Carlos Vinicius: Considered retirement 3 years ago,Joining Tottenham is the pinnacle of my life

News on October 4 Yesterday morning,Tottenham officially announced thatThe team signed Benfica’s 25-year-old forward Carlos Vinicius on loan,It is reported that the rental fee for players is 3 million euros.The contract contains a 45 million euro buyout clause.

Since Carlos Vinicius landed in Europe in 2017,In the past three seasons he has played for Real Sport, Naples, Rio Avi, Monaco and Benfica.In the 2019/20 season, he was the top scorer in the Benfica team.Scored 24 goals in all competitions,In addition, he was also the top scorer of the Portuguese Super League last season.

In an interview with the official website of the Tottenham club,Carlos Vinicius said:“Thank you very much for this opportunity,I am very happy to be here.Tottenham is one of the biggest clubs in Europe.Can also play in the best leagues.This is an irresistible invitation,I can’t wait to join the team,And started kicking.”

“As a player,You always have to be prepared,No matter which team you join,You have to be prepared.I achieved my personal goals in Benfica last year,I am the best shooter there,Now I’m working hard with my teammates at Tottenham,To make fans happy,And help the club achieve its goals.For this,I want to achieve my goal,This means goals are needed.If I can score and help the team,that’s great.”

Tan and Kane become teammates

“Tottenham is a big club with great players,I am very happy to share a dressing room with him here,I want to keep studying every day,We will show our strength together to support the club and the club’s goals,This way we can bring joy to everyone at Tottenham.”

Duty to score

“You play for your team to win,Whether you score or others score,You have to work as a team,When the whole team plays well,Individuals can shine and shine.”

“Like i said,Tottenham is a top club that plays in top clubs.It’s great to have a world-class coach Mourinho.I am very happy,I look forward to learning something every day,Not just to Mourinho,But to the whole whole.I am very grateful that there are some players in the team that I already know,This is very helpful for the team to adapt.I already know Gederson Fernandez from Benfica,There is another Brazilian from the team, Lucas,This is a real help for me.”

Personal experience

Through the translated Portuguese,Carlos Vinicius said,In 2017,At the age of 22, he almost stayed away from the football stadium.He struggled hard in his hometown Brazil,There are few opportunities in Anapolis Gremio,Until he joined the Royal Portuguese Sports Club,He got a second chance,Since then, his football career has gone uphill.

“That was a recent thing,It was difficult for me in Brazil,I have a wife and two children,I didn’t play football very well at the time,I discussed with them about retirement,But in the end, thank goodness,The opportunity has come,That was a critical moment,I have the opportunity to play in the Royal Sports Club,Things don’t feel good, it’s like my last chance,But luckily everything went well,I am very happy because this is the beginning of everything for me to play in Europe.Now i am here,Reached the top,I really appreciate what I have achieved,I think those who are closest to me will also be happy for me.”

The team looks forward to

“At last,The players must be prepared for everything,Because things are developing too fast,But it’s no different to me,I came here very hard,Now here I want to enjoy everything,Share this experience with my teammates,And bring joy to all fans who love the club and support us.”

“Like i said,My goal is the same as the club goal——Win every game,If the whole team stays strong,Keep focusing on the victory of the goal,Then every player can flash,I want to say to everyone,We will taste the taste of success together,I joined this big family,Share the joy,And try to win the trophy.”