Atletico is interested in the Spanish midfielder Roca,May complete the transaction with 15 million+ players

News on August 25 According to the Aspen newspaper,Atletico Madrid intends to introduce Spaniard midfielder Roca,This transfer may be completed in the form of 15 million+ players.

Atletico Madrid coach Simeone has asked the club to introduce a midfielder.The media said their choice was Roca,This transfer may be completed in the form of 15 million euros + players.

Roca is a very popular player in the transfer market.Bayern was close to taking him last season.In addition to Atletico,Seville, who is looking for a replacement for Banega, is also very interested.

In other locations,”Aspen” stated that Atletico Madrid’s signing funds are limited.If someone else leaves the team,Then signings from other locations may join in the form of loan.Now there may be a right back in the Atletico Madrid team (any one of the three right backs is possible,It may be sold if a good offer is obtained), a central defender (due to lack of playing time,Hermoso wants to leave the team) and a left back (Kaioben will stay in the team,But Monaco is interested in him,The club may be sold,Manu Sanchez has been rented out to Osasuna) to leave the team.

Selling Lemar is the top priority of Atletico Madrid.But in the end Atletico did not find a buyer who was willing to bear at least Lemar’s remaining transfer fee (40 million,Atletico Madrid spent 70 million on the introduction of Lemar in 2018.The contract expires in 2023).

If any team is willing to bear Costa’s salary,Then he will leave the team,Otherwise, Costa will fulfill his contract.”Aspen” statedAt the transfer window this summer Atletico won’t make big moves in terms of buyers and sellers.But after signing substitute goalkeeper Gerbic,The Sheet Legion can continue to introduce Roca.