Avirado: It’s strange that I was fired,I said it was good to continue coaching regardless of relegation

News on July 31 In an interview with Cathay Radio,The former Spaniard coach Avilado said:“My get out of class is very strange,We had a conversation with the club,It was said that I would continue to coach whether or not I was downgraded.”

End of get out of class

“That was a very strange end of get out of class,We had already played the game against Betis,And I’ve talked to Rufitt about continuing to coach regardless of relegation.But on Saturday they called me and told me that they would not continue coaching.”

Did not ask the club for explanation

“When a club terminates your contract,Then they have their reasons.I don’t know if it was the chairman’s decision or everyone’s decision.I did not ask for an explanation,I have done my best,My team performance is not a result that will be downgraded.When I took over the team, the team’s situation was very complicated.I knew it was very difficult.”

Player’s contribution

“I’m the one who speaks straight,Some players failed to show what they could have done,But I also blame the team for the game that lost to Osasuna,My relationship with the players is very good,But there is such a thing in the football world.I don’t think the team’s lineup is the lineup for West Second.The competition in La Liga is equal.We must play competitively.The epidemic and the suspension have affected us,Eight people in the team tested positive for the new crown virus.We were getting points at the time,The team could have played better.If you get 36 points,Then we will be relegated.”

After Avilado is over,Director Rufitt became the team coach

“He has a coaching license,Now he is the club director again,He will do well.I believe the Spaniards will upgrade again,By obtaining financial support,I am sure they will be able to return to La Liga.”

Majorca coach Vincent Moreno may become Spaniard’s new coach

“If the Spaniard chooses him in the end,Then the club was chosen right,He has proven his worth.Considering the strength of his team,He led the team to a good performance.”

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