Italian media: Luis Alberto matches David Silva to Lazio

News on August 1 According to the Italian media “Il Messaggero”,Mayoral will join Lazio directly,Luis Alberto matched David Silva to Lazio.

In the sports section of “Il Messaggero”,The latest broadcast of Blue Eagle’s latest transfer dynamics:“Mayoral will join Lazio directly,Luis Alberto matched David Silva to Lazio.”

Lazio is now only one step away from signing Mayoral,Lazio is ready to offer 11 million euros,There will be a bonus of 2 million euros,This would be 2 million euros less than Real Madrid’s asking price of 15 million euros.

Simultaneously,The possibility of David Silva joining is still Spain,There are rumors that there was a phone call between the Spaniard and Luis Alberto:“Two people are friends,Know each other for a long time.But the subject of the dialogue between the two is Lazio,Regarding the environment,City and everything.When one is interested in possible suggestions,Both participants can say everything.”

News on August 3 recently,The Spanish goalkeeper Reina, who was loaned to Aston Villa by AC Milan this season, was interviewed by Corbe Radio’s Tiempo de Juego program.The former Spanish national spoke about his current situation,He also expressed his views on the new crown epidemic.

“I am currently in Ibiza,The epidemic here seems to have been more effectively controlled.Everyone hopes that the situation will improve,And I also hope that everyone can understand the efforts (anti-epidemic work) made,The new crown epidemic is controllable.”

“Data Display,Spain is not a model country for fighting the new crown epidemic.But what is certain is thatWe are going all out.”

“in England,Their anti-epidemic work cannot be called excellent either.The people there have also been quite difficult during the past period.”

“My career will continue for a while,At the moment, my physical function and mental state are maintained well.After choosing to retire,I hope I can continue to be active in football,I will definitely go to get a coaching certificate,be prepared,Do your best.”