Klopp: Players must not forget their responsibilities during their vacation.I admire Ferguson


News on July 28 recently,Liverpool coach Klopp was elected the best coach of the English League Coaches Association (LMA),Then Klopp also accepted an interview from the media,In the interview, he talked about the players’ vacation related matters and talked about the former Manchester United legend Ferguson.

For the holidays of the Red Army players,Klopp said that players must reasonably and safely arrange their vacation plans in accordance with the new crown epidemic.

Klopp said:“Honestly,Currently in response to the new crown epidemic,There is no one-size-fits-all solution right now.My players can go on vacation elsewhere,But we need to know where everyone is going,And the security of the destination needs to be determined.If it is safe,Then they will be allowed to go on vacation.”

“But now the situation of the new crown epidemic is unpredictable,So my players need to take responsibility.They must always pay attention to news reports,And make emergency response when necessary.”

“Say something like‘Spain may block the border again’Not what we should do,But every player in Liverpool needs to keep in mind their responsibilities.They are responsible to themselves,Also responsible to the family,Responsible for this team.”

“The club will do its best to help the players relax this holiday.But they also need to keep abreast of the situation around them.All of us can’t do too much now‘Crazy’Things.”

“We must abide by the discipline of the team.Something worth mentioning,It’s not just Liverpool players who need to do this,All Premier League players need to strictly demand themselves during the vacation.Take on the responsibility of being a player and a citizen.If there is no new case in the Premier League by then,Then it will prove that everyone is‘Good boy’,I hope this good situation can continue,I hope the team can return to training on time,Start the new season.”

There are still teams preparing for the European war.For this reason, Klopp believes that relatively little rest time is a disadvantage for these teams participating in the European war.

Klopp added:“Now the team has determined the day to return to training,No matter what happens next,We all need to see if we have enough time to train.”

“The team may also play the Community Shield before the start of the season,But we don’t know its exact time yet,But I guess it was when we just resumed training.”

“For those teams that are still participating in the Europa League or the Champions League,The relatively small rest period does seem a bit tricky.Now for Liverpool,Situation is much better,But for them,The situation is very difficult.”

After being awarded the LMA’s best coach award,Ferguson revealed that on the night Liverpool locked the Premier League title this season,He received a call,Ferguson added:“I forgive Klopp for calling me at 3 in the morning and telling me they won the Premier League.This is what he deserves,I think he did a great job.”

For Manchester United coach Ferguson,Klopp said he would be happy to put the competition between clubs aside.Thus expressing his admiration for Ferguson.

Klopp added:“I know that as a Liverpool manager, it would seem inappropriate to do so.But anyway I really admire him.”

“Ferguson was the first coach I met in England,We had breakfast together,I don’t know if he remembers,But I still remember this.Because for me,The moment I saw Ferguson was like seeing the Pope.”

“Now I really didn’t expect that I could get a trophy named after him.”