Langgrak: We were surprised when Klopp left Dort.We owe him a lot

News on October 2 Former Dortmund goalkeeper Langgrak previously accepted an interview with Goal.He talked about Klopp in an interview.When Klopp left Dort,Everyone in the Dort team was surprised,Langrak believes that Klopp has made a great contribution to Dort.And these players owe Klopp a lot.

Langrak mentioned:“I didn’t know Klopp very well at the time.My agent said at the time that Klopp would become the next famous coach in Germany.Everyone likes Klopp.”

“When I met Klopp,he tells me:‘No matter your performance is good or bad,Whether you make a mistake or not,As long as you keep working hard,That will never be a problem for me.’”

“I still remember what Klopp said at the beginning,This is how Klopp communicates with the players,He makes every player in the team feel important.”

“Klopp talks to everyone about different things every day,At that time Dortmund was one of the best teams in the world.But only 14 players can enter a stable rotation lineup,The remaining players need to wait on the bench for opportunities.”

“When Klopp left Dort,We are all surprised,I remember I saw the news at home,I find it hard to accept,Because Klopp was one of the best coaches in the world.”

“We were very grateful for everything Klopp did for the team,We owe Klopp a lot,Because he helped us make great progress,But this is football,After Klopp left,Everyone in the team still maintains a professional attitude,No one is distracted,No one was crying because of Klopp’s departure.”