Florentino: Real Madrid’s youth training is full of peach and plum,Is our motivation to persist

News on August 26 Real Madrid U19 team defeated Benfica 3-2 early this morning,Won the European Youth League Championship historically,He also accepted an interview with RMTV after the game.

“This is a group of very good players,I have experienced many wonderful moments in Real Madrid,But at a moment like today,I think it can be compared to some moments in my time as a player.All this is very precious,I wish to congratulate these players,Because this is a very important moment in their career.”

During the interview,Raul kept the lens away,Specially leave the middle position to the players.

“This honor also belongs to all the staff of our youth academy,From the supervisors,Technicians,everyone,This is historical,I hope I can congratulate every Real Madrid person here.”

The captain of the Real Madrid U19 team,Guard Antonio Blanco said:

“Very proud,Can represent the best club to win the championship,There are so many outstanding players around,I am very honored as the captain,I am proud of my team,Simultaneously,I also think of many people who could not participate in this competition for various reasons,Including our former coach Mr. Poyatos,He left before,And all the people who support us,People who trust us.”

“The game is very difficult,Benfica is a very good opponent,Our physical stamina dropped a little in the second half,The opponent’s press and suppression was very successful,We had a hard time playing.But Mr. Lauer,He is a real Real Madrid man,In the game, he is more strict with us than anyone,Put high demands on us.Let us be worthy of this jersey.”

Real Madrid chairman Florentino said:

“I feel great,This process requires everyone’s contribution,Everyone’s sacrifice,These little kids are the best proof of all this,Each of them worked very hard,Played 4 games in 9 days,All young,All are strong.We came here,Came to Nyon,Witness this historic scene.”

“This is what we have been working hard to achieve,Youth training is very important to us,There are our youth players all over the world,Many of them play for major European teams,Some are playing for Real Madrid’s first team.This gives us a lot of motivation,Let us continue to invest in and support Real Madrid’s youth training career.”