Llorente made a goal with Oolong Costa,Atletico Madrid 1-0 Levante


News on June 24 01:30 AM on June 24, Beijing time,The 31st round of La Liga in the 2019-2020 season continues,Atletico Madrid challenged Levante away.In the first half,Llorente made his opponent Oolong,Costa scored with a header; in the second half,Felix and Cork missed the opportunity to break,Neither team made any achievements.finally,Atletico Madrid beat Levante 1-0 away.

In the 6th minute of the opening,Carrasco shot from outside the penalty area,The ball was saved by Fernandez.

Tonio performed well and won a game-high 8.2 points; Atletico Madrid,Diego Costa narrowly scored a team-high 7.6 points,Thomas and Arias also won 7.6 points.

Technical Statistics:

Levante has a slight advantage in possession of the ball.The ball possession rate is 56.7%,Atletico Madrid ball possession rate is 43.3%,Levante scored 12 times in the game and got an excellent chance to score.Atletico Madrid scored 12 shots and 7 feet shots to get a great opportunity to score a goal.


Levante (442): 13-Fernandez; 3-Tonio, 14-Bezo, 18-Gonzalez, 23-Cork (60′,20-Miramon); 10-Balzi (82′,8-Ernani), 5-Radoha, 17-Vukcevic (60′,24-Campania), 16-Rocina; 9-Rochar (60′,11-Morales), 7-Leon (69′,21-Mayoral);

Atletico Madrid (442): 13-Oblak; 12-Lodi, 22-Hermoso (59′,2-Jiménez), 15-Savage, 4-Arias; 21-Carrasco (59′,7-Felix), 8-Saul, 5-Thomas (83′,9-Morata), 6-Cork; 19-Diego-Costa (80′,16-Herrera), 14-Llorente (59′,10-Correa);