Carragher: I want to see Liverpool win the championship,But I don’t want to see them lead two or thirty points to win the championship

September 8 News Recently in the TEAMtalk program,Liverpool star Carragher expressed his hope to see the Red Army defend the Premier League title.But he doesn’t want Liverpool to be like last season.With a huge lead,Lock the Premier League champion early.In addition,Carragher also said,The team that hopes to win the Premier League championship in the new season,The final score will not exceed 90 points.

2019-20 season,Liverpool eventually won the championship by 18 points ahead of second place Manchester City.Carragher said about this:“I am a Liverpool fan,I certainly want to see them win the Premier League trophy again.But hope it’s not like last season,Lock the Premier League champion early.”

“We want to see more intense competition in the league,We also need to become more competitive in the league.I want to see the gap between other teams and Liverpool getting smaller and smaller,Because we need to become more competitive.”

“We don’t want to see any team leading by 20 or 30 points,But I still hope that Liverpool can finally win the championship.I want to see a very competitive situation,Liverpool locked the championship on the last day,Win the championship in this exciting way.I want to see the suspense of the Premier League champions not revealed until the last minute,And it would be a good thing that the winning team has fewer points than last season.”

“I really want to see the championship team get less points,If the top two teams always score 99 or 100 points,That means it’s hard for the teams behind to catch up with them,Put pressure on them.So I hope the final points won by the Premier League champions this season will not be higher than 90 points.That means league competition has become more interesting.”

“I think it is entirely possible that the situation I said will happen,I think all teams will catch up with Liverpool,Strive for a better performance in the new season than last season.But to be honest,I think there are still only two teams that can compete for the Premier League title,That is, Manchester City and Liverpool, which have remained in the top two in the past few years.”

“The following teams should try to narrow the gap with Liverpool as much as possible.This is also a team like Chelsea,The reason for spending a lot of money in the transfer market this summer to introduce many outstanding players.They want to use this way,Narrow the gap with Liverpool.But Liverpool and Manchester City still have a big lead.I think it will still be like this this year.”