UEFA Europa League: Dzeko scored Sensi to equalize Insigne’s center post,Italy 1-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina

September 5 News At 02:45 on September 5, Beijing time,The first round of the first group of the UEFA A-level,Italy vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina.Italy had the advantage in the first half of the game,In the second half of the game, Visa and Insigne were in the center.Zheke took the lead in breaking the door,Sensi equalized the score.In the end, the whole game ended,Italy drew 1-1 with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the 7th minute of the game,Pellegrini sent a long diagonal pass from the frontcourt,A volley from the left side of the penalty area after Insigne got the ball to fly the ball.

At the 12th minute,Little Chiesa made a false shot after receiving a diagonal pass on the right side of the penalty area.Then Chiesa’s shot hit the goal side net.

At the 18th minute,The Italian frontcourt got a chance to set a ball farther away,Insigne’s free kick crossed the wall and went above the goal crossbar and out of the baseline.

25 minutes,Armin Hordzic plugged in on the left side of the penalty area and sent an inverted triangle back pass.Visa kept up with the volley in front of the goal to fly the ball.

In the 35th minute,After Barrera dribbled the ball in the frontcourt, a long shot flew the ball.

After halftime,Italy temporarily drew with Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-0.

Easy side fought again in the 52nd minute,After Insigne dribbled the ball from the left side of the front court and broke through, the pocket shot was too positive.The ball was easily resolved by Xie Xiqi.

The 53rd minute.Visa crossed on the left and drove the ball into the penalty area and passed Donnarumma.Then Visa’s small angle low shot popped out of the left post of the goal!

55 minutes,Little Chiesa sent a long diagonal pass to the penalty area from the right front.Later, Insigne’s header hit the left post of the goal and popped out!

57 minutes,Bosnia and Herzegovina’s right corner kick was given to the penalty area and was ejected.In the melee, Sanjic header sent the ferry