Moratti: When I saw Suning’s poster,I think Inter is true to Messi

News on August 25 Inter Milan’s honorary chairman Moratti accepted an exclusive interview with Aspen newspaper yesterday.

After a season,Inter Milan finally fell in the Europa League final:

Inter Milan performed well in the decisive game.Playing more and more steadily,And defeated many tough opponents,But Sevilla still has a very long tradition in the Europa League.This factor is still very important in football,Lopetegui’s team is a very good team.For me they are the favorites in the finals.

Do you thinkWhat is the value of winning the Europa League at this time?

I think it is still very valuable,Not only the joy and passion brought by the championship,There is also to make players believe that they have the ability to win the championship,I believe this club can win the championship,It is also a good incentive for the next season.

Conte’s coaching this season is not bad,But now there are a lot of controversies about his stay:

I think this question depends on his relationship with Mr. Chairman.But Mr. Conte’s abilities need not be questioned,His achievements this season are outstanding,Good results have been achieved.

Lukaku scored 34 goals this season,And Ronaldo:

I think to be honest,I didn’t expect Lukaku to have such an outstanding performance.This is a very clever young man,Quickly adapted to Italian football,And exceeded everyone’s expectations,I like this guy very much.

Why is Eriksson not so ideal?

Eriksson’s ability is very good,But it takes time to adapt to Serie A,I think he has been getting better in the past few months,But we need to be patient.

How do you evaluate Lautaro’s performance?

I think Lautaro’s ability and potential are very high,Full of talent,Now he is proving that he has this ability,But I think we can do better.

Barcelona wants to buy Lautaro,Then you think Lautaro should stay at all costs,Or can people be released?What do you think?What do you think of the deal between Eto’o and Ibrahimovic,Was it successful?

I’m not good to say,I think the transaction at that time was a very successful operation for us from all angles.We sent away a very good player,But in the end we got very good results.I think it depends on how to replace Lautaro.We bought Eto’o back then.

For example,Suarez?What do you think?

how to say,Eto’o was not 33 years old back then,of course,Suarez is great,He is a very skilled player.

Speaking of Barcelona,The unavoidable topic is Messi,You once wanted to sign Messi,What now?Do you think Inter Milan has a chance?

I think Inter Milan must have tried it.I saw the famous poster of Suning at that time,Messi’s reflection is reflected on the Milan Cathedral,This makes me think maybe they have started to shoot.of course,If it doesn’t mean it,I also think they will make a move soon.

This poster is indeed imaginative:

I think this is definitely not a financially easy transfer.But the bigger problem is Messi’s wishes.I think what I need to understand is,Does Messi want to leave Barcelona?I am at least not sure now.