Klopp: We want to be a strong team that no one wants to play against


News on July 24 23:00 Beijing time this Sunday,Premier League final game,Liverpool played a guest against Newcastle,Before the game,Klopp attended the press conference.


“His resilience made Henderson now,One problem football players need to face is,What makes you an athlete.talent?attitude?Henderson is a perfect fusion of the two.He is a good player,Always be ready,Fight on a high-level stage.He is worthy of what he has achieved today.”

“If you are like him,Players who have worked hard to reach this height step by step,Then all the honors you have are worthy of your efforts,Everyone needs to admit this.I am proud of Henderson,He is great.”

“Henderson is ambitious,And good at self-summary and criticism.In a big club like Liverpool,He handled what happened to him well,This made him who is perfect today.From the first day I coached Liverpool,Henderson is helping me,He has made incredible achievements.”

“This season,Our team performed well,Henderson also demonstrated his leadership and stability.”

Lovren Future

“There is no conclusion yet,We have not communicated yet.If there is no potential to leave the team,Then we will not talk about replacing Lovren’s position.So now I have no clue.”

VAR was introduced for the first time in the Premier League this season

“When I first heard that VAR would be introduced this season,I think it is wise to wait in England.I am not satisfied with the way VAR works,This technology did not play a very good role in determining the situation on the court.I do not like‘Obvious error’Such vocabulary.I still don’t understand the timing of VAR intervention.It can only be said that there is still room for improvement in the application of this technology.”

“If VAR makes a decision,Overturned the referee’s penalty,But they still have a lot to pay attention to.This is a difficult job,I respect it,But the video referee in charge of the studio should do better.”

Offseason plan

“I will try to relax myself,The next challenge is waiting for us,The plans for the new season are already very busy,Next season,Our league schedule will be shortened by four weeks,In mid-August,It’s going to be lively again.The season is over,But the overall situation is still there,The epidemic is still affecting football matches,We need to be flexible in changing our plans.I think a few months ago,We are still worried about whether the season can be restarted.”

Celebrate the championship with family at Anfield Stadium

“We beat Chelsea,Won the championship trophy with 96 points,This is no coincidence.Everyone did a great job.to me,That night was an extraordinary night,The family came to the stadium,Waiting for the moment we hold the cup.Being able to meet the people we love is a special time for us.”

Continue to hit the championship next season

“As we saw on Wednesday,The gap between us and Chelsea is actually not as big as the 30 points in the standings.We also need to continue to improve our strength.The end of a season also means a new beginning,From that moment on,We will fight for the championship again.Nothing can stop us from moving forward,This season,Our players have written a great story.”

“But this season is not completely over yet.I want to see the players do their best on the court,Only in this way can we have a chance to achieve better results.We need to be an opponent that no team wants to face,There are already some signs of this now,But we can do better.”

Favorite moment of the season

“Too much.I would say two games,The away game against Leicester City and the home game against Sheffield United.The Leicester City game,We just returned from Qatar after playing the Club World Cup,I didn’t expect the players to perform so well,I’m so happy.”

“The game against Sheffield United,The opponent made us play very uncomfortably,But our performance in that game was almost perfect,I like that game very much.”

Argument with Lampard

“You can’t hit me with something like that,I am not arrogant,Lampard was a little emotional at the time.I understand,Show respect.To be straightforward,This is true expression,He is also for victory.”

“but,Lampard has to learn,It is inappropriate to say that after the whistle at the end of the game.As a sportsman,After the final whistle,The matter should be turned over,But he didn’t do that,Honestly,I don’t like this.I am because of what he said after the game,Said my own point of view.”

“I respect all coaches,You know you get angry sometimes,Would feel unfair.”