Lamar Neagle breaks out with brace as Seattle Sounders leave Colorado with needed win

  For Lamar nigger, it’s just a matter of time.
  In Saturday night’s away game with Colorado Rapids, the supersonic midfielder, who scored his career’s highest nine goals a season ago, did not break the record in 2015.
  But on Saturday, sanders and coach higgie Schneider’s long-awaited breakthrough came true, with negler scoring two goals in the first 25 minutes of the game, leading Seattle to a 3-1 win at Dick’s sporting goods Park.

  ”I’m getting my momentum back,” nigger said after the game. “I feel like I threw the same ball last year. So I just want to find the same motivation and build on it. “
  Colorado Rapids 1, Seattle sounder 3
  Nigel’s first goal was a curl in the free throw area saved by Clint Owen, the goalkeeper of torrent City, marking that Seattle’s first goal of the season was not scored by star forwards Clint Dempsey and Obafemi Martins. The 28 year old midfielder returned to midfield last week after replacing injured Dempsey as a striker.
  ”It’s good for neagle,” Schmid said. “He can score on the side, he doesn’t need to be on the front court.” I think he did well in last week’s game and he was able to move that to the side. You could be the target – or it could be dangerous. “

  In addition to Nigel’s excellent performance, Sanders has also benefited from Martins’ highlights in the major league season so far. The Nigerian threw a dagger in the 73rd minute, and Andy Rose’s beautiful long-range shot threw two of the city’s defenders out.
  ”I don’t even remember what I did,” Martins said. “Rose gave me a good ball, I want to control the ball to face our goal, but I just decided to do something different.”
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  In terms of defense, Sanders’ performance in the first half was relatively unstable. In 22 minutes, they drew the score to the Torres forward Gabriel Torres and suffered great pressure from their own side. But in the second half the defence seemed to settle down, forcing the Colorado team to shoot several long-range shots easily by goalkeeper Stefan Frey.
  ”I think they started well,” said Seattle centre back Chad Marshall “From the very beginning, they were constantly passing data forward, and their communication was very good, which I think sometimes confused us. We survived in some way, went into the second half, played better and left here victoriously
  Seattle (3-2-1) will play Portland timbers at home next Sunday.