Arteta: I feel sorry for Watford,Mustafi’s injury is somewhat serious


News on July 27 Early this morning,After Arsenal beat Watford 3-2 at home,Arsenal coach Arteta accepted a post-match interview.

About this game

“This is a crazy game,This is how the game started.When we lead 1-0 or even 2-0,The opposing forward still creates many threats in our penalty zone,This is a really dangerous place.”

Will Martinez start in the FA Cup final

“Martinez proved his worth in important matches together,He made some wonderful saves in the game,Leno is still recovering from injury,So now the team’s choice in the goalkeeper position is Martinez.I hope Leno can return to the team soon,He will play the game by then.”

About the FA Cup Final

“It will be a completely different game,By then, we and Chelsea will have the same mental state,Everyone is eager to win the FA Cup trophy.Today’s game will be a bit different from that,This game is very important for Watford,They treat the game differently.”

About Aubameyang’s failure to win the Golden Boot

“We can all see Aubameyang’s efforts in this regard,Sometimes in the game he will ask himself to score one more goal,His data is excellent,Failure to win the Golden Boot does not affect his outstanding strength.”

About Mustafi

“Mustafi’s injury looks serious.After I came to the team,The team’s defense has experienced many injuries,Our personnel reserve on the back line is a bit low.Mustafi has been playing against us before,He performed very well in the game,I hope he can recover soon.He will also miss the beginning of next season.”

Regarding the reserve of rear defense personnel

“Now the team has three guards absent due to injuries,We must solve this problem as soon as possible.”

About Watford downgrade

“I feel sorry for them,Watford today is unfortunate.I’m sorry about that,I hope they can return to the Premier League next season.I can understand the impact of relegation on the team and the players.”

About Dini said this is his last game

“I hope he will not retire,The way he plays, the way he expresses himself and his personality have left a deep mark on the Premier League.I hope he can come out of the sadness of the team’s relegation as soon as possible,Then make a decision——Help Watford return to the Premier League.”

Daily Mirror: In order to relieve pressure on the schedule,There will be no rematch in the FA Cup next season


July 25 News The Daily Mirror reported,In order to relieve the pressure of the schedule,The 2020/21 FA Cup will cancel the rematch.

Earlier on, the Premier League, the Champions League, the League One and the League Two all announced thatThe 2020/21 season will start on the same day, September 12.The Premier League will end on May 23,The British Championship and other leagues will end on May 9.

Due to the impact of the epidemic,The European League next season will encounter certain difficulties in the schedule.The FA Cup and the Carabao Cup in England will also be affected.At present, the FA has agreed to cancel all FA Cup rematches within one season.Although the third and fourth rounds of rematches tend to bring higher profits for some low-level clubs,Some troubles will follow.In addition,Top clubs also have greater concerns about the Carabao Cup.They may collide with the English Professional Football League (EFL).

The clubs participating in the Champions League and the Europa League threatened,If they are not allowed to send teams under the age of 23 to participate in the Carabao Cup next season,They will withdraw from this event.They insist,In such a dense schedule,Their first team simply can’t take care of the European War and the Carabao Cup.

Last season, Liverpool sent a team under the age of 23 to face Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup.In the end they lost the game 0-5; and at the same time,Their first team went to Qatar to participate in the Club World Cup held there.It can be said that similar disputes have been warned in the middle of the season.

But as far as I know,The FA will not give up the Carabao Cup,Because such a move will cause a chain reaction involving sponsors and broadcasts,In particular, most of the income of the Carabao Cup is used to support the development of local football in England.

Premier League clubs may have to come up with some kind of economic compromise,To reach an agreement with the FA; but what is worrying is thatOnce the Carabao Cup format changed,May completely affect this cup.

The FA is likely to oppose any similar proposal,Especially in recent years, the Carabao Cup/League Cup champions are all top clubs.For example, Manchester City in the past three years.

It is understood thatRelated discussions will continue next week,But the FA’s attitude is very firm,They want to maintain this event,I don’t want to see the Carabao Cup lose its current status.

The FA has cancelled the FA Cup rematch from the fifth round.However, the restructuring of the cancellation of the rematch next season is not of the same nature.Because the latter only involves one season.

The top Premier League clubs are also suffering from the crowded competition system.Because the Premier League will reignite war on September 12th next season,The UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League will be held on August 23 and 21: this means that if they can make it to the European finals,There will hardly be any holidays in the conventional sense.

Not just the schedule,Some other issues may also change the situation of the English League next season.For example, they will be after the Premier League promotion playoffs,Vote on whether to continue to use five substitution places next season; some Premier League clubs are also promoting the reform of VAR,Mike Riley, head of refereeing in the Premier League, specifically introduced this,And detailed the content of potential reforms next season,The standards will be unified with other major UEFA leagues,FIFA will also supervise.

In addition,The English clubs are also discussing,I hope to use the pre-season friendly matches in August and September for testing,So that some spectators can return to the stadium to watch the game.

Chamberlain: Don’t be immersed in the joy of winning,We have time to win more trophies


News on July 28 recently,Liverpool midfielder Chamberlain accepted an interview on Liverpool’s official website,Chamberlain summarized Liverpool’s progress over the past three years,And said that he can’t always be immersed in the joy of winning,Think about what to do next.

“This season we will always remember,We won the championship that we have waited for 30 years.We need to cherish the moment of winning,We also need to be aware of our achievements.”

“But I don’t think we can always be immersed in the joy of winning,We still have a lot of time,So why can’t we win more trophies?After 20 years,I hope there will be several such seasons worth discussing.

“After winning,Even if I came back from a holiday, it was over.When we were still playing in this club,We can only consider what we can win next,I think this is what we should focus on now.”

“I don’t know what people will think of this season in the future.The only thing in my mind for me and the other players is what can we do next season?”

“I think,For all of us,These three years have been like a roller coaster ride.From a team that lacks winning experience to the Champions League and then to the league championship.I think the team has made great progress in these three years.

“to me,The injury in Liverpool’s first season was obviously a shock.But the club and the team made great progress that year.”

“Then we lost to Manchester City by one point in the league,This obviously frustrates many people,But we moved on that year and won the Champions League.”

Winning the Champions League is something we all dream of doing,It is also something that no one in our team has ever experienced.The following season,We won the Premier League championship,In the past three years,We as a whole,For the club,There is no better performance than this.

“Our achievements are the honor of the team, coach and club,I hope this is just the beginning,We can create a better future.

Guangdong eases past Beijing Ducks for 29th straight win in CBA

  Jeremy Lin (L) of Beijing Ducks competes against Yi Jianlian of Guangdong Southern Tigers during a match between Beijing Ducks and Guangdong Southern Tigers at the 2019-2020 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league in Qingdao, east China's Shandong Province, July 26, 2020. (Xinhua/Guo Xulei)

Defending champions Guangdong Southern Tigers smashed the Beijing Ducks 101-82 in their last game of the 2019-20 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) regular season for a record-extending 29th straight victory here on Sunday.

“After CBA’s resumption, both of Beijing’s teams had two overseas players in their squads. Our opponents are quite strong, but we are very dedicated,” said Guangdong head coach Du Feng.

From an early 5-0 lead, Hu Mingxuan made consecutive jump shots to enlarge the gap to over 10 points with four minutes remaining in the first quarter where Guangdong led 25-14 after Zhao Rui succeeded in his three-pointer.

Zhao’s unsportsmanlike foul midway through the second quarter gave Jeremy Lin two free throws to narrow the margin to 10 points. Beijing pulled back 40-38 after Lin converted another pair of free throws, but Sonny Weems buried a three-pointer to set it 45-38 before the interval.

Guangdong kept their comfortable margin around 15 points in the third quarter and soared in the final period.

Zhou Peng’s jumper on Weems’ assist helped Guangdong lead at 83-63 before Weems scored later to create a game-high gap of 25 points to extinguish Beijing’s hope to reverse.

“It’s really a tough game. They are the defending champions and a strong team. We still have a lot to improve in our mentality and technical details. We are in a mid-level position, so I always tell players to fight for our best,” said Beijing coach Xie Libin.

Weems notched 19 points, five rebounds and eight assists for Guangdong, while Zhao added 18 points.

Lin and Wang Xiaohui each contributed 16 points for Beijing, whose 11-game winning streak was ended by the regular-season champions. Beijing sits fourth on the standings after the defeat.

Eye injury mars Xinjiang’s win over Jilin in CBA

  Jiang Yuxing (2nd L) of Jilin Northeast Tigers vies with Fan Ziming of Xinjiang Flying Tigers during a match at the 2019-2020 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league in Qingdao, east China's Shandong Province, July 7, 2020. (Xinhua/Guo Xulei)

QINGDAO, China, July 7 (Xinhua) — With Fan Ziming’s buzzer beater, the Xinjiang Flying Tigers edged the Jilin Northeast Tigers 106-105 here in the 2019-20 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) season on Tuesday.

Although Jilin had an 8-0 spurt midway through the first quarter, Xinjiang responded with an 8-4 dash and led 26-23 before the first break.

Jilin’s Jiang Yuxing then suffered an eye injury and was carried off the court on a stretcher. With blood dripping from his right eye, Jiang was sent to hospital as his team trailed 55-47 at the half-time break.

“A thorough examination showed his eyeball was intact, but his lower eyelid had a 3cm-long wound and needed ten stitches,” said Jilin club doctor Wang Zuomu.

At the beginning of the second half, Zhou Qi’s two consecutive layups helped his team take the upper hand. However, Sean Hill and Dai Huaibo of Jilin helped their team turn the game around and bring a slender two-point advantage into the final quarter.

The score seesawed before full-time. With 1:00 left on the clock, Jilin led 105-104 but missed three-pointer opportunities. Fan Ziming, whose earlier clash with Jiang Yuxing caused the latter’s injury, sealed the victory for Xinjiang after Zhou – who pocketed 37 points and 18 rebounds in the game – had dragged multiple Jilin defenders out of position.

“We spared no effort in this game, but they hesitated too much in the last minute,” rued Jilin coach Wang Han.

Discussing Jiang’s injury, Wang added, “We all expect him to recover quickly, because the court is the players’ biggest stage.” Enditem

Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) Saturday handed Guangdong Southeast Tigers guard Zhao Rui a three-match suspension as the latter violated the league’s COVID-19 containment measures.

This was the first punishment that was inflicted since the league’s restart on June 20.

To safeguard all participants’ safety, the league has dispatched credentials of different colors to different groups. Players, coaches and referees are offered green credentials, while yellow and blue credentials are provided to reporters and staff in the arena respectively. People in the green area cannot conduct any close contact with those having credentials in other colors.

CBA revealed that Zhao, who possesses a green credential, had close contact with people with yellow credentials in the hotel on Friday, resulting in his three-match ban and a fine of 10,000 yuan (around 1,400 U.S. dollars).

Zhao also has to undergo another COVID-19 test before getting permission to return to the green area.

Zhao played 33 games for Guangdong this season, averaging 13.2 points, 4.8 rebounds and 4.1 assists.

Both the Guangdong club and Zhao apologized through social media following the league’s decision.

“The club apologize for Zhao’s violation, which is caused by the club’s inadvertence in implementing the league’s relevant regulations. We accept the punishment, learn lessons from it and will enforce the club management so as to ensure that it won’t happen again,” Guangdong Southeast Tigers said in a statement.

“I apologize to everyone and the team. It all comes from my inadvertence. I accept the punishment, and will carry out relevant measures in future matches to make sure that I won’t make the same mistake,” Zhao wrote on China’s Twitter-like Weibo.

Chinese debate Wu Lei’s future after Espanyol relegation

XI’AN, July 9 (Xinhua) — Chinese international Wu Lei’s Espanyol lost to F.C Barcelona 1-0 on Wednesday night, condemning them to relegation to Spain’s second division next season, and prompting fans across China to engage in heated debated about what Wu’s next move should be.

A multiple winner of the Chinese Super League’s Golden Boot award during a 12-year spell with Shanghai SIPG, Wu has scored eight goals for Espanyol so far in the 2019-20 season, leading some to suggest the Nanjing-born forward should consider moving on to pastures new.

“Wu Lei scored goals in all the competitions his team participated in this season, including La Liga, the Europa League and the Copa del Rey. Their relegation didn’t lie with him. What’s more, it’s hard for a 28-year-old to improve when playing in the second division, so he should leave in the summer transfer window,” said a fan named “Liverpool legend Virgil” on China’s All Football app.

In a survey featuring 25,000 fans discussing Wu’s future, 67.5 percent wanted Wu to leave Espanyol. Only 14.3 percent hoped the Chinese forward would stay at the Barcelona-based club, although Wu said in a recent interview that he had no plans to depart Espanyol and would stay with the club as long as it needs him.

“Wu Lei’s choice to stay on is the most appropriate option. If he quits the style of the Spanish league and environment to which he has adapted, and moves to another league, he would have to once again adapt to a new environment and a new club. That route is a bit adventurous,” said a netizen named “Hubert-zhu” in China’s Hupu forum.

Wu had been linked to a move to English Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers, who are owned by Chinese investment firm Fosun. Although Wu dismissed those rumors, some Chinese football fans are expecting to see him in the Premier League soon.

“Wu Lei is waving the flag for Chinese football, just like Son Heung-min has done for South Korea, so he should have a go in the EPL. His outstanding speed and the skill at breaking the offside trap may help him establish in the league,” said a Chinese internet user named “Nanshan Kid” on the TikTok platform.

However, China’s well-known football commentator Huang Jianxiang isn’t so sure how well Wu would adapt to English football. “The Premier League is not suitable for Wu Lei. In my opinion, the league needs footballers who are physically strong, and few Asians are able to adapt to these tough games,” Huang said.

In addition to England’s top division, some fans asked Wu to consider playing in other major leagues in Europe, such as Germany’s Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A.

“I think Serie A suits Wu Lei well. Italian teams attach more importance to tactics and the counterattack would be more suitable for him,” said Hupu forum user “komalai”.

“Chinese players Yang Chen and Shao Jiayi spent good times in the Bundesliga, and the league may be more friendly to the Asian players, I’d like Wu Lei to continue his career abroad in Germany,” said “Chen Xiaoyang” on Sina Weibo.

Additionally, with the postponed 2020 Chinese Super League season not set to start until July 25, some fans advised Wu to come home and chase the CSL trophy once again, which would also allow him to prepare better for China’s crucial upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup Asian qualifiers.

Crewe United Football Club close premises for deep clean

The Glenavy side said a visitor to the club’s bar area at the weekend tested positive for Covid-19

Crewe United have closed their facilities for a deep clean after a visitor to the club’s bar tested positive for Covid-19.

The Mid Ulster League outfit posted a statement on their social media channels to offer guidance to anyone who may have visited the club at the weekend.

“Since the re-opening of the club post-lockdown, we have taken extensive steps to protect all our members and those visiting our club,” Crewe said in a statement.

“At no point has any of our members tested positive for Covid-19 and this remains the case.

“However, we have been made aware that a person who was visiting within the bar area of the club last weekend has tested positive for Covid-19. At the time of his visit to the club, we understand he had no symptoms of the virus.

“As a result, we have instructed a professional deep clean of the entire building at the club. The club has been closed with immediate effect and will remain so until this has been completed.”

Crewe advised that anyone who may have been at the club over the weekend follow the following guidance:

  • Please re-familiarise yourself with the symptoms of the virus and be vigilant in this regard;
  • If you do believe you may have symptoms, please book in for a Covid-19 test;
  • If you have symptoms, please self isolate until such times your test is completed.

The club also said it has postponed all senior team training and matches.

Riverside Rugby League World Cup Fixture Revealed

Tonga v Cook Islands to be staged at the Riverside Stadium…

The Rugby League World Cup 2021 tournament organisers have today revealed the much-anticipated fixture schedule for what promises to be the biggest and best World Cup in the history of the sport, as the men’s, women’s and wheelchair teams all compete at the same time in a major sporting first.

Tees Valley will be hosting a men’s RLWC2021 fixture, when Tonga take on Cook Islands at the Riverside Stadium. The match will take place on Sunday November 7 at 2.30pm.

In June, it was revealed that Tees Valley will be the team training base for Cook Islands men’s team.

Jon Dutton, RLWC2021 Chief Executive, said: “This is a huge moment for the tournament and for fans in our host cities and towns as we reveal the full fixture schedule.

“The tournament has been gaining momentum over recent months and fans can now look forward to being part of this unique global event. With match dates and locations confirmed, the excitement will only intensify.

“RLWC2021 will bring together the very best that the sport has to offer, and you can see from the schedule that there is no end of world class, not-to-be-missed matches, across all three tournaments.

“It Is an exciting day for all our Rugby League fans and communities across England who will be proud and brilliant hosts to the travelling nations as together we deliver the biggest and best Rugby League World Cup to date.”

Middlesbrough FC Chief Financial Officer David Joyes said: “We’re delighted to be welcoming Tonga and the Cook Islands to the Riverside Stadium. It’s the final game of the group stage and there is a real Polynesian rivalry between the two countries so it should be a cracking occasion.

“Being able to bring the Rugby League World Cup 2021 to Teesside is something we are incredibly proud of and we’re sure the people of the region will really get behind such a prestigious sporting event.”

With 61 fixtures over a six-week period the tournament will showcase a festival of world class sporting action. The dates, venues and kick-off times* for each of the three tournaments is now confirmed and available to view at

Please visit for more information, for details on how to sign up to receive ticket alerts and all the latest news first.

Poster. Moving Forward

On the 17th September @ 18:30

The 2nd round of semi-final for AFC champion league in 2019

Shanghai SIPG will play against Urawa Red Diamonds

Eager to break through

Go for the battle without fearless

History records between two teams

2019-08-27    Shanghai SIPG 2:2 Urawa Red Diamonds ( ACL)

2017-10-18    Urawa Red Diamonds 1:0 Shanghai SIPG( ACL)

2017-09-27    Shanghai SIPG 1:1 Urawa Red Diamonds ( ACL)

2017-04-11    Urawa Red Diamonds 1:0 Shanghai SIPG( ACL)

2017-03-15   Shanghai SIPG 3:2 Urawa Red Diamonds ( ACL)

Previous five tournament result for Shanghai SIPG

2019-09-13    Shandong Luneng 3:1 Shanghai SIPG ( CSL)

2019-08-27    Shanghai SIPG 2:2 Urawa Red Diamonds ( ACL)

2019-08-20    Shanghai SIPG 0:2 Shandong Luneng ( CFA Cup)

2019-08-14    Shanghai SIPG 5:1 Tianjin Teda ( CSL)

2019-08-09    Guangzhou R&F 2:2 Shanghai SIPG Shanghai SIPG ( CSL)

Previous five tournament result for Urawa Red Diamonds

2019-09-13    Urawa Red Diamonds 1:2 Cerezo Osaka ( J League)

2019-09-08    Kashima Antlers 2:2 Urawa Red Diamonds ( League Cup)

2019-09-04    Urawa Red Diamonds 2:3 Kashima Antlers ( League Cup)

2019-09-01    Shonan Bellmare 1:1 Urawa Red Diamonds ( J League)

2019-08-27    Shanghai SIPG 2:2 Urawa Red Diamonds ( ACL)

Williamsburg International FC

WIFC holds a strong emphasis on camaraderie and good friends over competitiveness and winning at all costs. We do our best to provide an environment where good players can play to an appropriate level of competition but also where anyone can learn and enjoy the game.

How It All Started

Back in the Winter of 2011, the core team formed as a free agent team at Pier 40 in New York City where we eventually started to play in a 7v7 league in Queens against Barnstonworth Rovers FC.

After matches, we’d go to a bar down the street called Doyle’s Corner where the players from Barnstonworth would tell us stories about the Cosmo League and teams with long histories like Hoboken FC 1912, NY Greek Americans, and Polonia NY. They got us hooked on the idea of joining the CSL.

We held a meeting with about 15 players and we submitted our documents to the league office. We were voted in on probationary membership at the league’s General Meeting in 2013 and received full membership in 2014.

Since 2014, Williamsburg International FC has been part of the Cosmopolitan Soccer League and has grown into two teams in the CSL with affiliated teams in weeknight leagues around NYC.

Discovering ThemeBoy

We were looking for a platform to run our clubs website on that would manage club stats, matches, and news and keep our growing club and community up to date with our success.

We had debated using Squarespace to run the website but ultimately went with WordPress and the Football Club theme due to the integrated tools made specifically for sports teams and clubs.

Our Experience with SportsPress Pro

The platform is fairly intuitive and user friendly. It was easy to get started on and once I fully grasped the tool sets and framework, I was able to customize our template to fit WIFC’s ultra stylish aesthetic.

The integration of club management tools and ease of use was what set ThemeBoy and SportsPress aside from others platform options.

I’m a big fan of the extensions, for instance the league bar — they make as nice touches that really bring the site together at a professional level, not to mention other teams don’t mind seeing their logo on our website as well!

A Positive Impact

Our web engagement drastically increased. Boosted club awareness and made many connections as far as new players and contacts who have reached out because of the WIFC website. Also, it incentivized our forwards to net us some more goals to see their name on that top scorer list.

The ThemeBoy and SportsPress platform assisted us in building a stylish and comprehensive site that our club is proud to call our digital home.

Doylies Never Die

The club was originally called Doyle’s Corner FC, but voted to change the name to Williamsburg International FC in 2014. Not only do we think it’s a better name, but it also distinguishes us from the majority of New York City clubs who tend to be centered around an ethnicity or nationality. We’ve had players join our team from 6 continents, more than 20 countries, and many US states.

We’ve kept the nickname “Doylies” as a nod to our roots — a group of friends who enjoy playing together and having a beer after the game. It’s also a good reminder not to take ourselves too seriously.