Lampard: Our goal is not to maintain peace,I wanted to go to Klopp for a drink


News on July 24 Chelsea coach Frank Lampard attended the pre-match press conference against Wolves in the final round of the Premier League this season.Answered questions from the media.

It only takes one point in the last game to achieve the goal,Will this affect your deployment?

All our deployment is to win victory,Apart from that, there is no other attitude towards a football match.The Wolves is a very strong opponent,We can see this throughout the season.We are fully aware of our situation,Will work hard to win.

Is it important to get zero seals in the game?

This may not be a key factor,But it’s important to aim for it in every game,This has always been the case.

How is Kanter’s health?

He might be on the stage,This morning he trained with the team for the first time according to the intensity of the game.After communicating with him and the medical team,We will make a decision whether to arrange for him to play.

Compared to coaching creative players on the offensive end,Is it more strenuous to adjust defense?

I do not think so,We need to pay attention to every aspect of the court,You will also make demands on the team,Whether it is at the individual player level or the team level.Some things eased our defense,But we still conceded too many goals.We need to do our best to keep the number of conceded goals down.

Do you regret having an argument with the Liverpool bench?

I watched that video,I am indeed at the scene.For what was said at the time,I do regret it a bit,Because my two little daughters also use social networks.As for the defense of my team“Passion”The way?Do not,I can handle it in different ways,But some reports said that I was dissatisfied with their way of celebrating.However, it is not.They can celebrate every time they score.I wanted to ask Klopp to have a drink after the game,But something happened on the bench,Those are not what Klopp said.I think those words cross the line,I am also sorry about this,But we will keep going.

Was the match against Liverpool the most important game you played as a coach after the promotion play-offs of the British Championship?

I think this game is,But the same was true for the subsequent games against Arsenal and Bayern Munich.Our goal is to get the top four in the league,But we also need to improve the team with a developmental doubt,This is a very important game.

Mourinho once coached you during your player period,Have you learned anything from it?

Every coach is different,And the most important thing is to be myself,Do things the way I think is correct.In the Mourinho era,Our goal is to be the champion, not the top four,So the environment is different.I think the players understand our current situation,I look forward to their performance on Sunday as well as before.

What do you think of the Wolves and their coach Nuno?

I think they have done an incredible job.After a period of accumulation,They reached a higher level.As the head coach,Nuno is very humble,There is no doubt about the work attitude,So this will be a tough game.Their work is very successful,This is due to the unique management method and the many talent reserves.Their achievements are great,I respect everything they have experienced in the past year.

What do you think of Carragher’s evaluation of Kepa?

I don’t want to comment on other people’s topics about how they comment on the players.That’s just their thoughts,And I have to leave it behind.The only thing I think about now is that we still have two games to play at home,Then it faced Bayern Munich.This thing is the same for everyone,It’s not just Kepa.

Arsenal did not have any special tasks in Sunday’s game.Will this give them some advantages when facing you later?

I do not think so.Even after the league, we still have nearly a week to prepare,Aston Villa and Bournemouth will put a lot of pressure on Watford to relegation.I think they will go all out.