Argentina reporter: Barcelona insisted on demanding 700 million liquidated damages,Do not rule out prosecuting Messi

News on August 26 According to the Argentine reporter,Veronica Brunati, who was also the first to confirm Messi’s departure today, revealed: Barcelona insists on 2 points: Messi’s departure clause expires on June 10.Messi must now pay 700 million liquidated damages to leave.and,For this reason Barcelona will not rule out prosecuting Messi.

For this,Joan Maria Pou, the host of the RAC1 Radio Barcelona matchday live show, said with sorrow:“Messi is not shy about going head-on with Barcelona,And if Barcelona hands this issue to a lawyer to deal with,So Messi’s final years in Barcelona,Will be in court with the club,This is a very sad and sad ending for the first person in Barcelona’s history.”

Santi Gimenez, editor-in-chief of the Barcelona edition of Aspen newspaper, said:“I am very calm now,Barcelona’s legal department at this time will only deal with this matter from the perspective of protecting the interests of the club.”

David Sanchez, a Barcelona correspondent for Radio Marca, said:

“Bartomeu,Will be left in history as the worst chairman in Barcelona history,The worst and worst chairman,Because he was so powerful that he blasted Messi away.Messi took the initiative to leave Barcelona,Not because of lack of money,But because of the club’s competitive situation,And the board of directors lied year after year,Said no.Bartomeu and his board of directors do not match,Messi just did what a good player should do: leave the club,A slap on the faces of Bartomeu and his colleagues,Then let the worst board of directors in history leave quickly.“