Savage: Who would not love the world’s first goalkeeper Oblak?But he is ours


News on July 27 In an interview with “Aspen”,Atletico Madrid defender Savage said:“Oblak is the world’s first goalkeeper,Who would not love him?I am sure the whole world loves him,But he is our goalkeeper,I think he will continue to stay with us in the future.“

During this rest period,Considering that you have achieved your league goals,It feels better,Isn’t it?

“We were in very good shape after the event resumed,The team is worthy of our final ranking and qualified for the Champions League again.“

Have you ever thought you will lose your Champions League qualification?

“We have always believed in the lineup we have,And in the end we played a great level,We succeeded.I don’t know if I have ever had doubts,Maybe more of the doubts from the outside world,But we have always believed in our contribution,Always believe that everything will go well.”

Why did the team perform so well after the game resumed?

“Maybe the previous suspension helped us,And we make good use of the rule of 5 substitutions,We have a great lineup,Have players who can come off the bench and break the balance on the court,This kind of thing has been seen in many games.We also eliminated Liverpool before the suspension,But we did very well at home during the suspension of the epidemic,After we came back, we played a great level.”

It can be seen that the overall physical condition of the team is very good…

“We do well at home,We all took responsibility,We have always been in contact with Ortega, the fitness trainer and the coach.When we returned, everyone did not feel strenuous,We didn’t suffer too many injuries,This is because the training we had done at home was very well done.”

But after playing 11 games in 5 weeks,Have you ever felt that the team needs a holiday like this?

“Have,This week is great for us,The previous competition was intense,Playing every three days is not easy,It’s time to take a break and adjust for the next game.What will come after that is very wonderful: the Champions League,We all hope to advance to the finals.”

In another suspension period,Are you afraid of losing to your good state?

“We are not afraid.We were able to return to good condition after staying at home for 2 months.We will take responsibility in this less time period,We will train,Because we know the challenges ahead,It is also clear how much we paid to reach the Champions League quarter-finals.I think this break will be very helpful for the team.”

Will the physical aspect of this UEFA Champions League play an important role?

“Both physical and mental state,Leipzig is very tough,Is very physical,Being physically prepared will be very important.”

But it’s a bit strange: Paris has not played in the league since March.Atalanta is almost in the Champions League after the league…

“It will be weird,But this is the case.This is a game where anything can happen,So not only physical preparation is important,It is also important for players to be mentally prepared.”

After the draw,Do you feel the excitement and anticipation among the fans?

“We have always looked forward to the Champions League,We were very close to winning,But we failed to win the championship.There are still three games,But this is not easy for anyone.The Champions League is very difficult,So we will not consider things after the war with Leipzig.We must all play one after another,We know this very well.”

For this matchup,Does Atletico Madrid’s popularity as a promotion affect you?

“I think this game is 50-50,We know how the Champions League is,But we will not listen to outsiders.Leipzig eliminated Tottenham,Eliminated the team that advanced to the final last year.Those of us who follow football know that Leipzig is a very good and very strong team.They won’t let us play easily.”

If you can,You would have preferred a double round match?

“We did not consider this matter,I am kind of indifferent.It was two difficult matches against Liverpool.We played well at home,At Anfield, I suffered a lot,But in the end we were promoted.All we need to do is to be prepared,Focus on this UEFA Champions League in this format.”

And Atletico will return to Lisbon,You have an unremoved barb since 2014…

“We never talked about it,There are not many players left in the team who played that final.We didn’t think about it,We are focusing on the present,Did not think about the past.”

Although you have already experienced it in the league,But there are no fans in the Champions League either.This will definitely be a strange feeling

“Yes,Without fans,Less fun,But we will see this as another motivation for victory,For the fans who cannot be with us,But they will watch us at home,This is a responsibility.”

This season is the most difficult season for Atletico Madrid?

“This is a year of renewal,It has been a year of great changes.Many people had doubts about us before,Especially questioning our stability,But in the end we achieved our goal.This is the most difficult year,The next season will be better,Because we will have a team that works longer,And there will be no more changes.”

For example, on the defensive end,A lot of time you play with three recent players (Tripier, Felipe and Lodi)

“When the lineup changes, you must work harder,But I think the team data is good,We have maintained a solid line of defense.The players who were very important on the court and in the locker room left,Such as Gabi, Godin, Juan Fran, Philippe, Torres…All of this can be detected.But now I think the team has grown,We have been playing together for a year,We are more familiar with each other,This can also be felt.”

Do you already feel that you are one of the locker room leaders?

“I have played at Atletico Madrid for 5 years,I feel great,I feel my responsibility,I also feel that I am an important member.When you stay in the locker room for a while and have my age (29 years old),This is all normal.”

Another one who will gradually win the status of the dressing room is Oblak…

“He played for a year longer than me,And is the world’s first goalkeeper,This is true for me and many people.He is extremely important on and off the court,We are all happy to have a great goalkeeper and teammate.”

Chelsea want to spend 100 million euros to take him away…

“We haven’t talked about anything,This is a topic discussed by the media.This is normal,Strong teams want to have the best players,This has already happened.Who would not love Oblak?I am sure the whole world loves him,But he is our goalkeeper,We are very satisfied with him,I think he will continue to be with us in the future.”

In the dressing room you get along with Fusalico, Saponic and Oblak,A player from Montenegro,A Croatian player,A Serbian player,A Slovenian player…

“We get along very well,We understand each other easily,And whenever a player joins,We will all help,Just as we are doing to Sapojic.When you join the team,It is important to get help and support.We come from different countries,But we are all like brothers.”

Another teammate: Marcos Llorente,Have you ever thought that it is possible for him to play forward?

“We haven’t thought about it this way before,But the coach saw something in him,He did it right.Llorente succeeded,The team also won,Llorente’s performance in these months has been impressive.He proved that his explosive power and shooting can provide a lot of help to the team.Being able to play multiple positions and playing well is very important for him.”

How did the previous lockdown period feel to you?

“Very difficult,I stay at home alone,My family couldn’t come over at the time,They all stayed in Montenegro.That’s hard,But I know that one day there will be light,I know that one day we will train again,Is able to communicate with friends and teammates again…I was eager to meet my family and friends at that time,The initial epidemic in my home country was not particularly serious.But now there has been a rebound,They are a little worse now.Montenegro is a small country,I think people will take responsibility,They will follow the government’s instructions.”

correct,Have you always liked playing the guard position?

“I have always liked it,Compared to a goal,Blocking the opponent’s goal made me more excited,I don’t know why,But it’s been like this since I was young,I have always played back defense,I was very concerned about Nesta before.”

Pulisic: New aid can help the team,We are full of expectations for next season


News on July 31 Played well this season“Captain America”Pulisic gradually won the hearts of the Blues fans,People naturally compare him with Hazard, the previous Blues top player.In an interview with ESPN,Pulisic also responded to this comparison.

Pulisic said:“These are undoubtedly noise,People like to compare,This is true in all sports.I can understand,But I never intended to compare myself with Hazard,Or do it like him.I always pay attention to myself,I hope I can do my best because this is what I came here to do.”

“I have no doubt learned a lot,Come to a new league and new team,Many things have changed.I have many things to overcome,Such as the injury suffered in the middle of the season,Of course, the epidemic has also changed many things.I reached where I am today after my first Premier League season,I think I can say:‘I am very happy,I have come a long way.’”

Talk about injuries

“Injury is undoubtedly difficult for me,I think I was in good shape at the time,But the injury at that time brought everything to a halt.During the epidemic isolation period,I have extra time to make sure that I am 100% healthy.It also puts me on the same starting line as the others,Because everyone hasn’t played for a long time.”

Talk about team signings

“Recently we have gained momentum and hope to continue,The team’s introduction of many attackers can help us.This is very exciting,I will train with them,To get to know them,They are all big-name players,All have proven themselves in the old club.The coming year will be extremely exciting,We have a variety of options in the front court,It is a very strong team.Everyone is looking forward to seeing what we can do next season.”

“We have played any position in the frontcourt,We used different formations,This is very important,Because it can provide us with multiple perspectives.Play multiple positions at the same time,I think this is effective.”

Talk about your influence

“When I first arrived in England,I didn’t feel anything.I play for a club full of good players,A league full of big-name stars,So I didn’t think too much.I know my position in the United States and the national team,That is different,But I didn’t think much about it.”

“I believe it (influence) has improved a bit,The Premier League is the largest league in the world,Many Americans are paying more and more attention.But when in America,I don’t usually show up,It’s with my family and friends.”

Talk about family

“I believe my family will watch the FA Cup final on TV,This is a difficult time,Of course you want them to be present at the scene,Wembley can be full of fans.But in specific circumstances,We will make the best choice.”

“My family will not let me fall into a trough or let me float,They always communicate with me and talk about things that have nothing to do with football.They are always there,Is my best supporter,Whether in Dortmund or here,They have always supported me,So I really appreciate being able to have them.”

“Wembley is a beautiful stadium,We just played the semi-finals there.It would be a little different without fans,But as long as we win the championship,The feeling of happiness will be the same.”

Break a Battle

On the 30th June @ 19:35

The 15th round of CFA Cup for the season of 2019

Shanghai SIPG will go to South to compete against Shenzhen FC

That Year, The Hope Lights Up

Break a Battle, Let the Night be Brilliant

Record of 5 recent matches from both teams

2012-07-13    Shanghai East Asia 3:3 Shenzhen FC ( China League One)

2012-03-24    Shenzhen FC 0:1 Shanghai East Asia ( China League One)

Record of 5 recent matches from Shanghai SIPG

2019-06-26    Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC 4:6 Shanghai SIPG ( ACL)

2019-06-22    Shanghai SIPG 3:0 Beijing Renhe ( CSL)

2019-06-19    Shanghai SIPG 1:1 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC ( ACL)

2019-06-14    Shanghai SIPG 0:2 Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao ( CSL)

2019-06-02    Dalian Yifang 1:2 Shanghai SIPG ( CSL)

Record of 5 recent matches from Shenzhen FC

2019-06-22    Henan Jianye 1:0 Shenzhen FC ( CSL)

2019-06-16    Shenzhen FC 0:0 Tianjin Teda ( CSL)

2019-06-01    Wuhan Zall 2:0 Shenzhen FC ( CSL)

2019-05-26    Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao 1:0 Shenzhen FC ( CSL)

2019-05-19    Shenzhen FC 1:2 Dalian Yifang ( CSL)

Long Time No See

On the 19th June @ 20:00

For the 1st round of eighth-final of ACL League Group Tournament in the season of 2019

Shanghai SIPG will compete against Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC in Shanghai Stadium

Long Time No See

History records between two teams

2016-09-13    Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC 5:0 Shanghai SIPG ( ACL)

2016-08-23    Shanghai SIPG 0:0 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC ( ACL)

Previous five tournament result for Shanghai SIPG

2019-06-14    Shanghai SIPG 0:2 Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao ( CSL)

2019-06-02    Dalian Yifang 1:2 Shanghai SIPG ( CSL)

2019-05-29    Shanghai SIPG 4:0 BJFC ( CFA Cup)

2019-05-26    Shanghai SIPG 2:1 Beijing Guoan ( CSL)

2019-05-21    Shanghai SIPG 5:0 Ulsan Hyundai ( ACL)

Previous five tournament result for Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC

2019-06-15    IUFC 0:1 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC ( K League)

2019-06-02    Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC 2:0 Sangju Sangmu Phoenix ( K League)

2019-05-29    Gangwon FC 2:3 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC ( K League)

2019-05-26    Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC 4:1 Gyeongnam FC ( K League)

2019-05-21    Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC 0:0 Buriram United ( ACL)

IPL 2020 likely to get cancelled amid coronavirus outbreak, no auctions for next season: Report

Mumbai | Jagran Sports Desk: Amid the coronavirus outbreak in the country, the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) might cancel the 13th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), said a media report while adding that an official announcement will be made soon.

According to an Indian Express report, the BCCI will make the announcement after the 21-day nationwide lockdown ends. The report further says that there will be no auction for the next year’s IPL and the status quo will be continued and the franchises can just pick a few players if they want too.

“IPL will not happen this year. It will now happen next year. We all know how the situation is at the moment in the country and no one will take any risk. One can’t have social distancing in the stadium. It’s better to play IPL next year. Also, no mega auction will take place. We will inform the franchises once we get final confirmation from the Indian government, the same season can continue next season,” Indian Express quoted a BCCI official as saying.

The IPL was postponed by the BCCI to April 15 earlier this month amid the coronavirus outbreak. The BCCI had said that conducting the tournament would only come into the picture if the pandemic subsides.

“I can’t say anything at the moment. We are at the same place where we were on the day we postponed. Nothing has changed in the last 10 days. So, I don’t have an answer to it. Status quo remains,” BCCI President Sourav Ganguly had said, as quoted by news agency PTI.

The star-studded eight-team league was originally scheduled to start on March 29 in Mumbai.

“If Olympics can be postponed by a year, IPL is a much smaller entity in that regard. It is becoming increasingly difficult to organise. At this point the government is not even thinking about allowing foreign visas,” a BCCI official had told PTI.

Oxford Saints

British American Football in Oxfordshire

The Oxford Saints is a American Football club based in Oxfordshire, UK. The Saints compete in the Adult National Leagues and is affiliated with the British American Football Association (BAFA).

The club has a amateur status (along with all UK American football teams), being run by volunteers and players pay to play.

The Saints have 3 championship titles (the most recent in 2016) and many playoff appearances. The club has attracted players and staff from a range of backgrounds, including players from America, Canada, Scotland, France, Greece and more.

The senior team is for ages 18+ and in 2016, the Saints launched a separate women’s team who have competed in both flag (non contact) and full contact tournaments.

Refreshing Our Brand Image

I took over management of the clubs media and was looking to modernise our appearance and refresh our brand image. I was using Wix but was seeking a more flexible option with a professional look.

I wanted to develop a club website that could display stats, schedules and set us apart from other teams in our league.

I was originally using Wix but also looked at themes through Squarespace and other sports themes on WordPress.

Bringing Everything Together

My first experience of ThemeBoy/SportsPress was also my first time using WordPress. With only some knowledge to start with, things were surprisingly easy and I was impressed at how fast I was learning. The documentation and video tutorials from ThemeBoy were really helpful, along with professional support staff to help with all my questions.

I knew our website would require constant changes and the ability to maintain schedules, scores and stats. The ThemeBoy/SportsPress solution seemed the ideal way to bring everything in house and have full independence, without relying on a 3rd party web developer to manage our site for us.

The event blocks feature is probably my favourite so far. It gives us a very clearly way to display upcoming games and recent results for our fans.

Professional Results

With SportsPress, we found it was much easier to raise awareness of our team and display information to our fans. It helped make our schedule and results much easier to find, whilst allowing us to present our team more professionally. We’ve even had people ask if we are a semi-professional team, due to the appearance of our website thanks to ThemeBoy/SportsPress.

The new Oxford Saints website is powered by Football Club and SportsPress Pro

A combination of the Football Club theme and SportsPress has allowed us to create a window into our team, making it easy for people to find information about the team and upcoming games.

I recommend ThemeBoy because of their well established set of themes and plugins, which are well documented with great customer support to back it up.

From Eagles to Saints

The team was founded in 1983 originally as the Oxford Eagles, eventually being renamed to the Oxford Saints. The team is one of the first American Football clubs established in the UK when NFL fever was sweeping through Europe. Still going strong today, the Saints are also one of the longest running.

Exchange LA

Downtown Los Angeles has been a clubbing destination for years, with the high-rise city center giving way to industrial complexes and warehouses ripe for creative promoters to set up shop. The club scene has grown significantly, competing with Hollywood for L.A.’s nightlife attention. Named for the building’s historic housing of the Los Angeles stock exchange, Exchange LA on Spring Street is a beautiful Art Deco edifice that’s been retrofitted for the modern club experience. In addition to house and techno DJs, Exchange is also one of the few big clubs at which you can still see trance DJs. With four floors and 25,000 square feet, you have plenty of space to enjoy sets from artists such as Maya Jane Coles, Simon Patterson and Giuseppe Ottaviani.

Located in the Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles, Exchange LA is conveniently located one mile from Staples Center and the LA Convention Center. Formerly the Los Angeles Stock Exchange, this venue pays homage to its rich and opulent Art Deco past spanning 25,000 square feet and four floors. Exchange LA is a vibrant venue that functions not only as a nightclub, but also as an event space for award shows, premiere parties, corporate events, live entertainment, film shoots and fashion shows.

The Best Dance Clubs in Los Angeles

The electronic music scene, nightlife and DJ culture in Los Angeles have come a long way in a relatively short time. Once the Wild West compared to New York’s well-established nightclub culture, Los Angeles has long been known for warehouse parties, underground events and full-moon desert parties. The echoes of the 80s and 90s underground scene are still heard at Moontribe and secretive events in Downtown L.A. with ever-changing locations, but legitimate nightclubs that fully embraced electronic music had a ways to go. Then around 2000, the “super club” craze caught on like lightning in a bottle, captured at clubs like Giant and Spundae. The exposure was massive and the underground suddenly started bubbling to the surface.

The after-effects are still being felt today, and the Los Angeles dance music scene has morphed into something strange, beautiful and vital. There are venues throughout the city where you can take part in the culture or just get your groove on and have a lost weekend. Read on for some of L.A.’s best clubs for electronic music.

List of former English Football League clubs

The English Football League comprises professional football clubs from England and Wales. It was established in 1888 as The Football League and in 1892 the Second Division was formed, with the existing division being renamed the First Division.[1] The First World War caused the League to be postponed from 1915 to 1919 and two seasons following its resumption a Third Division was introduced for one season, before being regionalised as North and South.[2] The 1958–59 season saw the introduction of a Fourth Division, with the top 12 clubs from the Third Division North and South from the previous season starting in a national Third Division, and the bottom 12 starting in the Fourth Division.[3] The introduction of the Premier League, which superseded the First Division as the top-flight of English football, caused a reorganisation of the English football league system in 1992, with the Fourth Division being disbanded.[4] The First Division, Second Division and Third Division were rebranded as the Championship, League One and League Two respectively ahead of the 2004–05 season, which came as part of a then-sponsorship with Coca-Cola.

From the 1986–87 season, the club finishing bottom of the Football League’s basement division was relegated to the Conference National (now National League), the highest level of non-League football,[5] depending on the ability of the Conference champions to meet FA requirements.[6] Before this, clubs would lose their League status by failing to gain re-election after finishing in the bottom four of the bottom division.[7] Since the 2002–03 season, the bottom two clubs of League Two face relegation to the Conference/National League.

The list includes clubs that are current members of the Premier League, who lost their Football League status upon promotion, and those which lost their status by other means. This includes clubs which have become defunct, merged with another club or have been relegated to a lower position in the pyramid. Where a defunct club has been succeeded by a phoenix club, the new club is listed.

FIFA President statement on the World Football Club Association

“We were pleased to host today’s meeting not only because important subjects like the new FIFA Club World Cup were discussed but also because the voice of clubs from all continents was heard. I’m sure that more leading clubs will join in a platform with which we are looking forward to dialogue in the same way we have been doing with FIFA’s member associations, confederations, leagues and players as well as with key stakeholders of the football community.

The world is evolving fast and if football wants to keep growing as the main sport of the planet we need to come together in a constructive, innovative and inclusive spirit to openly talk about the challenges and issues but also the great opportunities that we have in front of us.

My vision is that in the future 40 or 50 clubs from different parts of the globe have the legitimate ambition to win the FIFA Club World Cup. This would mean that their national or regional competitions have developed to that level and that millions of fans are even more engaged in the support of their favourite teams.

Congratulations to all of those involved and a particular word of appreciation to Florentino Pérez for the initiative to bring clubs from all around the world to the Home of FIFA and for the launching of such a relevant project.”