Avirado: It’s strange that I was fired,I said it was good to continue coaching regardless of relegation

News on July 31 In an interview with Cathay Radio,The former Spaniard coach Avilado said:“My get out of class is very strange,We had a conversation with the club,It was said that I would continue to coach whether or not I was downgraded.”

End of get out of class

“That was a very strange end of get out of class,We had already played the game against Betis,And I’ve talked to Rufitt about continuing to coach regardless of relegation.But on Saturday they called me and told me that they would not continue coaching.”

Did not ask the club for explanation

“When a club terminates your contract,Then they have their reasons.I don’t know if it was the chairman’s decision or everyone’s decision.I did not ask for an explanation,I have done my best,My team performance is not a result that will be downgraded.When I took over the team, the team’s situation was very complicated.I knew it was very difficult.”

Player’s contribution

“I’m the one who speaks straight,Some players failed to show what they could have done,But I also blame the team for the game that lost to Osasuna,My relationship with the players is very good,But there is such a thing in the football world.I don’t think the team’s lineup is the lineup for West Second.The competition in La Liga is equal.We must play competitively.The epidemic and the suspension have affected us,Eight people in the team tested positive for the new crown virus.We were getting points at the time,The team could have played better.If you get 36 points,Then we will be relegated.”

After Avilado is over,Director Rufitt became the team coach

“He has a coaching license,Now he is the club director again,He will do well.I believe the Spaniards will upgrade again,By obtaining financial support,I am sure they will be able to return to La Liga.”

Majorca coach Vincent Moreno may become Spaniard’s new coach

“If the Spaniard chooses him in the end,Then the club was chosen right,He has proven his worth.Considering the strength of his team,He led the team to a good performance.”

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Chairman Getafe: Here are a few more Chinese bosses,La Liga is about to become the 29th league in the world

News on August 1 Getafe Chairman Angel Torres accepted an exclusive interview with Marca Radio yesterday.

Will Bol Dallas stay?



Before we were discussing plans for next season,He is also discussing the transfer with the club’s technical department,The issue of signings,There will probably be 3-4 signings on the road.If everything goes well tomorrow,We will go to Germany to start preparing for the Europa League.

horseYolar?Will he join?

This is a very interesting player,Is also a player we admire very much,But he is a Real Madrid player,If we have a chance,Of course possible,But we also have to consider Laliga’s salary cap.


Brahim, we thought about renting out last year,But the problem is that the players themselves are not willing to come.I don’t know how this year is.of course,What we know is,Real Madrid’s players are highly paid,We need to consider the issue of salary caps.

The next topic,The rumors of Cucurea and Chelsea,Do you know?Is this news true?

(Laughs) It’s completely fake,No quotation,No news,The player does not want to go,We don’t want to sell either.


Our thinking is,The team has 20-21 key players,We will not sell,Unless the opposite party brings liquidated damages to buy out,Then we have no choice.

Jorge Molina,Angel,Mata,Will the old three in the frontcourt stay?Will Molina go to China?

Molina almost went to China with Ma Qin.But because Ma Qin can’t go,So Molina also did not go.I chatted with him last Thursday,It felt like it stopped in the middle,Then finally the Chinese broke the contract with Ma Qin,Now it looks like he is going to Alaves.

Do you think Getafe can win the Europa League?

If we can beat Inter Milan,Then we do have a good chance.and,I think this is not impossible,After all, it is in Germany,No fans yet.of course,If we are out in the end,Everyone is on holiday,I will congratulate my players,The boys played very well most of the season.

What if the final meets Seville?

That would be a great result.

Have you considered selling Getafe?For example, the Chinese,Arab,Russian or something……

There are many offers,But I have been telling many football managers,If there are 3-4 Chinese bosses in La Liga in the future,Then the first league in the world will become the 29th league.


Because they don’t know how to manage the Spanish club,They understand football differently from ours.If you give me the Spanish,I can do them well.

We see the demotion of the Spaniard……

The Spanish boss did spend a lot of money,But football is not just about spending money.If you have money,The Premier League is much richer than us,But the success of La Liga is not just by spending money.Loss,It is not a good thing in any industry.

Italian media: Luis Alberto matches David Silva to Lazio

News on August 1 According to the Italian media “Il Messaggero”,Mayoral will join Lazio directly,Luis Alberto matched David Silva to Lazio.

In the sports section of “Il Messaggero”,The latest broadcast of Blue Eagle’s latest transfer dynamics:“Mayoral will join Lazio directly,Luis Alberto matched David Silva to Lazio.”

Lazio is now only one step away from signing Mayoral,Lazio is ready to offer 11 million euros,There will be a bonus of 2 million euros,This would be 2 million euros less than Real Madrid’s asking price of 15 million euros.

Simultaneously,The possibility of David Silva joining is still there.in Spain,There are rumors that there was a phone call between the Spaniard and Luis Alberto:“Two people are friends,Know each other for a long time.But the subject of the dialogue between the two is Lazio,Regarding the environment,City and everything.When one is interested in possible suggestions,Both participants can say everything.”

News on August 3 recently,The Spanish goalkeeper Reina, who was loaned to Aston Villa by AC Milan this season, was interviewed by Corbe Radio’s Tiempo de Juego program.The former Spanish national spoke about his current situation,He also expressed his views on the new crown epidemic.

“I am currently in Ibiza,The epidemic here seems to have been more effectively controlled.Everyone hopes that the situation will improve,And I also hope that everyone can understand the efforts (anti-epidemic work) made,The new crown epidemic is controllable.”

“Data Display,Spain is not a model country for fighting the new crown epidemic.But what is certain is thatWe are going all out.”

“in England,Their anti-epidemic work cannot be called excellent either.The people there have also been quite difficult during the past period.”

“My career will continue for a while,At the moment, my physical function and mental state are maintained well.After choosing to retire,I hope I can continue to be active in football,I will definitely go to get a coaching certificate,be prepared,Do your best.”

Varane: Benzema is at the peak,Qi Zu encouraged me to take more risks and go forward

News on July 31 In an interview with UEFA’s official website,Real Madrid defender Varane said:“Benzema is at the top,Zidane encouraged me to take risks,Step forward more,Provide support for the team,Try to be an extra weapon for the team.”

After winning the league championship,Before you head to the UEFA Champions League scene against a stadium without fans,What is your mood now?

“No audience will be different.We always hope to win,We are Real Madrid…We used to maintain a winning streak,So you can also imagine how confident we are now.We didn’t have any games before the Champions League,So we have time to prepare.The better team will advance.In such a moment,We always need to face with the determination to win.”

“This will be a tough game,Is facing a good team,So we think this game will be fierce.Now we will prepare well,In order to be able to prepare and work hard,We will do everything we can,As we have always done in the Champions League,This is very important to us.”

“We have experience in competitions,So maybe we will be more calm,But we have always had the same determination.And especially because we know the traps we should avoid,This is the experience we have in recent years.”

The first round (Real Madrid 1-2 Manchester City) game just defined the Champions League game.High-intensity confrontation…

“exactly,I think this kind of competition is quite illustrative.A very, very high level game,Very intense competition,Both teams exert pressure,Then rely on the details to determine the outcome of the game.So the smallest mistake can be fatal or decisive.”

“I think compared to us,Manchester City adjusted better and won,But that game was played equally,Both teams want to play well,All want to get the ball.This is a game that needs to be focused,It’s a very demanding game,This kind of game is the most wonderful game in the Champions League.This kind of competition does not determine promotion.But we also like this kind of confrontation,Because the level of the game is extremely high.”

Your coach Zidane was an iconic figure on the offensive end in the player era.How did he affect you, a defensive player?

“He encouraged me to be more adventurous,Encourage me to try harder,Try to always kick forward,Try to provide more to the team,Try to be an extra weapon for the team.”

“Then he will pass on his trust and peace of mind.It’s important to get the support of your own coach.In order not to be afraid of passing or taking risks on the court,It is also important to be able to get some tips from the coach for performance on the court.He will try to make the team play more offensively.”

Another Frenchman who achieved great success in Real Madrid is Benzema…

“Yes,He is really in perfect condition now.His ability does not surprise me,We all know his abilities,But now he really broke out.He is now at his peak.”

“He reached a very comprehensive state,This is very beneficial for the team.We are all very happy,Of course.He is our leader on the offensive end,He provided us with great help.Not only relying on his goals,It also relies on his way of running, passing and creating space.Under any condition,This allows the team to develop its own tactics,He is now in a moment of experience, ability, and physical condition.”

And he just surpassed Henry to become the French player with the most goals in the Champions League…

“Yes,His data is very good,and,He is still contributing assists,He can create threats,Can play efficiently,He is a very comprehensive No. 9 player.”

August 7,What you will face is Laporte,If you are asked to analyze him,What would you do?

“He is a very calm player with the ball under his feet,He is very capable,Can participate in cooperation from the backcourt,And his long pass is excellent.Joining a team like Manchester City helped him grow and move forward.”

Is there a middle school in France?

“I don’t know if there are special training methods in France.But it is really incredible.We have a lot of very capable central defenders,The central defender is a very important position,And this position needs to mature,needs time.I really think that in a few years this will be the most abundant position for us.At least in France.I don’t know if it’s our way of training or what special things we are doing,But in this position we are indeed acquiring a lot of talented players.”

Manchester City did not win the Premier League title,But you won the La Liga championship,What do you think of this matter?

“We really won this special La Liga championship,Because of the suspension,All this is not easy,But we have adapted to this situation.We have won the game again and again,So the whole team played well,In the end we can be satisfied with this.”

Talk about Real Madrid’s Champions League this season,how do you feel?

“We had a difficult time at the beginning of the season,We lost in Paris,After that we made adjustments,Regained confidence,Then again a good game result was obtained.We have successfully moved forward,In order to be able to get results like for example against Galatasaray,We paid a lot.We succeeded in slowly improving game performance and qualifying,For example, we played very well in the second game against Paris.”

“Performance at the beginning of the season…Let’s say it’s a bit slow,But then we realigned the direction,Regained the rhythm and achieved good results.”

You mentioned the game against Galatasaray,6-0,That game was very exciting

“In that game we hope to have a good start,This is to be able to put pressure on our opponents.Except for this,We also played very efficiently,That’s why we can quickly gain a very good advantage,At the same time, we did not relax afterwards,There is still a lot of running and cooperation,Has a lot of breakthroughs…We improved our tempo and successfully executed our tactics while controlling the ball.”

We met Rodrigo in that game,He completed a hat trick

“Yes,Scored so many goals in the Champions League when he was less than 20 years old,This is incredible,We have many young players,They are all ready to show a high level of performance,We saw it in that game.”

You mentioned the second group match against Paris (2-2),The game started well (2-0,Benzema scored twice),But after…What’s the matter?

“This is what can happen.I think we played well,But there was relaxation and fatigue at the end of the game.Even so,I think the game was well controlled.Unfortunately we finally let the victory slip away,But that game gave us a lot of confidence,Because we really played very well in front of a strong team,This has also allowed us to grow during the season and increase our confidence in ourselves.”

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Getafe forward: Before considering the past Super League,But in the end this did not succeed

News on August 4 In an interview with “Aspen”,Getafe captain Molina said:“I will continue to play for Getafe,There was the choice of playing in the Super League before,We also considered,But in the end this transfer was unsuccessful.”

Inter-Getafe,This day is coming

“Yes,Everything before is so strange,Experienced an outbreak of a global infectious disease.Everything is very strange,But now we are all very excited.”

Do you have any unfinished challenges in the football world?

“Of course there is,This game is.I played some European quarterfinals in Betis,I hope to advance to the quarterfinals with Getafe.For this we must win on Wednesday,This is a challenge for me and the team.This is the most important game in the history of the club and in our lives.”

You may already be on holiday at midnight on Wednesday,Or rejoice that history has just been made

“See how different this is,Wait for the holidays,This is what we think now.It is worthwhile to continue to work hard with the idea of creating great results.”

What do you think of Inter

“A strong team,For me they have one of the strongest lineups in Europe,And Lautaro in the front court,He has great strength,If you think about it, Sanchez is often on the bench.Eriksson,There are Godin and Shike behind…impressive.”

Must respect the opponent?

“This will always be necessary.They are hot,But this status does not give you a 1-0 score or any other advantage at the start.”

Have you got rid of the feeling of a bad experience at the end of the league?

“That’s uncomfortable,It’s uncomfortable not to win the game.We did not win too many games after the event resumed.Although we thought that Inter Milan had the advantage because there were still games to play until this week,But in fact these days of rest are very helpful for us.”

Is the elimination round better?

“Some people think so,They have a very strong lineup,We have a better chance in a single round.I only know that empty games are ugly,You can never adapt.Fans are the seasoning of football.”

What would you say to Getafe fans if you have a chance?

“I hope they experience the game as if they are in the stadium,It is a pity that they can’t accompany us,We will do everything possible to make them enjoy.”

At the age of 38,How are you feeling now?

“After getting older, I cherish and enjoy this game more.In the whole strange situation,What we should think about is that the team has the opportunity to make history for the club and our own career.”

There are many rumors now,For my future,What will you do

“Playing for Getafe,I have a great time here,I think people here also recognize me,Like me very much.I will try my best to match the performance,I can’t think of a better place than here.”

China can’t match it?

“I had this choice before,We also considered,But in the end it didn’t happen.”

So we can now be sure that Wednesday’s game will not be your last game for Getafe…

“My idea is to return to Germany with Getafe in a few days.That would be a good signal,For this we are working hard.”

Anelka: Real Madrid will always be Real Madrid,Zidane has the ability to reverse Manchester City

News on August 5 In an interview with “Marca”,French star Anelka said:“Zidane has the ability to reverse Manchester City,Real Madrid will always be Real Madrid,They are very tough in the Champions League.“

Why make a documentary now (“Anelka: Misunderstood” is broadcast on Netflix today)?Maybe it’s for everyone to know Anelka better?

“I have already had a documentary about my career before 2008,Called “Inclasificable”,And this one is a bit like a sequel,I hope the documentary can tell the end of my career.Although I did it before,But I reviewed my entire career this time,Revealed a lot of details about what happened to me.”

You stopped in Real Madrid,What are your memories of that time?

“Very good memory,I also have fond memories of Lorenzo Sanz,His death made me very sad.I have sent messages to his son and Salgado before,I joined Real Madrid in a very stressful transfer.Very complicated transfer,A new country, a new language…It was a very difficult season,But I choose to remember the good things.Because in the end we won the Champions League,I scored in the first and second rounds against Bayern,I showed a little bit of my talent with a decisive performance.But it is true that I wanted to play better at Real Madrid.”

The rumor that Raul or Hierro didn’t help you,How many of them are true?Or is it because of their lack of experience that they did not succeed in Real Madrid and eventually left Real Madrid?

“Both.I lack experience,But the dressing room at that time was also very difficult,Raul is a friend of Morientes,Morientes is a friend of Hierro,Morientes is a friend of Hierro,Raul is Sanchis friend…And the fierce competition in the team…But this is normal,Because it’s Real Madrid,Although they are your teammates,But they will not give up their positions.This is normal,I had to fight for position.At the same time, it is a fact that people were very closedSo what happened before happened,this is life.”

Is there anything to blame Real Madrid?Or is it more of a beautiful feeling?

“I am honored to have worn Real Madrid’s jersey,For me, Real Madrid is the best club in the world.Playing for this club is anyone’s dream,And I did it.As for after,As you said,I was very young at the time,I have no experience,I was the first young man to complete that level of transfer.I have no experience,Neither my brothers,We learned our lesson later,But this happened,This is a part of my life.”

Maybe things will be different with Zidane…

“I think it will be different,He might understand me better (laughs).no no,Actually Bosque is a very good coach,He treated me well at that time.It is my responsibility to adapt to the team,And I failed to do well.”

Did Zidane’s leadership performance surprise you?

“At first yes,But now it’s no surprise,He can always win,This seems to be normal.”

Your ending in the French national team was not very good,Is there anything to blame for this?Especially the strike rebellion in the World Cup?

“No,Absolutely not,Because I took the lead in rebelling because our players knew we were accountable,They are also on my side.The news that the media broke at the time was false,Our players know.I did that for the national team,I want to change something to win,Because I’m so goodI want to win.I felt that we were not ready to win,I think I have to change some things,Because I am one of the captains,I have experience.”

Now we have Benzema and the French team,This matter has also ended,At least for now, it’s over for other reasons.His problem with the French national team is difficult to understand.What are your thoughts?

“It is sad for him,I confirm.Because he wanted to return to the national team,He has proven that he is one of the best players in the world,But this is Deschamps’ choice.For France,Benzema will undoubtedly be an additional improvement,They are already a strong team,But they will be stronger with Benzema.But this is Deschamps’ decision,I know the national team coach very well,We must respect him.I think Benzema should focus on Real Madrid now,He is doing this too,It gets better every year.This is a pity for him,But he is playing for Real Madrid,Everything is going smooth.”

Maybe the chairman of the Football Association ended his national team career for his national team,This makes him more uncomfortable…

“I think Benzema has learned that the most important thing now is Real Madrid,The whole world recognizes his talent,The whole world knows that it is extremely difficult to succeed in Real Madrid.But he did it.He is playing for the best team,Is playing under the best coaches,He won 4 Champions League titles in 10 years.The French player with the most championships,This obviously makes him a better player than anyone else.”

It was Anelka before,It’s Benzema now,Do you think Mbappé will be next?

“Mbappé is gifted,He has everything,But what is missing now is Real Madrid to change their playing style,Only in this way can he inspire the best.Especially if they want Mbappé to play at position 9,Then Real Madrid needs to change the formation for Mbappé.If he plays like Ronaldo before,That can also help him score a lot of goals.It will depend on how Real Madrid uses him,Because Mbappe is not playing the same way as Benzema.Mbappe needs a lot of space,He relies on speed,If Real Madrid use Mbappé the same way they use Benzema,Then we will see a good player,But will not see the best Mbappé we have seen in Paris.Must know how to stimulate his best performance,Real Madrid’s current style of play is not about speed and counterattack.”

But Mbappé is more like No. 9 or should he be more on the side?

“Maybe both,But if you are playing center,Then you must know how to stimulate his speed,But he can also play a winger on the right,And score goals like Ronaldo.He is very fast,So I said Real Madrid can’t use Mbappe like Benzema.But well,There will be a coach who knows how to use his better.But obviously he has all the conditions to become a Real Madrid player.”

This year seems to be very difficult,Don’t you think he will be the best replacement for Benzema in two or three years?

“He is the substitute,no doubt,But on the other hand,What will happen is that Paris will not want to sell him,I don’t think they are short of money.They want to win the Champions League with Mbappé.Will they send Mbappé to Real Madrid?I do not know,If he wants to leave,I don’t know if he wants to leave now,But both clubs are very good,I don’t know if Real Madrid can sign him.”

What do you think of the game at the Etihad Stadium,Do you think Real Madrid has the ability to reverse it?

“With Zidane,I think there is,Everything is possible.Manchester City has a good advantage,But Real Madrid is Real Madrid,They are very tough in the Champions League.I don’t know what will happen,But Zidane is capable of reversing,Guardiola is excellent,So we will see a very exciting game.In principle, Manchester City now has an advantage.”

Will this be the year Paris won the championship?

“may,Because of Neymar,He had not been able to play in the previous years,He is a super important player for Paris.It was he and Mbappe who changed the situation on the court together.He is playing behind Mbappé,Both of them can cause great damage.When he is not there,That is very difficult,But if Neymar can play,That’s another matter.Because he has experience,He played in Barcelona,He knew what to do.”

You want to be a coach,Will Paris be one of your choices someday?

“I don’t think so (laughs).I want to be a coach,But I think it’s going to teach in a far away place,in Asia.If one day I will coach in France,Then I would find it very strange.”


“I think it is difficult,Because in France is always the same group of people,Always address the same problems of certain types of people.When I got my coaching license,If I choose to coach in France, it would be very unexpected.”

What about Spain or the UK?

“The Premier League is possible,But I didn’t stay in Spain for too long.I don’t have the concept of Spanish football,So I don’t think so.”

You have played for many clubs,When was the most special moment in your career?

“For me, it is an experience in China.I have been in Shanghai,That’s a great feeling,life is good,You can go out calmly like anyone,And the league is very good.I like it very much.Now I live in Dubai, Belgium, Paris and London.I want to take care of my family and three children.”

Which young players do you think is the future of France?

“Now the true pure talent is Mbappé,At 21 years old,He is the player who has shown the most.Then Dembele,But he has suffered many injuries this season,Coman of Bayern,Martial of Manchester United.And Lacazette,France has many good players,But the strongest is Mbappé.”

What do you think about Hazard in Real Madrid?

“I think the first year is never easy,Let alone in Real Madrid,Because I have experienced it.But he will stay,This season, he showed a little bit of strength in the league.He will want to show off his talent next season.”

Costa: Will definitely go all out for Atletico fans,Fight for the Champions League of your dreams

News on August 7 Recently, Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa accepted an interview with the club’s official media.The former Spain international talked about the team’s preparations for the Champions League quarter-finals.I would like to thank the dedicated Atletico Madrid fans.

Talking about the semifinals

“After the rematch,The game environment is completely different from the past.Today’s matches need to be played in empty courts, without fans watching.And this situation will continue.”

Champions League 1/8 final knock out defending champion

“The knockout match against Liverpool (the Champions League 1/8 final) is enough to go down in history,It’s also the most exciting contest I have played for Atletico for so long,But we all understand that it has become the past tense.The fans have high hopes for Atletico Madrid,We will do our best to give back to the fans,Strive to gain something.I hope the team can complete an excellent game (in the quarter-finals),The goddess of luck visited again.”

Will meet the Bundesliga powerhouse Leipzig in the Champions League quarter-finals on August 13 local time

“The team dare not slack in the slightest,Because everyone knows that the Champions League quarter-finals are ahead,And it’s a single round elimination system,This is quite difficult.be honest,We have maintained a good competitive state during the suspension of the epidemic and after the rematch of La Liga.Fans always want the team to be competitive,Win the next game,Stable at the forefront of the standings,The team responded with practical actions,The big guy did it all.It is true that the current team is in full swing,But the Champions League are not the same as the La Liga.That is another world.The team is currently very motivated,I have the desire to win,I hope that good luck after the rematch can continue to be on our side.”


Talking about the Champions League opponent Leipzig RB

“Leipzig has an outstanding lineup,The performance on the court is also very good,They are good at controlling the ball,It is clear what the team needs to do on the court.I have watched many Bundesliga games,Actually I really appreciate Leipzig.at the same time,They also have an advantage,Because now it has reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League,Leipzig does not shoulder too much pressure or burden.Of course, despite the different goals between clubs,But every player will have dreams and beliefs (to win the Champions League),Fight hard for the unfinished business.As a player,We all desire to always stand on the highest stage.”

Strong dialogue

“This duel will undoubtedly be very complicated,I think the game process will definitely be a bit difficult,So we have to concentrate,Focus on it,Strive to go further.In home and away elimination games,Even if the team is not in good shape in the first round,There is also a chance to turn the tide in the second round,But in the current single-round elimination tournament,Everything is possible.I think this is consistent for both parties,(Promotion opportunity) equal to each other.”

Talk about injury phenomenon

“One to say one,There are no injuries that bother me right now.Because Atletico is an excellent club,Equipped with a team of professional rehabilitation specialists, team doctors and physical coaches,They are very kind,A lot of help was given to the players during their injuries.I recovered well from the previous injury,In (the second round of the Champions League 1/8 final), the match against Liverpool was re-emerged.”


Talk about the impact of the new crown epidemic

“Considering what we are currently experiencing and the environment in which we areThe current situation is still quite complicated and rare.When the event was suspended due to the new crown epidemic,I used that time to improve quickly,Looking for feelings,Strive to achieve better physical conditions,Don’t let time pass in vain.Because there are still many games after the rematch,One after another.So I have been preparing for the semi-finals during the home isolation stage.In order to continue to conquer the greenery,Try to avoid injury or suffering.In my opinion,Even though there are such difficulties in front of me,You must also seize the opportunity fully,Do something useful.”

On Atletico Madrid fans’ desire for the Champions League trophy

“Fans once felt unhappy and regretted for missing the Champions League.People have heavy expectations for Atletico Madrid,But everyone should know thatOur opponents are very strong.And if we succeed in qualifying,Then the next match will be more difficult,same,If all the way to the final,Then the game will be more difficult.People need to be patient,It’s not easy to understand the path.We will definitely be full of confidence and fighting spirit,At the same time, we must be down to earthBecause everything is not easy.”

Thanks to Atletico fans

“The message I want to convey to the fans of red and white is: Thank you all,Write history together with us in the past few years.Atletico Madrid’s supporters are the best in the world,With you fighting side by side,The problems before them will be solved.It is your support behind the team,Gives Atletico Madrid the motivation to move forward.(Empty game) Lack of the company of the fans,This is not good for the team,But we know thatYou will still cheer for the Sheet Army at home.”

Top Gun

“(Championship Champion) depends on the team’s own strength and the courage and determination of the big guys to win,We will do our best,To compete for the big ear cup of this dream.I hope I can win the cup as I wish this season,Pass the joy to the fans of Atletico Madrid,They deserve this honor even more than us.For a long time in the past,The Champions League has always been the obsession of Atletico.If you can reach the top of Europe for the fans,Then I’m very happy.”




Vidal: Bayern is not facing a Bundesliga team,But the best in the world,Barcelona

News on August 14 Barcelona midfielder Vidal attended the pre-match press conference with Bayern Munich.

Tomorrow may be one of Barcelona’s most important games this season.Facing Bayern Munich,Is also your former boss,I believe you are also full of confidence:

Yes,This game is the most critical game of our season,Bayern Munich performed very well,They won various championships in Germany,The game tomorrow will be very exciting,It will be tough too,But we are Barcelona,If we can do our job well,Then we can advance.This game will be very intense.

What do you think of the current single round match?

I like it very much,Because in South America our America’s Cup is also a single round,This kind of competition requires everyone to go all out.Don’t spare any effort.And if it is two rounds,In the first round, there may be situations where one of the players is unwilling to attack.I really like this one-round match,Tomorrow will be very exciting.

I want to know what you think of some Bayern executives,Some remarks from players, including celebrities?

I heard some speeches,But I don’t want to pay too much attention to these words,I know a lot of Bayern players,I think some words,It may not be exactly what they think.What I want to say is,Bayern will not face a Bundesliga team tomorrow.But Barcelona,The best team in the world.

You used to play for Bayern,After the suspension against Naples in the last game,Do you feel that with your characteristics,Your experience,Should you occupy a starting position tomorrow?

(Laughs) I don’t know if I am worthy,But I believe that any player who comes to Portugal wants to play.Also worthy of appearance.In the end, a coach is needed to select the 11 starting players,Regardless of whoever chooses to start,Have to go all out,Allow the team to advance to the next round.

First of all, I want to know how you evaluate Frick’s coaching results,The second is,Do you think Bayern regards itself as a hot topic very rightly,Still facing the Barcelona situation,What do you think of this phenomenon?

I think his work is excellent,After getting the opportunity,Accept the first team,And led the team to achieve excellent results,Win the championship,I think as a coach,He is worthy of his treatment and evaluation.As for Bayern,Bayern will always be hot,I played there,This is very clear.But like I said,Tomorrow Bayern will face Barcelona,The best team in the world,Popular at this time,It’s no different,See you on the court tomorrow.

What do you think of Lewan?Do you think he came from Matthaus and Rummenigge?“Better than Messi”player of?

(Laughs) Actually Lewand is a very good player.Never tire of scoring goals,Always getting better,I have been teammates with him,It’s clear how he trained,How to play,It’s hard to stare at Lewand,But we will go all out.

As for the question of comparison,I find it difficult to compare the two,Because Messi is a player from another world.of course,Levan is the same as Suarez,Are one of the best forwards in the world,But it is difficult to compare with Messi.

You keep emphasizing,Barcelona is the best team in the world,But many Barcelona fans are very pessimistic about the future prospects.They are not optimistic about Barcelona’s elimination of Bayern.What do you think?

I can understand,I said that Barcelona is the best player in the world,But we did not show this in the last few games of the league.and so,We lost the league,But now we have the best player in the world,If the team can be linked together,It’s completely possible to win,So I said,Barcelona is the best team in the world,Tomorrow we have to prove this.

Did you watch Neymar’s performance yesterday?Do you think Barcelona should sign Neymar back?

(Laughs) I understand this idea,Not only because of yesterday’s game,But Neymar has won a lot,His level is beyond doubt.So Barcelona also often hope to return Neymar,Because he can provide a lot of help for the team.But this is not easy to say,We are only considering the game against Bayern,Consider being able to advance.

Top seed Simona Halep fights into Prague Open second round

PRAGUE, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) — Top seed Simona Halep fought hard in the WTA Prague Open first round as she edged out Slovenia’s Polona Hercog 6-1, 1-6, 7-6(3) on Tuesday.

Halep needed seven match points in the two-and-a-half hour match as both players fired 29 winners while Help made less mistakes, 39 against Hercog’s 42.

“I knew it was going to be difficult,” Romanian Halep told the WTA official website. “All our matches were very tough and very long. She knows me pretty well, we played in juniors. She changes the rhythm, she plays dropshots, a little bit softer then harder, so it was tougher for me to be in the point.”

No.2 seed Petra Martic of Croatia bounced opened her Prague Open campaign with a 7-6 (2), 6-3 victory over Russian Varvara Gracheva.

Martic took a medical timeout between sets on Tuesday but eventually won the match.

“Not an easy one, especially the first set,” Martic said. 

Italian Open date announced, health rules set

Organizers of the Italian Open tennis tournament on Monday formally announced that the tournament will take place from September 14, with strict COVID-19 protocols in place.

The new dates are more than four months later than its normal spot on the calendar.

The move was widely anticipated after the Madrid Open was canceled because of fears related to the pandemic. The Italian event will now precede the French Open by two weeks instead of one.

The Italian Open, which is held on clay courts, is a key tune-up event before the clay-court French Open, one of four Grand Slam tournaments.

In a Monday statement to media, sponsors, and other stakeholders, the Italian Open’s main sponsor said the event will be held with COVID-19 protocols in place, including those for social distancing in locker rooms and periodic disinfecting common areas.

The final will take place on Monday, September 21.

The Italian Open normally takes place during the second week in May, but the pandemic required the professional tennis calendar to be reshuffled, with several events suspended or reduced in scope.

The Italian Open plans to return to its normal spot on the calendar in 2021, assuming the pandemic is no longer a threat, with a May 9 start date already set.

Spaniard Rafael Nadal and the Czech Republic’s Karolina Pliskova respectively won the men’s and women’s championships last year. Nadal went on to win the French Open later in May.