Pettit: Messi cannot adapt to the intensity of the Premier League,Can’t figure out why Manchester City should buy him

News on August 27 French star Pettit, who has played for Arsenal, Barcelona and other clubs, was interviewed by Paddy Power News before.In an interview, he talked about the issue that Messi might join Manchester City.Pettit said,Messi could not adapt to the intensity of the Premier League,Messi is protected in La Liga.Pettit also said,He couldn’t figure out why Manchester City wanted to introduce the 33-year-old Messi.If Manchester City want to buy,It should be shot a few years ago.

Pettit mentioned:“to be frank,I don’t think Messi can adapt to the intensity of the Premier Spain,Messi is protected.”

“Of course,British fans would definitely want to see Messi play in the Premier League.But Messi is 33 years old,I can’t figure out why a club like Manchester City wants to introduce the 33-year-old Messi.”

“in my opinion,If Manchester City want to introduce Messi,They should have started this transaction a few years ago.”

“Messi is not Ronaldo,I think from a physical point of view,Messi is still not as good as Ronaldo,Ronaldo is a beast.”

“From my perspective,Messi can still play in the highest level league in the next 1-2 years.But after that,Messi may be at the end of his player career.”

“Judging from the current situation of Abidal and Messi,I think the future of Barcelona will be decided during the next transfer window.”

“last summer,There have been transfer rumors about Barcelona and many players.But in the end many players did not join,Neymar is a good example.”

“Barcelona had transfer rumors with Neymar all summer last year.But they still failed to bring Neymar back from Paris.”

“at the same time,Abidal also encountered some problems due to medical investigations.That also caused his image in Barcelona to be slightly affected.”

“Earlier there was news that Harvey might return to coach in be frank,Abidal was also in crisis at the time,Barcelona is now struggling,Many things are not clear.”

“Harvey also made a clarification later,That means the lack of communication within the Barcelona team,And someone is still lying,Messi has the same problem now,He was struggling.”

“Earlier there was news that Messi was determined to leave Barcelona.We don’t seem to be comfortable with Messi’s expression of attitude in this way.”

“usually,Messi is very quiet,So Messi must have encountered some problems now,He must be sad now.”