Figo: It’s normal to talk about the Great Purge after the fiasco,But later you will find that you cannot do this

News on August 24 In an interview with “Marca”,Portugal star Figo said:“People will say all kinds of things after a fiasco,It’s normal to talk about the cleaning of the Barcelona lineup.But over time,You will find that you cannot do this,This is a difficult time,But the fact is that money is in charge.“

No Spanish team has advanced to the Champions League final for two consecutive years.This is bad news for La Liga,Isn’t it?

“This is the most important event in the world,Spanish football has played an important role in the Champions League for many years.They dominated the Champions League,But the fact that they have not advanced to the finals shows how complicated this event is.It also shows the level of the event.It’s all loops,The two teams that can advance to the final are the two teams that made the best effort for the final.The 2-8 game?I don’t have any special feelings.”

Teams like Leipzig or Lyon that may not be relatively technically good advanced to the semifinals.Do you think football is changing?

“Football will evolve,Will change,But not just physical changes,Everything will change,For example, technology will improve,This can be felt in the game.Now it’s not just about tactics,Also about body, strength and technology,Just like our world.”

Did the Spanish team not play well?

“I do not think so.This is the moment when things are not as they wanted,They are all great clubs,Real Madrid and Barcelona are the best clubs in the world,They will return to that height again.The football world is not always the same.”

Messi’s future in Barcelona is being questioned,This thing is starting to look pretty similar to your previous experience…

“I won’t have the same experience twice,Nor will two moments be the same.This is a different situation,What happened to me was completely different from what Messi was going through.”

Do you think Messi will leave Barcelona?

“I personally don’t think so,At least not this season,But I also know that if a player doesn’t want to stay in the team anymore,Then he will go eventually.There is no other possibility.This is a personal decision,I don’t know what Messi thinks,But I don’t think he will leave this year.Don’t forget the situation we are experiencing now,The current situation is unusual.No one can pay his liquidated damages,Definitely.”

Are you talking about money?

“We are experiencing a very fragile and special moment,I think now is not the best time to consider a transfer of this level.Everything has changed,The plan is different from before.”

But you joined Real Madrid at that time

“I think it’s almost impossible for something similar to my previous experience to happen again.”

Then you don’t think that Barcelona will carry out the great purge that is now being discussed.…

“After a defeat like that,People say all kinds of things,Talking about the need for a major cleaning,This is all normal,But over time,You will learn that you cannot do this.Should be handled calmly,Analyze everything.This is a very difficult time,But the fact is that money is in charge.”

Real Madrid has said it will not sign up this summer

“This is one of the examples of the situation I talked about earlier.There will be little change in the transfer market.The club cannot turn around and ignore everything that has happened.Many things are reduced,Club income, salary…You have to be realistic.Real Madrid has a very good lineup,Is very competitive,As they showed in this season of winning the league title.”

To take a step further,Dominate Europe again,What is missing in this Real Madrid?

“Fortunately I am not a Real Madrid coach,I don’t have the sorrows that Qi Zu has,I am sure he is worried about many things like any other coach.I’m sure he knows what he has to do,Also knows what he needs,But at the same time we must not forget the situation we are experiencing now.He will deal with it in the way he thinks fit.”

Historical figures like Casey will return to Real Madrid…

“Real Madrid is his home,Is his birthplace.This is the decision of both parties,They communicated,The club made an invitation,Then he accepted.He is very happy,I am also happy for him,Because he went home,I am very happy for him.”