Chamberlain: Don’t be immersed in the joy of winning,We have time to win more trophies


News on July 28 recently,Liverpool midfielder Chamberlain accepted an interview on Liverpool’s official website,Chamberlain summarized Liverpool’s progress over the past three years,And said that he can’t always be immersed in the joy of winning,Think about what to do next.

“This season we will always remember,We won the championship that we have waited for 30 years.We need to cherish the moment of winning,We also need to be aware of our achievements.”

“But I don’t think we can always be immersed in the joy of winning,We still have a lot of time,So why can’t we win more trophies?After 20 years,I hope there will be several such seasons worth discussing.

“After winning,Even if I came back from a holiday, it was over.When we were still playing in this club,We can only consider what we can win next,I think this is what we should focus on now.”

“I don’t know what people will think of this season in the future.The only thing in my mind for me and the other players is what can we do next season?”

“I think,For all of us,These three years have been like a roller coaster ride.From a team that lacks winning experience to the Champions League and then to the league championship.I think the team has made great progress in these three years.

“to me,The injury in Liverpool’s first season was obviously a shock.But the club and the team made great progress that year.”

“Then we lost to Manchester City by one point in the league,This obviously frustrates many people,But we moved on that year and won the Champions League.”

Winning the Champions League is something we all dream of doing,It is also something that no one in our team has ever experienced.The following season,We won the Premier League championship,In the past three years,We as a whole,For the club,There is no better performance than this.

“Our achievements are the honor of the team, coach and club,I hope this is just the beginning,We can create a better future.