Eric Garcia: Manchester City and I will not renew our contract,May be exciting next summer


September 7 News Spanish defender Eric Garcia was interviewed by TVE after the match against Ukraine

“Yes,Very happy,This is my dream,And also be able to win,This is even more perfect.Over the past few years, I have been watching the games of players like Ramos on TV.Can replace him today,It makes me very happy.”

“We all know that the coach trusts us very much,Whether it is a young player,Still an older player,Have to go all out,Give back the trust of the coach.of course,It’s more special for young people,Because we are surrounded by top players,Players who have won the World Cup,This also makes everything more special.”

For my friend Fati,Eric said:“I know Fati well,I have known him for many years.I understand his abilities,So for his current state and performance today,All I can say is I am very happy.”

At last,Talking about my current situation,Eric said:“I have told Manchester City,I will not renew,I have a one-year contract next,I don’t know what will happen this summer.of course,Next summer may be exciting.I still have a contract with Manchester City,That’s it.“

In addition,Oscar also accepted an interview with TVE:

“I’m very happy to be honest,We played well from the first minute,The score reflects the course of the game.We are all full of fighting spirit,As a young man, I am also full of expectations,Because this is my first national team training.I followed the coach’s request,Do what you do in the club.“

“Fati’s performance today is full marks,And since the start of the competition, it has been creating opportunities,Create a penalty kick.Whenever he gets the ball, he creates a threat.“

At last,Ferran Torres also accepted an interview with TVE.

“I am very happy to score a goal,This is the dream of every child in Spain,Today I finally realized my dream.We have been accelerating the pace from the beginning,And master the game initiative,The 4-0 score is justified.All we have to do is to control the ball,Use a pass to bring down the opponent,Finally, the space will naturally come.”

“I hope to integrate into Manchester City soon,To repay the club’s trust in me,Kick performance,And as soon as possible to continue to play for the national team.I have played in the national echelon at all levels for many years.For me, joining the national team has always been my goal.”