Giggs: Rashford is a genius,Hope Cavani can be qualified for Manchester United’s center position

News on October 4 In an interview,The Red Devils, Welsh national team coach Giggs talked about Rashford and Giggs.


“Rashford is a genius,When playing football with him,I saw his mental state.He is a player who wants to improve and wants to be the best,He realized that he needed to improve like all young players.In the game against England,He is one of the players we must pay attention to.”

Before Manchester United played against Brighton,Rashford scored a wonderful goal,This is also his first Premier League goal this season.Giggs:“As a Manchester United fan,Obviously he is very good,That’s the goal the Red Devils fans want to see.”
Next, on October 9th, England will face Wales led by Giggs in a friendly match.“If he is in that state,We must try to stop him.We know we need to play our best,And always ready to stop Rashford and other England players.”


“no doubt,He is a world-class star,My second game as the Welsh coach was against Uruguay.The efficiency and quality of Cavani’s team have deeply influenced me.He is very fast,Manchester United also had some South American players before,Such as Falcao, Di Maria and Sanchez.But Cavani has excellent scoring efficiency,I hope he can succeed.”

“I think Manchester United needs a center,Need someone to score,I hope he can do the job.I don’t think Cavani will have any problems with Manchester United’s club size.He has a wealth of experience.If he joined Manchester United,People’s attention will immediately focus on his divine,He needs to get into work immediately,Because the pressure is always there.”