare at certain Liverpool channels every day.Let us see what happens next.”

Rumors about leaving the team

“Will Thiago’s joining affect the team to let some people leave?Do not,will not,There will be no such impact.”

About facing Chelsea

“We often played against Chelsea last season,The duel with the 上海休闲会所服务 Blues has always been very difficult.The last game against Brighton,You need to make the right choice at the critical moment,This is the story of (Chelsea) winning.”

“We currently don’t know Chelsea very well,The season has just begun,We have experienced a very intense and intense competition week,And want to solve some important problems.In the game against Leeds United, there are good things and things that need to be improved.But this is only the first game,We will not magnify small problems.”

About why the Bundesliga became the treasure trove of the Premier League

“The Bundesliga is a very difficult league,Germany can be said to be a football country.Years ago,Germany has made some important decisions about youth players, scouts and the youth training 上海休闲会所 system.These decisions are undoubtedly outstanding.I was also a facilitator and participant in these decisions,They really helped the Bundesliga develop,but,Rome was not built in a day.”

About why you want five substitution rules

“If we want to fight in all leagues and cups,Then this season will be very difficult.My first concern is the health of the players.So I am not very happy that they cancelled the 20-man roster and the five-person substitution system.This makes this season more difficult,We need to better prepare for the entire season.”

About injuries

“One or two small questions,But it doesn’t seem to be a big deal.No one returns but everyone looks good,Shaqiri and Zimikas both returned to training.”

About away games

“I didn’t expect the away record last season (so good),The reason for the difference is that the atmosphere at Anfield is very different.But we also have different strategies to play.We scored two wonderful goals in the game against Chelsea last season,But now this is a very fair duel,Let us beat them.”

“Last season we implemented a consistent and competitive football style,This is what we should do again this season.We will meet different opponents,But we will all strive to win.Last season we won 14 of 19 away games,Excellent,There were only two draws and three losses.”

About Lampard

“There is no problem,You should stop reading newspapers!I do not understand,If you ask me,I answered,And each of you got the answer you wanted,Then began to make up stories.You said I told a story about Chelsea’s transfer policy,You are creating opposition between me and Lampard,why?”

“He should be a very good person,Although we don’t know each other too much,But as coaches, we are always in a competitive relationship.I feel that some people hope to see the story between Ferguson and Wenger happen again,But this world does not need such a story,You just need these to appear in the newspaper.

About the transfer

“Sometimes you buy people,Sometimes you sell people,The money we are making is spent on signings,This is an introduction about the club.We are always looking for reinforcement,The summer transfer window will not close until October 5.So I can’t guarantee anything,Everything is up in the air.”

Arteta: Arsenal is still far away from the goal,Haven’t started talking about renewal with Raqqa

September 20th The second round of the Premier League,Arsenal beat West Ham 2-1 at home,The teenager Nkatia scored the winning goal in 85 minutes.After the game,Gunners coach Arteta attended the press conference.

Is this game another sign of Arsenal’s progress?

“Yes,But I think the team was a little lucky at certain moments.But at the same time,We also found a way to win,I hope the team will always believe that they can hold on to the last minute.Even for these difficult matches under difficult circumstances,We also caused trouble for ourselves sometimes in the game,But finally got 3 points,This is why we are here.The other is to continue to sum up experience,Because there are still many areas to improve.”

Before 上海夜生活 Nkatia scored,Saka’s wonderful pass

“Both goals are very, very beautiful.We made some very good moves in certain stages of the race,But it is not coherent enough,This is also a long way we need to go.In the first 15-20 minutes,We give the opponent too much ball,Without giving any pressure,This obviously created uncertainty.You can’t calmly deal with any offense,Let the opponent run like this,Exactly what they want to do.In addition,The players continue to fight,Keep going,Everyone is very happy today,Because I also won in mentality.I am happy for this.”

Two wins in two games,Are Arsenal one of the title contenders now?

“Do not,I think we are still far from what we want to do.If you ask any coach in the Premier League,Are they satisfied with everything about the 上海夜生活 team,The answer may be no.We have a very short mini preseason,The team is still adapting.Some players have not recovered 100%,But winning is a good start,Already scored 6 points,Found a way to win.”

First 15 minutes of the game

“In the first 15 minutes,It was very strange.We are talking to the coaching staff.Since I came to the club,This week is the best week for them (players) in terms of decision-making, quality and ball control.But in the first 15 minutes,The team made too many mistakes.We need to improve,There is still a lot of work to be done,But at least the players have been working hard,No one escapes these.They can make mistakes,But can’t escape,So it paid off in the end.”

Aubameyang has renewed his contract with the club,What about Lacazette?

“I am very satisfied with Lacazette.After I came to the team,We showed a lot of confidence in him,But we cannot stop these rumors and speculations,Everyone knows that any player with a contract of less than two years will have this situation.“

Are you trying to persuade him to renew?

“We have not yet started negotiations.We have choices in the transfer market,And currently,We focus on everything.”

What do you do in your mentality to win?

“At 55 to 65 points, I felt that the team was slowly falling behind.It’s difficult,The players are also very painful.West Ham United has created some great opportunities,So I tried to get the players back in shape.In the last 20 minutes,We believe in ourselves more,With concentration and determination to do your job well,Finally won the victory.We will play the next game like that,The most important thing is that I found a way to win.“

Is it a tactical change?

“I think there are two things,But in the end,They must be executed,I also believe that the team will achieve good results.“

How is Tierney?

“Tierney is fine.His muscles are a little uncomfortable in recent days.Try to start today,But it failed.We have no control,I believe he will recover.But in the last ten minutes of warm-up he said he couldn’t play the game.We made a decision,Also ready for alternatives,Kolasinac replaced,The performance is also very good.“

Balance or strategy,Which is more important?

“There must be a balance.This is you to keep the team alive,The way to maintain the right mental state,This is something we must examine and do well every day,Because losing it is very easy.You need to maintain tactical discipline and read the game every minute on the court.Make the right decision,These are all crucial.I think both of these are important.”

The conflict between Enkatia and Ceballos last week?

“This is the charm of this sport.This is an episode that happened,Somewhat negative,But they both worked very well on the court today.

Midfield position——Does the situation in the second half show why you want to sign?

“Do not,Since I joined Arsenal,They have always performed very well,I can see more every time I play.Ernene deserves another chance today,But I want to do some rotation.Ceballos got on.Before the transfer market closed,We will try to strengthen the team.”

Does the transfer market pay more attention to midfielders?

“It depends on the situation of other players in the team,We are open to this.The market may surprise us,There may be people asking for players in any of our positions,Then make a decision.”

“Let us see what happens.”

Reggie Long: Bell is my idol,I am very happy to join Tottenham with him


September 20th The Spanish left-back Reggieron has experienced an outstanding season in Seville,Officially transferred to Tottenham,Then he also accepted an interview on the club’s official website.

Reggie Long said:“I am very happy to be here,I really like Tottenham’s philosophy and coaching,I am eager to grow.Tottenham have world-class players and world-class coaches,I really hope to cooperate with them.”

“I think the Premier League is the best and most difficult league in the world.I am very excited about this new journey.I think my playing style can bring happiness and energy to the team,Mourinho knows me well,Know my strengths and weaknesses,That’s why he brought me here.I am very happy,And also felt the responsibility,I hope to give back to Tottenham, Mourinho and Mr. Levi on the court for their trust in me.”

“The experience in Spain gave me the necessary experience to play for a team like Tottenham.I believe this journey is different from my past experience.But after all, this is also football,It’s just that the competition emphasizes confrontation and speed.I have to adapt.I really want to play football,I can bring a lot of positive things to the team,Hope I can make my debut soon.”

“Tottenham’s training base is amazing,To be honest, I’m so luxurious that I can’t believe it.Everything is top-notch,I came here to play football when I was 16 years old,At that time I was shocked by the training base here,I remember I told my parents about the training facilities here.”

“I just saw the stadium in the photo,But this has already made me feel incredible.Thinking of me having the opportunity to play in such a stadium,That is more exciting.I hope the fans can return to the stadium as soon as possible,Because we need their support,Achieve some great things this year.”

“Since that game against Inter Milan,Bell is my idol,I have been fanning him since then,I often 上海休闲会所watch his videos on Youtube.I also bought his jersey,His book,Everything about him.Now I have the opportunity to fight with him in this club that nurtured him.I showed him the tweet I wrote to him,And the saved photos of him,He likes to hear about it.He told me that Tottenham is a top club,This is what he said.He said that everything here is top-notch,He praised the training facilities here,The players here,Everything here.He didn’t mention anything bad,At the time I thought it was awesome.”

“It’s great to join Tottenham with Bell.I look forward to achieving some great things with the team.”