Famous agent: The Messi team did not expect Bartomeu to respond so quickly

News on August 29 Through my Youtube channel,Minghella, the famous agent who helped Barcelona sign Messi, said:“Compared to the day when I thought it was okay to leave the team,Messi’s lawyer team is not so clear now.Barcelona fans and Messi did not expect Bartomeu to respond like this.He reacted very quickly this time.”

Faced with all the news such as Guardiola is about to communicate with Messi, Manchester City’s CEO has arrived in Barcelona, etc.What do you think will happen next?

“In fact, Messi basically rejected all Barcelona contacts and contract renewals six months ago.The club already knew he would not negotiate,Knowing that he is tired of shirking responsibility and lies about him…”

Messi’s situation has changed

“During that time,Someone suggested to one of Messi’s lawyers,This person said that because of the postponement of the Champions League game,And there are definitely other games that will affect the schedule and so on,Their understanding is that this also changes the date in the contract,So they finally risked saying that Messi was leaving.But Barcelona believes that this is not the case at all.The date has not changed,The contract is currently fully valid,So Messi can’t leave.Now Barcelona has taken a step forward on this issue,They have begun to find a way to make Messi willing to stay on the team,To me,The key is Sunday or Monday,There are still reports on whether Messi, who is on contract, will return to the team.”

But you have experienced similar things countless times,Can you tell me calmly“You listen,Messi will stay”?For example, 90% of Messi may stay,I’m talking about the contract,It’s not about whether he’s willing or not,In terms of contract terms,Do you think Messi is more likely to stay on the team?

“I think their understanding of the terms of this contract almost prevents all other clubs from taking action and signing with players.It also needs to face the possibility of legal complaints that may be encountered in the future and fines of 0-700 million euros in compensation.To me,Now this situation is unprecedented and has stalled,Now it seems that no one can take this step…This is very difficult,Let’s assume that Messi will sign a contract with a club,This club outside Spain needs to request documents from the Western Football Association for international transfers.Barcelona will refuse to provide it to the Western Football Association.They will say that Messi has a contract with them.If there are differences in the transfer,Then FIFA should let players play for his new club,Because FIFA according to legal regulations and so on,Their goal is that no one will end up without the ball.But all this requires a process,Barcelona will refuse to wait,And if in the end this player plays for the new club,Then Barcelona should accuse the player of signing a double contract…”

Figo had this thing before

“Yes,It’s his problem with Juventus and Parma,So at the time, I said you should follow the rules,Or don’t kick,So Figo came to Spain.In this situation,I feel that over time,Compared with the day when Messi was supposed to leave without a problem,At present, the attitude of Messi’s lawyer team is not so clear.”

This is great news,You mean Messi going to Manchester City or any other team has stalled now?

“It might be so,in my opinion,This situation makes those theoretically interested clubs need to think about many things before taking this step.In order to analyze the predicament they might fall into,On the one hand you signed Messi the first person,And other things,But on the other hand,They may have signed a huge and expensive issue.And the high salaries of players and the satisfaction of UEFA’s financial balance are also things to consider.”

Clubs like Manchester City and Paris have had problems with their financial balance before.

“So this situation now gives them reason for analysis,Of course,Any club will consider the possibility of signing Messi.But after…If it was me,I will persuade Messi to stay,According to the Barcelona contract,If Messi is satisfied with Koeman and this team and everything else in January next year,Then stay,Otherwise, we will leave next year.”

For me,Bartomeu is the worst chairman in Barcelona’s history.But this time he did quite well,He says“Fine,If Messi came forward and said publicly that I was responsible,Then I resign”,His move is like playing chess

“I don’t think Bar?a fans and Messi’s team expected Bartomeu to respond like this.Because in general he is one and I don’t know how to say it.But like entering a building with a purse smiling,Then the person who will never happen,Well, it’s better not to happen,Just keep the status quo,Don’t fall downstairs or anything else (laughs).But this time,His response was very quick.”

My feeling is that Bartomeu is a very smart person,Some people may say no,He is so stupid,But Bartomeu was originally the chairman of Barcelona basketball.Then the vice chairman,Then become chairman,In other words, he has to be a little capable in terms of survival,Although he doesn’t understand the ball,Dare not make risky decisions,Poor management,But he is really super able to survive,He is really strong in this respect,Isn’t it?

“The problem is that none of us realize that Bartomeu has been doing it for more than 7 years…”

Do you think that after Messi left the team,Will Barcelona become a disaster or will they continue to survive without Messi?Can continue to compete for many honors,Do you even expect a Barcelona without Messi?

“No no no,I am not looking forward to a Barcelona without Messi,Because I have enjoyed the wonderful performance of Messi for so many years,I can’t enjoy it without Messi.But I also have to say to those fans who are happy that Messi is leaving now,Barcelona has a century of history,Some important players left the club before,Maybe not as important as Messi,But they are also very important players,Kubala, Cruyff, Maradona, Ronaldinho, Xavi, Iniesta, etc.The key is when something like this happens,The technical secretary knows how to find the players the team needs to get back on track.”

The problem is that it costs a lot of money

“If you know how to deal with it,That does not necessarily require a lot of money.Bayern bought Davis for 12 million,He is now a very good player.You have to know how to operate,Have to understand other markets,Can’t just stare at the Brazilian players,Davis, who Bayern bought for 12 million, could not find the direction of poor Semedo.Barcelona bought Mateus Fernandez of Palmeiras for 10 million,Now I don’t know where to put him.So did you see thatNot that difficult,You have to understand.”

But although no one wants to be the person who sold Messi in the history of Barcelona,But this transfer fee may also be very good for the club.If it can be 300 million or even 400 million euros…

“But no one will pay the money,No one can pay such a sum of money while complying with financial fairness.The income of football is well controlled,I don’t know what Manchester City’s budget is,But you still carry out such an operation after paying for the expenses of your entire club,This cannot be done.But if it is a free agent,That’s another matter.”