Ferdinand: The key to Liverpool going forward is to stay healthy.It is difficult for players to be full attendance every year

September 8 News Manchester United star Ferdinand recently accepted an interview with TEAMtalk.He expressed his belief that Liverpool’s (last season) huge advantage over Premier League opponents may disappear in the new season.But also admitted that Klopp’s Red Army should be hailed as the favorite to win.

Although Liverpool had an advantage in the league last season,Manchester City leads second place with 18 points,But Ferdinand said,The catching team should firmly believe that they can start the new season next week,Fill this gap,Drive Liverpool from the championship position.

Ferdinand said:“No one can say that because Liverpool ended up leading their opponents by so many points this season,They even had an abnormal season.But there is also a factor,It may affect their guarantee of moving forward.”

To them,The key point is to keep the important players in the team healthy during the two important stages of the season.this is very important,What we need to figure out is,If their core players need a long truce,How will Liverpool respond.”

“Van Dijk played almost every game in the first two seasons.This is difficult to maintain.Salah and Mane have remained healthy in important matches.”

How does Liverpool deal with attrition?

“If they are attenuated because of a player injury,Then we will see other things from Liverpool.What kind of squad reserve will they have to fill the vacancy of stars,While maintaining the stability of the team?This is what we need to wait and see.”

“from now on,People will ask about Liverpool’s signings.Their trident has always been healthy,But if Salah or Mane is absent for a long time,They may need to find some stronger players on the bench.”

When I look back on the days when I won every season at Manchester United,We have never been able to guarantee the health of core players in important events in two consecutive seasons.So Liverpool has some very valuable wealth,Obviously, the team has done a good job in medical treatment.It also helps their players recover their health.”

“If they can continue to keep these players healthy,I don’t think Liverpool will stop this season.But it is unlikely that this will happen every year.If the team has personnel changes,At this time, Manchester City and other teams will be given a chance to catch up.”