Romano responded to fan questions on Twitter,About Thiago, Dzeko, Surrey, etc.

News on August 30 The famous Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano still has no rest,In the evening in Italian time, he updated on Twitter about Thiago’s transfer to Liverpool.At the same time answered some of the fans’ questions.

About Thiago,He said,Thiago is still waiting,Because he really wants to play for the Premier League this summer.Liverpool is still in touch,But Bayern is just like before,They will only sell Thiago at a price of 30 million euros.Klopp himself really wants Thiago to join the team.So now it’s entirely up to both clubs.

The fans also raised their own questions about Thiago’s transfer.The fans said,“I don’t understand,Why is Liverpool unwilling to spend 30 million,Tiago is really cheap at this price.”

Romano said,Within six months you can sign this player without a visa,This is why Liverpool (at the moment) are reluctant to pay out the 30 million transfer fee.

About Sollot joining Inter Milan

“No updates.”

About Sancho joining Manchester United

“In this case,Only Manchester United pays 1.200 million transfer fee to complete this transfer.”

Regarding whether Vidal will join Ajax

“Like I said 3 days ago,Vidal is in further negotiations with Inter Milan.”

Regarding whether Skriniar will go to Tottenham

“The possibility of him going to Tottenham exists,But there is no substantial progress.”

About Thomas joining Arsenal

“Without any updates,50 million cancellation fee or no agreement can be reached.”

About Avar and Juventus

“There is no news.”

About Van der Beck transfer

“If any team will sign Van der Beck,Then I guess this will happen soon,You don’t have to wait as long as 30 days.”

About Romano’s sleep

“Very simple,Do not sleep XD.”

About Oblak joining Chelsea

“There was never any possibility,As said before,He will stay at Atletico Madrid.”

About Donnarumma joining Chelsea

“There is no news at this stage.”

About Tonali and Milan duo

“AC Milan is advancing the signing of Tonali,We will see how things develop.”

About Cavani joining Benfica

“If he can give up those brokers’ requirements.”

About Coulibaly joins Manchester City

“Negotiations continue,The broker is processing this transaction.Because the relationship between Manchester City and Naples is not good,So first, this is not simple,The second deal will be very slow.”

Regarding whether Surrey will coach any team in the new season

“will not.”

About Zheke joining Juventus

“He is Juventus’ first candidate for the new striker,But no results have been discussed yet.”