UEFA: Cristiano Ronaldo double ring + achieve the national team’s 100 goals achievement,Portugal 2-0 Sweden

September 9th At 02:45 on September 9th, Beijing time,Europa League group stage,Sweden vs. Portugal,Bernardo Silva retired from injury in the first half.Swenson turned two yellows and one red and was sent off.Ronaldo scored a direct free kick to complete the national team’s hundred goals achievement.Fernandez hits the frame in the second half,Ronaldo blasted into the world wave and scored twice.In the end, the whole game ended,Sweden lost to Portugal 0-2.

In the second minute of the game,Berry’s header from a later point missed the goalkeeper.

At the 19th minute,Guerrero accidentally stops the ball in front of the penalty area,Then Guerrero kept up with a volley to miss the ball.

On the 22nd minute,Bernardo Silva was unable to continue the game due to injury,Guedes went into battle.

26 minutes,Fernandez took a right corner kick to the penalty area.C Lot’s volley after the ball was blocked.

37 minutes,After Olson stopped the ball in the frontcourt, his right foot outside the instep shot was too positive.The ball was held firmly by A-Lopez.

40 minutes,Cancelo midfielder sent a long pass to transfer,Ronaldo’s low shot after inserting the ball on the right side of the penalty area was saved.

44 minutes,Swenson kicked Moutinho with the ball with a shovel.The referee showed him a yellow card.Since I have received a yellow card before,So Svensson, who turned two yellows and one red, was sent off.

45 minutes,Portugal’s frontcourt got a good set piece opportunity,Ronaldo’s free kick crossed the wall and went straight to the dead corner of the goal to score!0-1!Portugal is the first to score!