Daily Mirror: In order to relieve pressure on the schedule,There will be no rematch in the FA Cup next season


July 25 News The Daily Mirror reported,In order to relieve the pressure of the schedule,The 2020/21 FA Cup will cancel the rematch.

Earlier on, the Premier League, the Champions League, the League One and the League Two all announced thatThe 2020/21 season will start on the same day, September 12.The Premier League will end on May 23,The British Championship and other leagues will end on May 9.

Due to the impact of the epidemic,The European League next season will encounter certain difficulties in the schedule.The FA Cup and the Carabao Cup in England will also be affected.At present, the FA has agreed to cancel all FA Cup rematches within one season.Although the third and fourth rounds of rematches tend to bring higher profits for some low-level clubs,Some troubles will follow.In addition,Top clubs also have greater concerns about the Carabao Cup.They may collide with the English Professional Football League (EFL).

The clubs participating in the Champions League and the Europa League threatened,If they are not allowed to send teams under the age of 23 to participate in the Carabao Cup next season,They will withdraw from this event.They insist,In such a dense schedule,Their first team simply can’t take care of the European War and the Carabao Cup.

Last season, Liverpool sent a team under the age of 23 to face Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup.In the end they lost the game 0-5; and at the same time,Their first team went to Qatar to participate in the Club World Cup held there.It can be said that similar disputes have been warned in the middle of the season.

But as far as I know,The FA will not give up the Carabao Cup,Because such a move will cause a chain reaction involving sponsors and broadcasts,In particular, most of the income of the Carabao Cup is used to support the development of local football in England.

Premier League clubs may have to come up with some kind of economic compromise,To reach an agreement with the FA; but what is worrying is thatOnce the Carabao Cup format changed,May completely affect this cup.

The FA is likely to oppose any similar proposal,Especially in recent years, the Carabao Cup/League Cup champions are all top clubs.For example, Manchester City in the past three years.

It is understood thatRelated discussions will continue next week,But the FA’s attitude is very firm,They want to maintain this event,I don’t want to see the Carabao Cup lose its current status.

The FA has cancelled the FA Cup rematch from the fifth round.However, the restructuring of the cancellation of the rematch next season is not of the same nature.Because the latter only involves one season.

The top Premier League clubs are also suffering from the crowded competition system.Because the Premier League will reignite war on September 12th next season,The UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League will be held on August 23 and 21: this means that if they can make it to the European finals,There will hardly be any holidays in the conventional sense.

Not just the schedule,Some other issues may also change the situation of the English League next season.For example, they will be after the Premier League promotion playoffs,Vote on whether to continue to use five substitution places next season; some Premier League clubs are also promoting the reform of VAR,Mike Riley, head of refereeing in the Premier League, specifically introduced this,And detailed the content of potential reforms next season,The standards will be unified with other major UEFA leagues,FIFA will also supervise.

In addition,The English clubs are also discussing,I hope to use the pre-season friendly matches in August and September for testing,So that some spectators can return to the stadium to watch the game.