Alisson: Liverpool means everything to me; unforgettable home assist for Salah goal


News on July 29 Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson recently accepted an interview on the club’s official website.He talked about the feeling of winning with the team this season,Won the FIFA best goalkeeper and other honors.

Talking about emotions towards the club

at this moment,This (Liverpool) means everything,My achievements in the football world,Most of it was done in this club,Through Liverpool,Personally and my teammates,This means a lot to myself and my family.

“Once we came here,You can feel that this is a very different club,A club that treats you as a family,Can give you all the support you need for the game,Let you focus on playing football.”

“and so,We (family) live very smoothly here.We like to be here.We also enjoy all the warmth we get from the fans,They are also part of this big family.”

Talking about my development in Liverpool,Alisson has won FIFA goalkeeper of the year and other personal honors

Alisson said:“I don’t think I was the best goalkeeper in the world last season.It is clear,It all started when I was ten years old,I always train hard to achieve better results.I set goals,Then try your best to achieve it.”

I grew a lot during my time in this club,Because the team gives you the opportunity to fight for various honors,Do the best you can.

“You must also win important honors,Important champion,Just like the current Champions League and Premier League.This is something that changed after coming to Liverpool,But my mentality has always been to be the best.Regardless of winning or not,I always strive to be my best.”

Liverpool played Manchester United at Anfield in January this year,Alisson assisted Salah to score at the end of the game.Comprehensive capabilities are demonstrated

That was a very important moment.In my life,Everyone will remember the goal,That assist.What they will remember more is the way I ran to celebrate,This is something I have never done before,I usually celebrate by myself.”

“I try to focus on the game,I know it was the last minute of the game.Then the game ended with that goal.I am very happy inside,I can’t control myself anymore,Then I ran to celebrate together.”

“I saw Reina’s celebration the day before,I don’t know if it’s the reason,But I just feel the excitement burning in my body,Then I ran to celebrate.This is awesome.”