Savage: Who would not love the world’s first goalkeeper Oblak?But he is ours


News on July 27 In an interview with “Aspen”,Atletico Madrid defender Savage said:“Oblak is the world’s first goalkeeper,Who would not love him?I am sure the whole world loves him,But he is our goalkeeper,I think he will continue to stay with us in the future.“

During this rest period,Considering that you have achieved your league goals,It feels better,Isn’t it?

“We were in very good shape after the event resumed,The team is worthy of our final ranking and qualified for the Champions League again.“

Have you ever thought you will lose your Champions League qualification?

“We have always believed in the lineup we have,And in the end we played a great level,We succeeded.I don’t know if I have ever had doubts,Maybe more of the doubts from the outside world,But we have always believed in our contribution,Always believe that everything will go well.”

Why did the team perform so well after the game resumed?

“Maybe the previous suspension helped us,And we make good use of the rule of 5 substitutions,We have a great lineup,Have players who can come off the bench and break the balance on the court,This kind of thing has been seen in many games.We also eliminated Liverpool before the suspension,But we did very well at home during the suspension of the epidemic,After we came back, we played a great level.”

It can be seen that the overall physical condition of the team is very good…

“We do well at home,We all took responsibility,We have always been in contact with Ortega, the fitness trainer and the coach.When we returned, everyone did not feel strenuous,We didn’t suffer too many injuries,This is because the training we had done at home was very well done.”

But after playing 11 games in 5 weeks,Have you ever felt that the team needs a holiday like this?

“Have,This week is great for us,The previous competition was intense,Playing every three days is not easy,It’s time to take a break and adjust for the next game.What will come after that is very wonderful: the Champions League,We all hope to advance to the finals.”

In another suspension period,Are you afraid of losing to your good state?

“We are not afraid.We were able to return to good condition after staying at home for 2 months.We will take responsibility in this less time period,We will train,Because we know the challenges ahead,It is also clear how much we paid to reach the Champions League quarter-finals.I think this break will be very helpful for the team.”

Will the physical aspect of this UEFA Champions League play an important role?

“Both physical and mental state,Leipzig is very tough,Is very physical,Being physically prepared will be very important.”

But it’s a bit strange: Paris has not played in the league since March.Atalanta is almost in the Champions League after the league…

“It will be weird,But this is the case.This is a game where anything can happen,So not only physical preparation is important,It is also important for players to be mentally prepared.”

After the draw,Do you feel the excitement and anticipation among the fans?

“We have always looked forward to the Champions League,We were very close to winning,But we failed to win the championship.There are still three games,But this is not easy for anyone.The Champions League is very difficult,So we will not consider things after the war with Leipzig.We must all play one after another,We know this very well.”

For this matchup,Does Atletico Madrid’s popularity as a promotion affect you?

“I think this game is 50-50,We know how the Champions League is,But we will not listen to outsiders.Leipzig eliminated Tottenham,Eliminated the team that advanced to the final last year.Those of us who follow football know that Leipzig is a very good and very strong team.They won’t let us play easily.”

If you can,You would have preferred a double round match?

“We did not consider this matter,I am kind of indifferent.It was two difficult matches against Liverpool.We played well at home,At Anfield, I suffered a lot,But in the end we were promoted.All we need to do is to be prepared,Focus on this UEFA Champions League in this format.”

And Atletico will return to Lisbon,You have an unremoved barb since 2014…

“We never talked about it,There are not many players left in the team who played that final.We didn’t think about it,We are focusing on the present,Did not think about the past.”

Although you have already experienced it in the league,But there are no fans in the Champions League either.This will definitely be a strange feeling

“Yes,Without fans,Less fun,But we will see this as another motivation for victory,For the fans who cannot be with us,But they will watch us at home,This is a responsibility.”

This season is the most difficult season for Atletico Madrid?

“This is a year of renewal,It has been a year of great changes.Many people had doubts about us before,Especially questioning our stability,But in the end we achieved our goal.This is the most difficult year,The next season will be better,Because we will have a team that works longer,And there will be no more changes.”

For example, on the defensive end,A lot of time you play with three recent players (Tripier, Felipe and Lodi)

“When the lineup changes, you must work harder,But I think the team data is good,We have maintained a solid line of defense.The players who were very important on the court and in the locker room left,Such as Gabi, Godin, Juan Fran, Philippe, Torres…All of this can be detected.But now I think the team has grown,We have been playing together for a year,We are more familiar with each other,This can also be felt.”

Do you already feel that you are one of the locker room leaders?

“I have played at Atletico Madrid for 5 years,I feel great,I feel my responsibility,I also feel that I am an important member.When you stay in the locker room for a while and have my age (29 years old),This is all normal.”

Another one who will gradually win the status of the dressing room is Oblak…

“He played for a year longer than me,And is the world’s first goalkeeper,This is true for me and many people.He is extremely important on and off the court,We are all happy to have a great goalkeeper and teammate.”

Chelsea want to spend 100 million euros to take him away…

“We haven’t talked about anything,This is a topic discussed by the media.This is normal,Strong teams want to have the best players,This has already happened.Who would not love Oblak?I am sure the whole world loves him,But he is our goalkeeper,We are very satisfied with him,I think he will continue to be with us in the future.”

In the dressing room you get along with Fusalico, Saponic and Oblak,A player from Montenegro,A Croatian player,A Serbian player,A Slovenian player…

“We get along very well,We understand each other easily,And whenever a player joins,We will all help,Just as we are doing to Sapojic.When you join the team,It is important to get help and support.We come from different countries,But we are all like brothers.”

Another teammate: Marcos Llorente,Have you ever thought that it is possible for him to play forward?

“We haven’t thought about it this way before,But the coach saw something in him,He did it right.Llorente succeeded,The team also won,Llorente’s performance in these months has been impressive.He proved that his explosive power and shooting can provide a lot of help to the team.Being able to play multiple positions and playing well is very important for him.”

How did the previous lockdown period feel to you?

“Very difficult,I stay at home alone,My family couldn’t come over at the time,They all stayed in Montenegro.That’s hard,But I know that one day there will be light,I know that one day we will train again,Is able to communicate with friends and teammates again…I was eager to meet my family and friends at that time,The initial epidemic in my home country was not particularly serious.But now there has been a rebound,They are a little worse now.Montenegro is a small country,I think people will take responsibility,They will follow the government’s instructions.”

correct,Have you always liked playing the guard position?

“I have always liked it,Compared to a goal,Blocking the opponent’s goal made me more excited,I don’t know why,But it’s been like this since I was young,I have always played back defense,I was very concerned about Nesta before.”