Bartomeu now has to resign and bear huge losses?true,But exaggerated

News on August 27 Since yesterday,Some domestic media and football bloggers began to mention a point on Weibo:The reason why Bartomeu refused to resign now,It’s because there is a huge deficit in club management.If they resign, they will bear the operating deficits,So Bartomeu has to consume it,And strive to sell Messi at sky-high prices to make up for the shortfall.

Actually,There is a basis for this statement,But it is not entirely reasonable.

According to the supplementary bill of the seventh edition of the third provisional amendment to the Spanish Royal Sports Law:Spanish owned“Non-sports limited liability company”Board of directors,Need to guarantee the club spending during the ruling period,The guarantee amount is at least 15%.

in other words.If the term of the current board of directors ends,It is necessary to calculate the revenue during its administration,If there is a loss,The board of directors will fill in the accounts——Fill in at least part,The accounting standard is determined by the Spanish Football Professional League,That is, Laliga decided,Because Laliga is also the institution that determines the admission system of league teams.

And in Spain,After the restructuring of the football club in the 1990s,There are only 4 clubs that are neither shareholding,Nor is it a limited liability system,That is Real Madrid,Barcelona,Athletic Bilbao and Osasuna.

So in July this year,Athletic Club Bilbao once connected with three other clubs to apply to the Spanish government.To be able to exempt the loss of club operations this year,Because taking Athletic Bilbao as an example,Their losses in the 19-20 fiscal year reached more than 30-40 million euros.

but,Why is it untenable to use this reason to prove Bartomeu’s refusal to resign?

According to the estimates of the National Daily, Aspen and other media,Barcelona will inevitably lose money this year.The loss reached 1.500-200 million euros(Barca’s budget this season is 1 billion euros,The estimated revenue is only 800 million euros).But after the current board of directors took office,Accumulated profits over the years can reach more than 200 million euros,So Bartomeu and his board are not in danger.

And Barcelona’s financial report can also support this: According to the 18-19 fiscal year financial report released by Barcelona last year,From 2011 to July 2019,Barcelona has been profitable for 9 consecutive years,The total profit reached 2.1.3 billion euros.This is indeed higher than or basically the same as Barcelona’s losses this year.

and so,Bartomeu’s board of directors has not resigned.It is not directly related to the club’s losses this year.