Mount: The game against Bayern opened my eyes.They also taught us a lesson

The past 2019-20 season was of great significance to Chelsea star Mount.He not only made his mark in the Premier League,Also selected for the England national team with his outstanding performance at Chelsea.

In an interview with Sportbible recently,Mount talked about his growth at Chelsea,And reviewed the Champions League knockout match with Bayern.And when talking about Lampard,Mount expressed that it was an honor to learn from him.

Mount also reviewed his highlights and downturns this season,And mentioned an interesting story with his friend Rice.At last,Mount also said that he would still be like Ronaldo,Some lift balls were freed in the game.

Congratulations on a successful season,This past season,Which aspect do you think you know the most?

Mount:“This past season,I found that if I wanted to gain a foothold in the Premier League,You really have to be very strong.The intensity of the Premier League is different from other leagues.Every game,You are facing the top players in the world,They will make you play hard,So you have to have a good performance in every game as much as possible.”

“I learned a lot this season,Growth on the psychological level far exceeds the physical level.Because you have to stay focused at all times,Put yourself at your best,And there are some difficult moments.”

When do you think your highlight moment is?

Mount:“Scored a goal in his debut at Stamford Bridge (a 1-1 draw with Leicester City),to me,That is a special moment.The London Derby’s victory over Tottenham is equally significant.Because this kind of game means a lot to fans and clubs.Scored a goal against Wolves on the last day,Helping the team secure the Champions League qualification is also special.”

After talking about highlights,Let’s talk about the times when you feel relatively depressed.

Mount:“Losing to Arsenal in the FA Cup final is sad.The home game against Bayern was equally unacceptable.That is a very important game,Behind 0-3 halftime is really disappointing.”

“It is not easy to get back under this situation.When we look back at the first round of the contest, we think,‘What can be done to stop them.’When watching them play so well,We know we need to do better.”

What kind of experience is it like to join the first team with your teammates during the youth training period?

Mount:“Being able to play with Abraham, Tomori, Odoi, Rees James and Gilmore will definitely help.This makes us want to put in more effort,Play more games,Play an important role in the team.If you ask us at the beginning of the season,We will definitely say that when the season ends,We can have such a big impact on the team,This feeling is really good.”

Have you met a player who makes you feel at another level?

Mount:“The Champions League is another level of competition.The feeling of the game is different.Bayern has a lot of incredible players,Lewan, Kimmich and Thiago.I can’t even get close to a whole,They moved the ball too fast.”

“When you face such an opponent on the scene,You will think,‘How can we stop them?’That is the important moment,Broadened my horizons,Made me realize,‘This is another level of competition,It is also the level I need to achieve.’I am also determined to work hard,Reach that level.”

Against Bayern,What have you learned?

Mount:“These Bayern players have played together for a long time.They are very familiar with each other,And they are all world-class players.They played hundreds of games together.Some players also play World Cup, European Cup and important Champions League matches together.”

“They experienced these things together,And we are just young players,So when facing us,They have a huge advantage.Loss is of course hard to accept,But such a failure also allows you to learn a lot.Compared to a 3-0 win,You can learn more in this game.Although this is a bitter lesson,But we learned a lot from it,Will come back stronger.”

What is it like to work with Lampard,What have you learned from him?

Mount:“When I was in Derbyshire,We have had cooperation.He will tell me about the timing of when to enter the penalty area,And where am I,The problem of being able to score goals.”

“Working with him last season has greatly improved my level.As a midfielder,It’s really a great thing to be able to learn from him.I just want to keep improving.”

With excellent performance at Chelsea,You entered the England national team,How does it feel?

Mount:“4 years ago,I can only sit at home,Watching the 2016 European Cup with my family,At that time, I thought about entering the national team in the future.I know that as long as I work hard enough,Stay focused,I may participate in the 2020 European Cup.This is my goal.”

“obviously,I’m not sure if I can be selected,But I put myself in a very good position.It must be a pity that the event is postponed,But we all know the reason,Also know what should be done.”

Remember watching the scene of the 2018 World Cup?

Mount:“England against Tunisia,I’m right there,That kind of atmosphere is really different.That was the first time I watched the World Cup live,I am also very excited.I knew then,I also want to play in the World Cup in the future.”

Did you sing “Football Home” in the stands?

Mount:“I might hum a few words (laughing).I am an England fan,Ever since I was young I like watching England games.Can now become a member of the national team,This is really incredible.I hope England can bring home the championship next summer,We want to win important honors.”

Why is the 2018 World Cup so important to you?

Mount:“What amazes me most is,Everyone gathers to watch the ball,When England scored,The scene where everyone cheered.See what football means to this country,It really makes you feel incredible.”

If Scotland keeps winning in the play-offs,They may be in the same group as England in the European Cup.At that time,You might be against Gilmore, your teammate at Chelsea.In this regard,What do you think?

Mount:“He and I often exchanged things about Scotland and England,So if you can compete on the same field,That’s really great.The two teams have a lot of grievances,I like to participate in such competitions.”

“After Gilmore came here,I showed my talents,It is really a pity that he was injured.When he comes back,He will become stronger,I hope next summer,We can compete on the court.”

When he first came,Have you given him advice?

Mount:“I might have said‘keep cool,Play normally,As long as you play the level in training,You can play comfortably.’But he is the kind of positive person,Know what you want.”

When Rice was sleeping before,You once did a prank on him,If you are both selected for the European Cup squad,Do you think he will retaliate against you?

Mount:“Maybe.Rice and I meet often,till this moment,He has yet to retaliate against me.He tried,But it failed.There was a training camp before,He came to my room,I happened to be in the bathroom at that time,I heard movement,And then thinking‘Why is he here?He must want to do something bad.’”

“When I come out,I found that the other person was missing,But take a closer look,I found his big toe sticking out.He didn’t know that I saw him,So I walked to the other side of the bed,The side where he put his head.He wanted to scare me,I was so scared to death.”

After scoring the goal against Wolves,When you were a kid, the training video that imitated Ronaldo’s free kick came out.If you can play in the European Cup next summer,When England won a free kick,Will you stand up for punishment?

Mount:“If there is such an opportunity,I will definitely not refuse.I have always believed in myself,Want to stand up and contribute to the team.When I play on the court,I don’t feel much pressure,Because this is something I have been doing all my life.”

Will you take a free kick like Ronaldo?

Mount:“Will do.I still often use Ronaldo’s free throw kicks.But I also made a little change to my free throw technique.I won’t run to the ball just like him,I will according to different situations,Use different footwork.”

“If you take a penalty kick from a long distance,The goalkeeper can guess the trajectory of the ball,But if your free throw is erratic,The goalkeeper is difficult to judge.”

“When you want to take a free kick from a long distance,The elevator ball comes in handy.”