Florentino: Real Madrid’s youth training is full of peach and plum,Is our motivation to persist

News on August 26 Real Madrid U19 team defeated Benfica 3-2 early this morning,Won the European Youth League Championship historically,He also accepted an interview with RMTV after the game.

“This is a group of very good players,I have experienced many wonderful moments in Real Madrid,But at a moment like today,I think it can be compared to some moments in my time as a player.All this is very precious,I wish to congratulate these players,Because this is a very important moment in their career.”

During the interview,Raul kept the lens away,Specially leave the middle position to the players.

“This honor also belongs to all the staff of our youth academy,From the supervisors,Technicians,everyone,This is historical,I hope I can congratulate every Real Madrid person here.”

The captain of the Real Madrid U19 team,Guard Antonio Blanco said:

“Very proud,Can represent the best club to win the championship,There are so many outstanding players around,I am very honored as the captain,I am proud of my team,Simultaneously,I also think of many people who could not participate in this competition for various reasons,Including our former coach Mr. Poyatos,He left before,And all the people who support us,People who trust us.”

“The game is very difficult,Benfica is a very good opponent,Our physical stamina dropped a little in the second half,The opponent’s press and suppression was very successful,We had a hard time playing.But Mr. Lauer,He is a real Real Madrid man,In the game, he is more strict with us than anyone,Put high demands on us.Let us be worthy of this jersey.”

Real Madrid chairman Florentino said:

“I feel great,This process requires everyone’s contribution,Everyone’s sacrifice,These little kids are the best proof of all this,Each of them worked very hard,Played 4 games in 9 days,All young,All are strong.We came here,Came to Nyon,Witness this historic scene.”

“This is what we have been working hard to achieve,Youth training is very important to us,There are our youth players all over the world,Many of them play for major European teams,Some are playing for Real Madrid’s first team.This gives us a lot of motivation,Let us continue to invest in and support Real Madrid’s youth training career.”

Figo: It’s normal to talk about the Great Purge after the fiasco,But later you will find that you cannot do this

News on August 24 In an interview with “Marca”,Portugal star Figo said:“People will say all kinds of things after a fiasco,It’s normal to talk about the cleaning of the Barcelona lineup.But over time,You will find that you cannot do this,This is a difficult time,But the fact is that money is in charge.“

No Spanish team has advanced to the Champions League final for two consecutive years.This is bad news for La Liga,Isn’t it?

“This is the most important event in the world,Spanish football has played an important role in the Champions League for many years.They dominated the Champions League,But the fact that they have not advanced to the finals shows how complicated this event is.It also shows the level of the event.It’s all loops,The two teams that can advance to the final are the two teams that made the best effort for the final.The 2-8 game?I don’t have any special feelings.”

Teams like Leipzig or Lyon that may not be relatively technically good advanced to the semifinals.Do you think football is changing?

“Football will evolve,Will change,But not just physical changes,Everything will change,For example, technology will improve,This can be felt in the game.Now it’s not just about tactics,Also about body, strength and technology,Just like our world.”

Did the Spanish team not play well?

“I do not think so.This is the moment when things are not as they wanted,They are all great clubs,Real Madrid and Barcelona are the best clubs in the world,They will return to that height again.The football world is not always the same.”

Messi’s future in Barcelona is being questioned,This thing is starting to look pretty similar to your previous experience…

“I won’t have the same experience twice,Nor will two moments be the same.This is a different situation,What happened to me was completely different from what Messi was going through.”

Do you think Messi will leave Barcelona?

“I personally don’t think so,At least not this season,But I also know that if a player doesn’t want to stay in the team anymore,Then he will go eventually.There is no other possibility.This is a personal decision,I don’t know what Messi thinks,But I don’t think he will leave this year.Don’t forget the situation we are experiencing now,The current situation is unusual.No one can pay his liquidated damages,Definitely.”

Are you talking about money?

“We are experiencing a very fragile and special moment,I think now is not the best time to consider a transfer of this level.Everything has changed,The plan is different from before.”

But you joined Real Madrid at that time

“I think it’s almost impossible for something similar to my previous experience to happen again.”

Then you don’t think that Barcelona will carry out the great purge that is now being discussed.…

“After a defeat like that,People say all kinds of things,Talking about the need for a major cleaning,This is all normal,But over time,You will learn that you cannot do this.Should be handled calmly,Analyze everything.This is a very difficult time,But the fact is that money is in charge.”

Real Madrid has said it will not sign up this summer

“This is one of the examples of the situation I talked about earlier.There will be little change in the transfer market.The club cannot turn around and ignore everything that has happened.Many things are reduced,Club income, salary…You have to be realistic.Real Madrid has a very good lineup,Is very competitive,As they showed in this season of winning the league title.”

To take a step further,Dominate Europe again,What is missing in this Real Madrid?

“Fortunately I am not a Real Madrid coach,I don’t have the sorrows that Qi Zu has,I am sure he is worried about many things like any other coach.I’m sure he knows what he has to do,Also knows what he needs,But at the same time we must not forget the situation we are experiencing now.He will deal with it in the way he thinks fit.”

Historical figures like Casey will return to Real Madrid…

“Real Madrid is his home,Is his birthplace.This is the decision of both parties,They communicated,The club made an invitation,Then he accepted.He is very happy,I am also happy for him,Because he went home,I am very happy for him.”

Marca: Carrasco himself hopes to stay at Atletico Madrid,Europa League match day creates a good opportunity for negotiation

News on August 26 Although Atletico’s new season pre-season preparation phase (September 3, local time) is about to begin,But the future of the attacker Carrasco is still up in the air.According to the “Marca” report,The Belgian star himself looks forward to staying in the familiar Wanda Metropolitan Stadium.Atletico will use the European League match day to continue negotiations with the Dalian people.Strive to finalize the lease renewal within two weeks.

It is reported that,Carrasco’s attitude is to stay in the team.Continue to wear the red and white shirt in the 2020/21 season.And his outstanding performance after returning to the team in the winter window also conquered Atletico’s management.butDue to the severe impact of the new crown epidemic,Atletico, whose financial situation is not ideal, is more inclined to renew the lease for a year rather than directly transfer.Atletico CEO Hill Marin, who has a close friendship with Wanda Group and even Wang Jianlin, will personally participate in the negotiation.He is optimistic about the prospects of negotiations between the two sides.However, the specific content of the negotiation has not yet been finalized.Everything is still unknown.

“Marca” pointed out thatThanks to Martinez’s recruitment and successful selection into the Belgian national team squad,Carrasco will at least follow the Belgian national team to finish the UEFA Europa League match against Iceland on September 8.This virtually created a longer period of time for Atletico Madrid’s bilateral negotiations with Dalian people.The Sheet Corps will strive to finalize the lease renewal within two weeks.

The contract between the 26-year-old Carrasco and the Dalian native will last until December 31, 2022.This season he played 16 games for Atletico Madrid in various competitions.Scored 1 goal and provided 2 assists.

Bricklayer: Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure of 100 million from the team was questioned.Now it’s not bad for Real Madrid

News on August 26 According to the Aspen newspaper,Barcelona star Rivaldo recently stated:“Real Madrid was questioned when Cristiano Ronaldo left with a transfer fee of 100 million euros in 2018.Looking at it now, it’s not too bad for them,Look at what is happening to Messi now,If Messi leaves the team,Manchester City may be the best choice.“

Messi tells Barcelona that he will leave the club

“Seeing that Messi, Barcelona’s greatest player ever, is trying to leave with contract terms,This is sad,But we have to listen to what both sides say,Then try to understand what happened.”

“Barcelona do not want to lose their best players in vain,So they will try to persuade the player to stay or agree to leave when they get a good offer.”

“The best solution should be an agreement between the two parties,But according to the news they relied on fax to communicate yesterday,Obviously there is some misunderstanding between them,So they are unlikely to reach an agreement in the next few days.”

Letting Messi leave the team for free would be another huge blow for Barcelona

“Due to the new coronavirus epidemic,At this time when all clubs are facing a difficult situation,If Barcelona let their stars leave for free,That would be a huge blow.This is the biggest obstacle preventing Messi from leaving the team.Because Barcelona hope to get at least some transfer fees.”

“Ronaldo’s transfer fee when he left Real Madrid to join Juventus was 100 million euros.At that time, this transfer operation conducted in 2018 was questioned.But look at what is happening to Messi now,Maybe that transfer was not so bad for Real Madrid.Because they got a good transfer fee at the right time.”

“If the situation continues to develop in this direction,That would be a sad ending for Messi’s Barcelona story,But this is football,Sometimes things will not develop in the way we expect.”

Messi can be Manchester City’s star

“As the next home,Manchester City may be Messi’s best choice.He is 33 years old,But his ability and talent are beyond doubt,I think he still has a few years to peak,He can shine in the Premier League soon.”

“Guardiola has a deep understanding of Messi’s ability,He should soon find a solution to integrate Messi into the team and inspire his strongest side.”

“I can even imagine Guardiola building a team around Messi,His talent can change the trend of the game anywhere and anytime,I am sure that Messi can play a decisive performance in the Premier League.”

Chelsea’s signing of Thiago Silva is a smart deal

“At the age of 35,Thiago Silva will sign with Chelsea for two years,I believe he will play well there,Because he is an excellent central defender with excellent positioning and rich experience.”

“I think he can still contribute a lot,I believe he can play a brilliant performance in the Premier League,And he should play the role of leader in Lampard’s young team.”

“nowadays,Many players are able to extend their careers to nearly forty years old,Silva is a good example,Just like I did before.If you can maintain your physical condition,Then you can easily maintain a high standard to 36-37 years old.”

Koman’s history proves that he can take risks

“Coman was invited by Barcelona to update the team and get back on track as soon as possible.His identity is a Barcelona icon,The hero who won the first Champions League championship for the team,This may give him extra room to make mistakes,Especially after Suarez and Messi may leave the team.”

“If both players leave,Then Koman will be rebuilt almost from scratch,So I hope he can get time,Because it will take some time for Barcelona to regroup.”

“He took over the team as an experienced coach,So in addition to his identity in club history,He will also be respected for his achievements in the Premier League and the Dutch national team.”

“When I was playing for Barcelona,When Koeman was Van Gaal’s assistant,I have never had a problem with him,He often communicates with players,We could see at the time that he would become a coach in the future.”

Suarez deserves better treatment from Barcelona

“If Suarez leaves Barcelona,Then I will be very sad,Because I have not forgotten everything he has given to the club for many years,His departure may have affected Messi’s decision to leave,Because Messi, Suarez and Vidal are good friends.”

“Suarez’s departure would be a huge loss for the club.But I hope his replacement can do better,But this is very difficult,Because Suarez is one of the best strikers in the world.”

“Rumor has it that Koeman briefed the Suarez club over the phone that he was no longer needed.But based on what I know about Koeman,I doubt whether this news is true,Because Koman is a very good person,He values the feelings of players,And he is a person who can communicate with others.”

“After all the honors Suarez won,At least he is worthy of a meeting with Koeman, the board of directors and the chairman,He has a contract with the club,He needs to negotiate with the club before he leaves.So if the media reports are true,Then this matter should have been handled in a different way.”

Coutinho returns to Barcelona with renewed confidence

“We all know Coutinho’s abilities,This is why Barcelona spent so much money on him in 2018.I believe he still has the ability to succeed at the Nou Camp.”

“Koeman looks like he will be needed next season,This is very important for a player’s confidence,That is to know that the coach trusts you.“

“In addition,Coutinho successfully recovered from the injury this season,He even helped Bayern win the championship,So his confidence should be more than before.”

“Without Messi and Suarez,Coutinho may have the opportunity to stand up and become a key player in Barcelona.”

Argentina reporter: Barcelona insisted on demanding 700 million liquidated damages,Do not rule out prosecuting Messi

News on August 26 According to the Argentine reporter,Veronica Brunati, who was also the first to confirm Messi’s departure today, revealed: Barcelona insists on 2 points: Messi’s departure clause expires on June 10.Messi must now pay 700 million liquidated damages to leave.and,For this reason Barcelona will not rule out prosecuting Messi.

For this,Joan Maria Pou, the host of the RAC1 Radio Barcelona matchday live show, said with sorrow:“Messi is not shy about going head-on with Barcelona,And if Barcelona hands this issue to a lawyer to deal with,So Messi’s final years in Barcelona,Will be in court with the club,This is a very sad and sad ending for the first person in Barcelona’s history.”

Santi Gimenez, editor-in-chief of the Barcelona edition of Aspen newspaper, said:“I am very calm now,Barcelona’s legal department at this time will only deal with this matter from the perspective of protecting the interests of the club.”

David Sanchez, a Barcelona correspondent for Radio Marca, said:

“Bartomeu,Will be left in history as the worst chairman in Barcelona history,The worst and worst chairman,Because he was so powerful that he blasted Messi away.Messi took the initiative to leave Barcelona,Not because of lack of money,But because of the club’s competitive situation,And the board of directors lied year after year,Said no.Bartomeu and his board of directors do not match,Messi just did what a good player should do: leave the club,A slap on the faces of Bartomeu and his colleagues,Then let the worst board of directors in history leave quickly.“