B charges a shot at Lingard to make contributions,Manchester United 2-0 Leicester League 3rd to qualify for the Champions League


News on July 27 At 23:00, July 26, Beijing time,The final round of the Premier League in the 2019-2020 season,Manchester United challenged Leicester City away.In the first half,Fernandez’s goal was blown,De Gea made two consecutive attacks,Rashford volleyed and was thrown,The two teams handed in a goalless draw; in the second half,Vardy hits the header with a header,Martial created a penalty kick,Fernandez scored a penalty kick,Evans dyed red,Lingard made contributions on the bench.finally,Manchester United beat Leicester City 2-0 away.After this battle,Manchester United has 18 wins, 12 draws, 8 losses and 66 points, ranking third in the league to qualify for the Champions League next season.Leicester City ranked 5th in the league with 18 wins, 8 draws and 12 losses with 62 points and qualified for next season’s Europa League.The team’s top scorer Vardy scored 23 league goals to become the best scorer.

In the 12th minute of the opening,Rashford made a long pass from the left and right foot of the front court into the penalty area.Greenwood header near the penalty spot,The ball rises above the beam.

Wan-Bissaka and Williams performed well on both ends of the game and scored a game-high 7.6 points; Leicester City,Endidi’s performance is remarkable and won the team highest 7.3 points.

Technical Statistics:

Manchester United have the advantage of possession,The ball possession rate was 54%,Leicester City has 46% possession rate,Manchester United scored 7 shots and 3 kicks in the game to get 2 excellent chances to score 2 goals.Leicester City made 14 shots and failed to score.


Leicester City (352): 1-Schmeichel Jr.; 6-Evans, 5-Morgan, 2-Justin; 56-Thomas (88′,Hearst), 8-Tillermans (73′,15-Barnes), 25-Endidi, 20-Chowdhury (73′,26-Pratt), 11-Albrighton (73′,7-Gray); 14-Ishinacho (58′,17-Perez), 9-Valdi;

Manchester United (4231): 1-De Gea; 53-Williams, 5-Maguire, 2-Lindelhof, 290,000-Bissaka; 31-Matic, 6-Pogba; 10-Rashford (95′,24-Fousso-Mensa), 18-Fernandez (86′,39-McTominay), 26-Greenwood (76′,14-Lingard); 9-Martial (95′,25-Ighalo);