Chairman Getafe: Here are a few more Chinese bosses,La Liga is about to become the 29th league in the world

News on August 1 Getafe Chairman Angel Torres accepted an exclusive interview with Marca Radio yesterday.

Will Bol Dallas stay?



Before we were discussing plans for next season,He is also discussing the transfer with the club’s technical department,The issue of signings,There will probably be 3-4 signings on the road.If everything goes well tomorrow,We will go to Germany to start preparing for the Europa League.

horseYolar?Will he join?

This is a very interesting player,Is also a player we admire very much,But he is a Real Madrid player,If we have a chance,Of course possible,But we also have to consider Laliga’s salary cap.


Brahim, we thought about renting out last year,But the problem is that the players themselves are not willing to come.I don’t know how this year is.of course,What we know is,Real Madrid’s players are highly paid,We need to consider the issue of salary caps.

The next topic,The rumors of Cucurea and Chelsea,Do you know?Is this news true?

(Laughs) It’s completely fake,No quotation,No news,The player does not want to go,We don’t want to sell either.


Our thinking is,The team has 20-21 key players,We will not sell,Unless the opposite party brings liquidated damages to buy out,Then we have no choice.

Jorge Molina,Angel,Mata,Will the old three in the frontcourt stay?Will Molina go to China?

Molina almost went to China with Ma Qin.But because Ma Qin can’t go,So Molina also did not go.I chatted with him last Thursday,It felt like it stopped in the middle,Then finally the Chinese broke the contract with Ma Qin,Now it looks like he is going to Alaves.

Do you think Getafe can win the Europa League?

If we can beat Inter Milan,Then we do have a good chance.and,I think this is not impossible,After all, it is in Germany,No fans yet.of course,If we are out in the end,Everyone is on holiday,I will congratulate my players,The boys played very well most of the season.

What if the final meets Seville?

That would be a great result.

Have you considered selling Getafe?For example, the Chinese,Arab,Russian or something……

There are many offers,But I have been telling many football managers,If there are 3-4 Chinese bosses in La Liga in the future,Then the first league in the world will become the 29th league.


Because they don’t know how to manage the Spanish club,They understand football differently from ours.If you give me the Spanish,I can do them well.

We see the demotion of the Spaniard……

The Spanish boss did spend a lot of money,But football is not just about spending money.If you have money,The Premier League is much richer than us,But the success of La Liga is not just by spending money.Loss,It is not a good thing in any industry.