Robertson: Ready for the Community Shield Cup,Our goal is to win the championship

News on August 29 Beijing time at 23:30 this evening,Liverpool will face Arsenal in the Community Shield Cup final,Before the game,Robertson accepted an interview on the team’s official website,He said in an interview,Liverpool are fully prepared for the Community Shield game against Arsenal.Robertson also said,This season’s schedule is very dense,This is also a big challenge for the team.

Robertson mentioned:“Last year we had the opportunity to raise the championship trophy before the start of the new season.But our feeling now is different from last year,I think we have some advantages now.”

“last year,We also participated in the competition,But Manchester City won the championship trophy.And we are second,I think we can win the Community Shield Cup this year,Arsenal are the FA Cup champions.”

“We missed the championship before,And we hope to start the journey of this season with a championship trophy.”

“We want to work hard to win the championship we didn’t win last year,This is our goal.”

“From the day we started training,We are preparing for the Community Shield Cup competition,We wanted to get the status back in a limited time.”

“I hope that what we have done before is enough,We want to raise the championship trophy.”

The pre-season training camp is over,How is the team’s current preparations?

“Yes,When the Community Shield game is over,The pre-season training is almost over,But something is different this year,And I think Liverpool will be very competitive in all competitions.”

“This season’s schedule is very dense,So for us,The new season has already begun.”

“What we have to do now is to focus on training and competition,Psychologically prepare for the new season,So starting from the Community Shield Cup this Saturday,We will devote ourselves to the game,The only thing we want is to win the championship.”

Can you talk about your views on the previous game against Salzburg?That game seemed very difficult,Do you think that will help the team prepare for the Community Shield Cup?

“Yes,We had two high-intensity training sessions before the game against Salzburg,We met Salzburg in the Champions League group stage last season,So we knew from the beginning that the game would be tough.”

“The friendly match was fierce,The weather is warmer,Like I said,Those two friendly matches helped us prepare for the Community Shield.”

“We must insist on high-intensity training,Because we will face many difficulties this season,This season’s schedule is very dense,We not only have to play club games,And some of our players will need to return to the national team to participate in international competitions.”

“So this season will be very difficult,All players must be prepared for the game,We will do our best to maintain good condition,The friendly match against Salzburg can help us prepare for the next game.”

Only six weeks have passed since your last match against Arsenal,Do you remember that game?After Arteta took over the team,What changes have taken place in Arsenal’s playing style?

“I think Arteta is a very good head coach,Since he took over Arsenal,The players in their team behaved more positively.”

“The atmosphere of Arsenal has also changed.I think that is the credit of Arteta,The Arsenal players will follow Arteta’s command.”

“We have learned a lot from the previous game against Arsenal,The most important thing is,We need to stay focused throughout the game.”

“No matter who our opponent is,We all need to stay focused,We have also learned a lesson from the distraction in the game before.”

“We didn’t play very badly against Arsenal.But we were not focused enough at the time,So Arsenal won the game.”

“no doubt,Arsenal will also do their best in subsequent matches,Arsenal are an excellent team,They had previously spent a lot of money to introduce some outstanding players.”

“And what we have to do is try our best to beat Arsenal,Then he won the championship trophy.”

last question,This year’s pre-season rest, training and competition are obviously different from the previous ones.Do you think the pace has become faster this season?After the training camp in Austria,Are you ready for the following training?

“Yes,This is the shortest offseason we have ever experienced,I think we rested for two weeks at most,This also makes me feel a little nervous.”

“But we are in a good state now,We also had two training games before,45 minutes for a game, 60 minutes for a game,So we now want to return to the game.”

“no doubt,We and Arsenal will be exhausted,Because our previous rest period was too short,But this is part of football.”

“therefore,Rotation is very important for the team,We need at least 6 substitute players,The intensive schedule is a big test for the depth of the team’s lineup.”

“Everything is about to begin,We are ready,We are ready for every game afterwards.”

“I hope that from Saturday’s game,I can play for 90 minutes afterwards,We want to achieve better results in the new season.”