Marca: Carrasco himself hopes to stay at Atletico Madrid,Europa League match day creates a good opportunity for negotiation

News on August 26 Although Atletico’s new season pre-season preparation phase (September 3, local time) is about to begin,But the future of the attacker Carrasco is still up in the air.According to the “Marca” report,The Belgian star himself looks forward to staying in the familiar Wanda Metropolitan Stadium.Atletico will use the European League match day to continue negotiations with the Dalian people.Strive to finalize the lease renewal within two weeks.

It is reported that,Carrasco’s attitude is to stay in the team.Continue to wear the red and white shirt in the 2020/21 season.And his outstanding performance after returning to the team in the winter window also conquered Atletico’s management.butDue to the severe impact of the new crown epidemic,Atletico, whose financial situation is not ideal, is more inclined to renew the lease for a year rather than directly transfer.Atletico CEO Hill Marin, who has a close friendship with Wanda Group and even Wang Jianlin, will personally participate in the negotiation.He is optimistic about the prospects of negotiations between the two sides.However, the specific content of the negotiation has not yet been finalized.Everything is still unknown.

“Marca” pointed out thatThanks to Martinez’s recruitment and successful selection into the Belgian national team squad,Carrasco will at least follow the Belgian national team to finish the UEFA Europa League match against Iceland on September 8.This virtually created a longer period of time for Atletico Madrid’s bilateral negotiations with Dalian people.The Sheet Corps will strive to finalize the lease renewal within two weeks.

The contract between the 26-year-old Carrasco and the Dalian native will last until December 31, 2022.This season he played 16 games for Atletico Madrid in various competitions.Scored 1 goal and provided 2 assists.