Dell: Satisfied with his position in the team,Tottenham must revive next season


July 25 News recently,Tottenham midfielder Dell accepted an interview with Sky Sports,In the interview, he talked about his position in the team, coach Mourinho and the summary of the team this season.

Dell said:“This season has some ups and downs for me,For a while I even felt that I had no future in the team.”

“But now things have changed,I am very satisfied with my position in the club now,For the whole team,I am very satisfied with the team coach.”

“I think that now I myself play in the position that suits me best,Both the team and the coach have the same views as me.”

“The biggest driving force for signing a new contract with the club is that I want to prove that I am an excellent central defender in the Premier League.I want to be one of the best players in the Premier League.”

“For achieving my goal,Now I am very motivated.I believe that the best time of my career is now,I am just what the team needs now.I believe that now I play in the position that suits me best,But it also depends on my performance on the court.”

“The desire to win the championship with Tottenham is also another factor that prompted me to sign a new contract with the team.If I just leave the team like this,It seems that my career at Tottenham was mediocre,That way I will definitely carry endless regrets.”

“Regardless of whether the future team can win the championship trophy,Now I will completely trust the head coach of the team.We will also spare no effort for every championship trophy,This is what we can do.”

Mourinho has a deep knowledge of building defensive players.Dell said he hopes to learn more under Mourinho,Make it profitable.

Dell said:“Mourinho treats me very well,He gave me full confidence in playing as a central defender.I am excited to work with him,This also allowed me to focus more on the position of the central defender.”

“Everyone can see how great Mourinho has built players in various positions.I really like working with him,He kept pushing me forward.Now I can’t wait to make the effort.”

“I like the way he manages the team,Not just for me,Everyone on the team is like that.”

Tottenham’s home record is not stable this season.A total of 12 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses,In contrast, the team played at White Hart Lane last season,They have been unbeaten at home throughout the season.

Dell said:“It is clear,But after the team comes to the new stadium, it will take some time for everyone to adjust.It took a while for the team to adjust to the new Wembley Stadium temporarily.We also achieved good results there.”

“For Mourinho,I know that the clubs he previously coached have excellent home records.We need to help him continue this achievement.In addition,I think the team will greatly improve their away record next season.Because our performance on the road this season is not satisfactory.”

For the team’s final game against Crystal Palace this season,Dell said he hopes the team will seize the opportunity,So as to make a perfect pavement for next season.

Dell added:“I can’t wait to start next season,I am very excited.”

“The team encountered some difficulties this season,There are many reasons for this.The team reached the Champions League final last season,That made us put in too much energy,After that the team felt a little exhausted.”

“Then we entered the new season,The team had a bad start at the beginning of the season.We encountered some setbacks,Then the team experienced a coaching change.Later, the team suffered a large-scale injury,And the suspension of the league caused by the epidemic.”

“We must learn from the setbacks of this season,Then sum up the experience,Show better performance in the next season,Tottenham can do better.”