Norway coach: Haaland has been working hard and making great progress.Erdgau is the team’s wealth

September 1 News At 2:45 am on September 5th, Beijing time,Norway will face Austria in the UEFA Europa League game,Before the game,Norwegian coach Lars Lagerback accepted an interview on the official FIFA website.Lagerback said in an interview,Harland is more like Larson in character,But the performance on the court is like a combination of Harland and Larson.Lagerback also said,Harland will become a world-class star in the future,And Erdgau is Norway’s valuable asset.

There are many outstanding young players in the Norwegian national team.How do you balance the team lineup?Is it a challenge for you to integrate young players with older players?

“As a head coach,You have to balance some things,But I am very lucky,I think the players in the Norwegian team are very good,Whether it’s young players or older players,The atmosphere in our team is great,Everyone gets along very well.”

“the most important is,Every member of the team puts the team first,I think this is the characteristic of the Nordic people,I am very lucky to have so many excellent players.”

You coached Larsson and Ibrahimovic when you were on the Swedish national team.Now you are coaching Harland,Do you think Harland possesses the qualities of Larson and Ibrahimovic?

“In terms of character,I think Harland is more like Larson,But from the performance on the court,Harland is more like a combination of Larson and Ibrahimovic.”

“Harland is a very humble young man,In the past few years,He has made great progress.” 

“Harland has always worked hard,His father used to be a professional football player,obviously,Harland grew up in a great environment.”

“He has the right values,And worked hard,He can become a special player,I believe this.”

“Harland is already very good now,I believe he can become a real world-class player in a few years.”

You have praised Erdgau many times before,You once said that he is one of the best technical players in the world,What do you think makes Erdgau so special?

Maybe the header is the only thing Erdgau needs to improve.He can read the game,Control the game,Whether on the offensive or defensive end,Erdgau did a great job.”

“He is willing to invest in defense,in my opinion,He played smart in the game.”

“It’s not just Erdgau’s technology,I said that,When Erdgow held the ball,He can do anything,I think Erdgau has now become a valuable asset for Norway.”

You have coached the national team for more than 30 years,What do you think about coaching the national team?Do you think today’s outstanding football coach can adapt after taking over the national team?

“I think for coaches,The biggest challenge in coaching the national team is that the coach does not have much time to spend with his players.”

“I have seen some excellent coaches coach the national team,But many of them try to do many things in a short period of time.”

“Especially those head coaches who coach from the club to the national team,I think that is understandable,But you will soon discover,The goals of those coaches are too big.”

“I think the coach needs to do it step by step,If you have world-class players in every position,Then you have a chance to succeed.”

“But when you coach teams like Sweden, Iceland, Norway,All you need to do is to train well,This is the priority.”