Marca: Compared to returning to Barcelona,Coutinho prefers to return to the Premier League

News on August 25 According to the “Marca” report,Compared to returning to Barcelona,Brazilian midfielder Coutinho prefers to return to the Premier League.

Coutinho was rented out to Bayern by Barcelona this season,The Brazilian won the Champions League with the team,Bayern did not activate 1.A 200 million euro buyout clause.Currently, Coutinho will return to Barcelona first.

Before making the final decision,Barcelona’s new coach Koeman hopes to communicate with Coutinho first,butThe media said that Coutinho will inform Koeman that he is not sure that he is willing to stay at Barcelona next season.Coutinho’s wish should be to return to the Premier League.The Barcelona midfielder was his best performance when he played for Liverpool.It was the performance of that period that attracted the attention of Barcelona.

“Marca” said Coutinho missed the Premier League years,Missing my wonderful experience in the Premier League,So he wants to go back now.There are already many Premier League teams interested in him,Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal have all asked about the situation.But Coutinho’s problem is his salary.Brazilians’ salary is around 15 million euros after tax,Under the influence of the current epidemic,Not many clubs can afford such a salary.

Barcelona will also face problems if they keep Coutinho.The management wants to try to reduce the pressure caused by the salary of the first team,If Coutinho returns, it will mean additional problems.So Barcelona have been trying to sell Coutinho a few months ago.But no club is willing to meet Barcelona’s asking price of 80 million euros.

and so“Marca” stated that everything indicates that Coutinho will be rented out again.In this transfer market affected by the epidemic,Renting is the only remaining possibility,At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that the rented club cannot bear all the salary of Coutinho.

Although Koman wanted to keep Coutinho,But “Marca” said the player’s attitude and his high salary have reduced the possibility of staying on the team.