Urzi: I am very happy to get the attention of Atletico Madrid,Being selected for the Argentine national team is still awaiting

News on August 25 Recently, the new star Uerqi (Agustín Urzi) accepted an interview with Aspen newspaper,The Argentine U23 international talked about his transfer rumors with Atletico Madrid.And answered some questions about the fans’ concerns.

Would you like to put on the red and white shirt?

“Being able to play for Atletico Madrid under Simeone is one of my dreams.At the moment I learned that Atletico Madrid was interested in me,It’s really exciting.The Sheet Corps is the cradle of cultivating stars,The legendary Torres is an example.”

As an Argentine,What does Atletico coach Diego Simeone represent?

“Simeone’s body is full of pure Argentine blood,This also gave him the motivation to face everything.In every game he is like the 12th man on the team,This is incredible.I am a passionate person,So at this point I think I am exactly the same as Cholo (Simeone’s nickname).”

Talk about your own characteristics on the court

“I paid a lot,Through bit by bit effort,I hope I can do my best to improve,And I also know that I have the ability to score many goals.I prefer to cut from the side to the middle,The goal is to face the goal.of course,Still need to continue to train hard.”

Do you think Banfield’s football style is similar to Atletico Madrid?

“Each club has its own brand,But indeed,When watching Atletico Madrid,I feel that the tactical concept that they have worked hard to accomplish and the content of the full retreat are the same as Banfield’s requirements.This is precisely because Simeone expects to achieve the effect of all players participating in the defense.it’s great.”

Are you ready to take the bigger stage?

“Of course,I must always be prepared,Meet new challenges,And I also understand that my family and friends will support me from beginning to end.Football is a beautiful sport,At the same time, everyone is required to abide by disciplinary regulations,I will always follow.”

What do you think of the shining stars of Felix, Anzu Fati, and Vinicius?

“When they touch the ball,It will give people a very dangerous feeling,I have also put in a lot of effort in this regard.It’s important to inflict damage on the opponent,I am trying to improve.”

I hope you will be selected for the Argentine national team soon,Fight side by side with Messi

“With your auspicious words,I hope so (laughs),But the coaches of the Argentine National Youth Team told me that I still need to work harder.I scored a wonderful goal in February,But I am not satisfied with this,Looking forward to getting more goals.Messi is the idol of all of us,It is also the glory of Argentina.Whenever he touched the ball,It will have an extraordinary feeling.”

Real Madrid star Hames Rodriguez became famous in Banfield when he was 18…

“The big guy still has a fresh memory of James (who was born),At that time he was just a fledgling teenager,But the team gave him plenty of playing time,Then he also seized the opportunity.Because of this,He can join the giants to open a new chapter in his career.”

Former Argentine international Hector Enrique (his son Ramiro Enrique also plays for Banfield) loves you very much,Often give you valuable suggestions

“Yes,Enrique is my role model.He was a role model for all of Argentina,It is an honor to be able to listen to his teachings.He always warned me that I need to believe in myself,Because I have an outstanding talent,Can make a difference in the future.”

So farUlzi, 20, has played 32 games for Banfield in various competitions in the past two seasons.Scored 2 goals and provided 2 assists.In addition, he is also the main winger of the Argentine Olympic team.Helped the team through the Tokyo Olympics South American qualifiers all the way,Won the championship,Successfully got Olympic tickets.

According to previous mainstream media reports,Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, Roma, Sampdoria, Fiorentina and many other European football players have all paid attention to this rising star.