Pulisic: New aid can help the team,We are full of expectations for next season


News on July 31 Played well this season“Captain America”Pulisic gradually won the hearts of the Blues fans,People naturally compare him with Hazard, the previous Blues top player.In an interview with ESPN,Pulisic also responded to this comparison.

Pulisic said:“These are undoubtedly noise,People like to compare,This is true in all sports.I can understand,But I never intended to compare myself with Hazard,Or do it like him.I always pay attention to myself,I hope I can do my best because this is what I came here to do.”

“I have no doubt learned a lot,Come to a new league and new team,Many things have changed.I have many things to overcome,Such as the injury suffered in the middle of the season,Of course, the epidemic has also changed many things.I reached where I am today after my first Premier League season,I think I can say:‘I am very happy,I have come a long way.’”

Talk about injuries

“Injury is undoubtedly difficult for me,I think I was in good shape at the time,But the injury at that time brought everything to a halt.During the epidemic isolation period,I have extra time to make sure that I am 100% healthy.It also puts me on the same starting line as the others,Because everyone hasn’t played for a long time.”

Talk about team signings

“Recently we have gained momentum and hope to continue,The team’s introduction of many attackers can help us.This is very exciting,I will train with them,To get to know them,They are all big-name players,All have proven themselves in the old club.The coming year will be extremely exciting,We have a variety of options in the front court,It is a very strong team.Everyone is looking forward to seeing what we can do next season.”

“We have played any position in the frontcourt,We used different formations,This is very important,Because it can provide us with multiple perspectives.Play multiple positions at the same time,I think this is effective.”

Talk about your influence

“When I first arrived in England,I didn’t feel anything.I play for a club full of good players,A league full of big-name stars,So I didn’t think too much.I know my position in the United States and the national team,That is different,But I didn’t think much about it.”

“I believe it (influence) has improved a bit,The Premier League is the largest league in the world,Many Americans are paying more and more attention.But when in America,I don’t usually show up,It’s with my family and friends.”

Talk about family

“I believe my family will watch the FA Cup final on TV,This is a difficult time,Of course you want them to be present at the scene,Wembley can be full of fans.But in specific circumstances,We will make the best choice.”

“My family will not let me fall into a trough or let me float,They always communicate with me and talk about things that have nothing to do with football.They are always there,Is my best supporter,Whether in Dortmund or here,They have always supported me,So I really appreciate being able to have them.”

“Wembley is a beautiful stadium,We just played the semi-finals there.It would be a little different without fans,But as long as we win the championship,The feeling of happiness will be the same.”