Halftime: Richard Leeson Kane missed opportunities one after another,Tottenham 0-0 Everton

September 14 News At 23:30, September 13, Beijing time,The first round of the Premier League continues,Tottenham vs. Everton.In the first half,Richard Leeson missed a single pass,Kane grabbed a spot and missed the opportunity.After halftime,The two teams drew 0-0.

In the 16th minute of the opening,Spurs made a mistake in returning,Richard Leeson passed the goalkeeper after stealing,Face the empty goal with a small angle shot to fly the ball,Missed a great opportunity to score.

24 minutes,Sun Xingyu started from the left and crossed to the restricted area.Kane fell to the ground in front of goal, but unfortunately failed to touch the ball.


At the 33rd minute,Tottenham get the chance to strike back,Sun Xingmin took the ball on the left and threw it straight into Ali,Ali kicked the ball and was saved by the goalkeeper.

37 minutes,J Luo shot with his left foot outside and missed.

41 minutes,Kane picked the ball to the penalty area,Dougherty kept up the shot and was saved by the goalkeeper.


After halftime,Tottenham 0-0 Everton.


Everton (4-3-3): 1-Pickford, 23-Coleman, 13-Mina, 5-Kean, 12-Digne, 6-Allan, 21-Andre-GMax, 16-Ducure, 19-J Luo, 7-Richardson, 9-Lewin

Tottenham (4-2-3-1): 1- Lowry, 2- Dougherty, 4- Aldweirelder, 33- Ben Davis, 5- Heibel, 8- WinX, 15-Dell, 20-Ali, 7-Sun Xingmin, 10-Kane, 27-Lucas Jr.