Artur: The Juventus plan touched me; being teammates with Ronaldo is like a dream come true

September 2 News Brazilian midfielder Atul, who moved from Barcelona to Juventus this summer, held a press conference today.He interviewed the media for the first time,And announced that he will wear the No. 5 jersey in the new season.

At three in the afternoon local time,Atul came to the press office of the Allianz Arena,Facing the Italian media for the first time:

You played for Barcelona,Now I came to Juventus again,How are you feeling now?

Hello everyone,First of all thank you all for coming,Today is a very important day for me,I want to thank my family,Team manager,Fabio (Palatic),And all the people who came to welcome me.I am very honored to play with so many great players,Especially being able to compete with Ronaldo,As a dream come true.

What made you choose Juventus?

I saw Juventus’ blueprint for the future,The team’s welcome to me also made me very happy,I like the way the problem is handled here,You know this is Juventus,Is a club with such a long history,It also has a very good basic framework,All these factors make Juventus unique.

Did you talk to Coach Pirlo about where you want to play?What position do you prefer?

I haven’t talked to the coach in detail,Few people can play football like him,His style of playing on the court is unique,It is an honor to be able to play under his coach.However, we have not communicated specifically about my position and role.

What made you decide to leave Barcelona?

I can only thank Barcelona,Barcelona and Barcelona fans have invested in me,Now I get the same treatment at Juventus.I joined Juventus because the ambitious plans here attracted me,I want to start from the beginning,I think this will be a new motivation for my career.

What do you think of the transfer amount Juventus has spent for you?

This is just a number to me,I don’t think too much,Juventus decided to invest this expense in me,Then all I have to do is to make them feel value for money.

Have you followed Pirlo’s player era?

of course,Everyone who likes football has seen Pirlo play.His greatness need not be repeated,I must learn to cooperate with him,This makes me very honored.

Do your personal goals also include the Champions League?

This is also one of the main reasons why I joined Juventus.Can compete with the top players in the Champions League,I hope to work together with my teammates to win in the Champions League and other games.

Tell me about your location?

My position in the national team is different from that in Barcelona.I don’t know what role I will play at Juventus,But I can do all the positions in the midfield,I can play double midfielders or three midfielders,Although the style of play will be different, I can do it,More specifically, I will know later,But I think location will not be a problem.

Do you have a favorite player?Have you heard of Suarez’s rumors?

My idol has always been Iniesta,Everyone knows this.About Suarez,I have never communicated with him,I don’t know the current situation,I think this should be asked to the managers.Of course Suarez is a great player,If he has the opportunity to come here, he can definitely help the team a lot.

What are your expectations for Serie A?

I think there will be more physical contact in Serie A,This is a very good league.The new season will not be easy,But Juventus is a strong team,I can’t wait to start meeting the challenge.

Your performance in Barcelona was different in the two seasons,What do you think of this difference?

I disagree with this,I suffered some injuries last season, so the number of games I played was limited.But now I am very good physically and mentally,I can’t wait to start the game.

We have a lot of Brazilian players here

I already know each other with my teammates from Brazil,They also warmly welcomed me.In fact, apart from Brazilians,All teammates, management,The staff are very welcoming to me.And the fans,I also felt their support on social media.With this passion,I can’t just say it’s like home nowBut I also feel very close.