Arteta: I feel sorry for Watford,Mustafi’s injury is somewhat serious


News on July 27 Early this morning,After Arsenal beat Watford 3-2 at home,Arsenal coach Arteta accepted a post-match interview.

About this game

“This is a crazy game,This is how the game started.When we lead 1-0 or even 2-0,The opposing forward still creates many threats in our penalty zone,This is a really dangerous place.”

Will Martinez start in the FA Cup final

“Martinez proved his worth in important matches together,He made some wonderful saves in the game,Leno is still recovering from injury,So now the team’s choice in the goalkeeper position is Martinez.I hope Leno can return to the team soon,He will play the game by then.”

About the FA Cup Final

“It will be a completely different game,By then, we and Chelsea will have the same mental state,Everyone is eager to win the FA Cup trophy.Today’s game will be a bit different from that,This game is very important for Watford,They treat the game differently.”

About Aubameyang’s failure to win the Golden Boot

“We can all see Aubameyang’s efforts in this regard,Sometimes in the game he will ask himself to score one more goal,His data is excellent,Failure to win the Golden Boot does not affect his outstanding strength.”

About Mustafi

“Mustafi’s injury looks serious.After I came to the team,The team’s defense has experienced many injuries,Our personnel reserve on the back line is a bit low.Mustafi has been playing against us before,He performed very well in the game,I hope he can recover soon.He will also miss the beginning of next season.”

Regarding the reserve of rear defense personnel

“Now the team has three guards absent due to injuries,We must solve this problem as soon as possible.”

About Watford downgrade

“I feel sorry for them,Watford today is unfortunate.I’m sorry about that,I hope they can return to the Premier League next season.I can understand the impact of relegation on the team and the players.”

About Dini said this is his last game

“I hope he will not retire,The way he plays, the way he expresses himself and his personality have left a deep mark on the Premier League.I hope he can come out of the sadness of the team’s relegation as soon as possible,Then make a decision——Help Watford return to the Premier League.”